With the idea to build a website, you have probably surfed the internet to choose the framework that will meet your business needs. Numerous options are available; however, which platform is flexible enough to make the website appealing and user-friendly?

Benefits of Drupal Website Development

Drupal has it all to implement the functionality you need. This framework is secure, scalable, and highly customizable. Be it an e-commerce website, blog, or informational online platform, Drupal is a reliable choice to make the website live.

This article outlines the benefits of using Drupal for website development. You’ll discover the 10 main advantages of choosing this platform for your business and also learn what website design and development mean. You can also get more insights on Drupal development here.

What is Web Design and Development?

You have probably heard the phrases “to design a website” and “to build a website”. While these two notions sound similar, they have different meanings.

Web design is the process of creating the visualization for your website. A person who works on the website’s visual part is a web designer. The main task of this specialist is to create a website that is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. Simply put, web design is all about fonts, colours, visual elements, and numerous iterations of A/B testing to ensure it answers all user’s questions and needs.

Web development, on the other hand, is about making the visualizations live. Developers write code to implement functions the website must perform. This specialist pays attention to the prototype and uses HTML/CSS technologies to make the website look and perform like an illustrated image.

The good news is that it’s not necessary to hire a web designer to create custom illustrations for your website. Drupal offers a bunch of ready-to-use themes a skilled developer can adjust according to your needs. However, if you’d like to go with a custom theme, it’s recommended to seek the support of both a designer and a developer. They will work in tandem to implement your business needs.

10 Benefits of Web Design and Development in Your Business

Having learned the difference between web design and development, it’s time to discover the advantages one of the most popular frameworks for website development brings. Drupal has proved to be secure, flexible, and easy to navigate, but what are the main advantages that make it so popular? You’ll find the answers below.

Free to Use

The first and foremost advantage of Drupal is that it’s free to use. Installing this framework will not cost you a penny. The developer can use any of the 40,000 modules available to implement the website functionality you need. Besides, Drupal offers more than 2,500 themes you can choose from to customize the website.


Flexibility comes second in the advantages of Drupal web development. You can use this framework to build any type of website, be it a corporate website, blog, wiki, or eCommerce platform. On top of that, you can add statistics, polls, videos, podcasts, and other desired elements to your website.

Easy Maintenance

Benefits of Drupal Website Development

One of the most rewarding features of Drupal is its ease of use. This platform has a user-friendly interface, so learning the ropes doesn’t take much time. It’s easy to upload, review, and edit the content with Drupal.

Role-based Control

Worried that an inexperienced manager will change the website’s settings? Drupal offers the possibility to give maintenance permissions to certain user roles. An admin who is allowed to work with the content cannot change the website’s structure and even grant access to other users. This helps to minimize the risk of human errors and ensure the content management process is smooth.

Localization Capabilities

One of the most prominent advantages of Drupal web development is its multilingual capabilities. It’s easy to localize your website, as Drupal supports around 100 languages for free. This framework has a built-in translation available and also supports right-to-left writing. There’s also a language switch available, so you can easily set the primary language and change it whenever you need.


With an increasing number of hacking attacks, Drupal has paid thorough attention to its security system. Drupal developers regularly release system updates that include sophisticated encryption methods to make your website attack-proof.

Community Support

One of the core Drupal’s advantages is its open-source nature. This platform is free to use and download, which has given rise to a community of developers. They share knowledge about using and customizing the framework, thus speeding up the work. The Drupal company also benefits from the community, as it helps to understand which innovations need to be implemented next.

Exceptional SEO

One of the benefits Drupal development brings is exceptional SEO capabilities. This platform helps you create understandable URLs, making your web pages rank higher in search engines. Additionally, you can easily create meta tags and descriptions, which are crucial for search engine visibility. Drupal will guide you on the sentence structure and number of characters.


The ability to handle increased traffic without a drop in performance is one of the advantages of website development with Drupal. This platform allows you to quickly adapt to increased workloads by caching content.


Since most traffic comes from mobile phones, website responsiveness is vital to engage more users. A library of responsive themes and templates Drupal offers helps developers adapt content across various screen sizes.


When there’s a need to build a website and you aren’t sure which platform to use, consider Drupal as a reliable content management tool. It has all the components to create the custom website you need and offers a vast library with ready-to-go themes, so your website will be up and running within several days.

Benefits of Drupal Website Development

Drupal is one of the top choices in the content management systems market, and it can boast a number of benefits. It’s secure, flexible, free to use, easy to maintain, and offers advanced SEO possibilities. Besides, Drupal offers role-based control, adjustable localization, responsiveness, and community support for programmers.

With all the benefits, Drupal is a secure and easy-to-use CMS for managing content on your website.