[SOLVED] Error Code 0xc0000005 Problem (100% Working)

If you are struggling with this the Error Code 0xc0000005 problem, then today we are going to show you that how to fix and solve this error problem completely.

This error mostly founds on the Windows PC users. This Error 0xc0000005 problem occurs when you try to open any internet browser. It is a critical windows error code. It also happens when you were trying to install Windows on your hard drive.

This error may also occur when you try to attempt to use programs with the Windows O.S.

This shows an error code message like,

Error Code 0xc0000005

Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that installation sources are accessible & restart the installation.

Error Code: 0xc0000005

Causes of Error Code 0xc0000005 Problem:

  • Windows 10 installation error issue
  • Windows installation encountered an unexpected error
  • Verify that the installation sources

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Here are some top best solutions for easily fixing and solving this type of Error Code 0xc0000005 problem from you permanently.

How to fix & solve Error Code 0xc0000005 Problem:-

1. Fix the Faulty Drivers on your Windows PC –

Fix Faulty Drivers

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Go to the Device Manager
  • Go to the drivers which you want to fix
  • Right click on that driver
  • Click on “Update Driver Software” there
  • That’s it, done

By fixing the faulty drivers, it can fix your Error Code 0xc0000005 problem.

2. Fix the Virus/Malware Problem from the Antivirus on your Windows PC –

Fix Antivirus Program

  • Go to your Antivirus program or Windows Defender
  • Check that if any problem in that
  • If any, fix that antivirus program
  • That’s it, done

By fixing your antivirus program will fix this Error Code 0xc0000005 problem

3. Fix the Registry on your Windows PC –

Fix the Registry

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Click on the ‘RUN.’
  • Type ” regedit.exe ” there
  • After running, you will access the registry’s file
  • That’s it, done

It will fix the registry to get rid out of this Error 0xc0000005 problem.

” OR “

  • Research the registry cleaner programs
  • Download a registry scanner program
  • Do a Scan or Automatically scan it
  • Close all open programs other than registry cleaner
  • Run your registry cleaner program
  • After completion, close the registry cleaner program
  • That’s it, Done

By fixing this registry, it will fix this the application was unable to start Error 0xc0000005 problem correctly.

4. Create a System Restore Point on your Windows PC –

Create Restore Point

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Go to the Computer
  • Right click on Computer
  • Click on the properties there
  • Click on system protection there in the left
  • Click on the create option
  • Type a description, in the system protection box
  • Click on ‘OK,’ & it will create
  • That’s it, done

By creating the restore point will fix this Error Code 0xc0000005 problem.

5. Fix System Restore Features on your Windows PC –

Fix System Restore Features

  • Disconnect from the internet
  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Go to control panel
  • Open ‘Program and Features.’
  • On left side, Click on ‘View installed updates.’
  • Find ‘Security updates for Microsoft Windows (KB2859537)’ there
  • Uninstall the updates & restart your PC
  • That’s it, done

Fix by system restore features can quickly fix and solve this type of Error 0xc0000005 problem.

These are some top best tips and tricks to fix this Error Code 0xc0000005 problem from you completely quickly. Hope this post will help you to get rid out of this Error problem.

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