[SOLVED] Error Code 2 (Windows+Google Play Error) Problem

Did you know that why you are getting or facing this type of Error Code 2 problem & how to solve and fix them then read this below post to get rid out of this error problem.

This error usually indicates that the path information in the original Zip file was not entered in the command to issue. This error occurs when you are attempting to install a language pack on your PC or your Device. It is also a type of Google play Bug error too. This error can also occur if you have any antivirus software installed on your PC or Device.

This error can also be due to the many reasons and issues. This error can mostly be caused by an internet connectivity issue. This error also occurs when you are trying attempting to download or install or updating any apps from your Google Play store on your Android smartphone device.

This shows an error code message like,

Error Code 2

Error Code 2

Causes of Error Code 2 Problem:

  • Sub-process bin bzip2
  • Windows error issue
  • Ubisoft game launcher
  • Microsoft SQL server error
  • Splinter cell conviction
  • The system cannot find the file specified
  • Assassin’s creed revelations
  • VMware VirtualCenter server

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So, here are some quick tips and the tricks for easily fixing and solving this type of Error Code 2 problem from you permanently.

How to Fix & Solve Error Code 2 (Windows+Google Play) Problem:-

For WiNDOWS Error:

1. Fix by the Registry Editor on your Windows PC –

Fix by Registry Editor

  • Go to the start menu
  • Search & click on ‘RUN‘ there or
  • Directly Press ‘Windows Key + R Key‘ there
  • A Pop-up will open there
  • Type this below following command there
  • Hit Enter or click on OK there
  • Navigate to the following location:
  • Now, right-click on MUI key & select New > Key
  • Name that newly created key as “StringCacheSettings” there
  • In right panel of this newly created key, Create a new DWORD value
  • Name it as “StringCacheGeneration.”
  • Now, double-click on this newly created ‘DWORD‘ to modify it’s valued data
  • Type the value data as ‘38b.’
    *(Make sure you have selected ‘Hexadecimal’ base here)
  • Now, just click on OK to save this
  • Now, close the tab
  • That’s it, done

Fixing by registry editor can quickly solve this Error Code 2 problem.


1. Update your Google Play Store App. on your Android Smartphone –

Update Google Play Store

  • Go to the Settings
  • Search and go to applications
  • Search for the ‘Google play store.’
  • Open the ‘Google Play store.’
  • Click on ‘Uninstall updates‘ if you want to revert to older version
  • That’s it, Done

It will update your Google play store can fix this Error Code 2 problem.

2. Clear the Google Play Store Data & Cache on your Android Device –

Clear Data & Clear Cache

  • Go to the Settings
  • Search & go to Applications
  • In the App. Section, Search & go to apps
  • In the apps, Click on ‘Google play store‘ & ‘Google Service Framework.’
  • Opens it & Click on “Clear Data & Cache
  • That’s it, Done

It will clear your all cache and your data so that it will fix this Error 2 problem.

These are the quick and the best way methods to get quickly rid out of this Error Code 2 problem from you completely. Hope these solutions will surely help you to get back from this error problem.

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