[SOLVED] Runtime Error 70 Code Problem (100% Working)

Did you know that why you are getting or facing this type of Runtime Error 70 code problem or frustrating with this error code problem on your Windows PC again & again then today you must surely have to read out and check this below Techinpost.com website blog post so that to get rid and get back from this error code problem permanently from you. So, all you to do is read this below post once fast,

This is a very common runtime error problem and will appear when the users will not have sufficient security privileges or rights to the file is being used & when it is attempting to access a server from a remote app. This error also caused when you have a corrupt registry.

Basically, the DCOM server is utilized in a network to send a message to each workstation for them to communicate with the different processes. This error means that an attempt was made to write to a write-protected disk or to access a locked file.

This error includes the system PC freezes, crashes & the possible virus infection.

This shows an error code message like,

Runtime Error 70

Runtime Error 70

Permissions denied

Causes of Runtime Error 70 Code Problem:

  • Permission denied pastel
  • Windows error issue
  • Corrupt Registry problem

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So, here are some quick tips and the tricks for easily fixing and solving this type of Runtime Error 70 Code problem from you permanently.

How to fix & solve Runtime Error 70 Code Problem:-

1. Enable the Authorization Checking on your Windows PC –

Enable the Authorization Checking

  • Launch MTS Explorer
  • Open the properties tab there
  • Now, In Security option,
  • Clear the Enable Authorization checking setting
  • After completing, close the tab
  • That’s it, done

By enabling the authorization checking can fix and solve this Runtime Error 70 problem.

2. Give Administrator Permissions to all Users on your Windows PC –

  • Run the DCOM Config.
  • Select the DCOM server app. from the list of available app.
  • Select the ‘Properties‘ tab there or
  • Double click the DCOM server app. in list
  • Test the server with “Default Access Permissions” & “Default Launch Permissions” & the “Custom Configuration Permissions” there
  • After completing, close all the tabs
  • That’s it, done

By giving the administrator permissions to all the users on your Windows PC can quickly get back from this Runtime Error 70 code problem.

3. Enable the DCOM  (Distributed COM) on your Windows PC –

Enable the DCOM (Distributed COM)

  • Go to the start menu
  • Search for & run the DCOM config. (DCOMENFG.EXE)
  • Choose the default properties option there
  • Ensure that the Enable Distributed COM on your PC is checked
    (This value is stored in Windows Registry at this following location – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Micrososft\OLE)
  • After completing, close all the tabs
  • That’s it, done

By enabling the DCOM (Distributed COM) can get rid out of this error code problem from your device permanently.

4. Use Registry Cleaner to Clean all the Registry of your Windows PC –

Clean or Restore the Registry

Clean your registry by any registry cleaner software so that it can fix and solve this Runtime Error 13 code problem from your PC completely.

These are the quick and the best way methods to get quickly rid out of this Runtime Error 70 Code problem from you entirely. Hope these solutions will surely help you to get back from this error problem.

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