Dashcams are the perfect way to capture what happens on the road ahead. Regardless of whether you wish to capture the perfect front view or if you wish to record evidence of any incident or accident, there is no better way than having a dashcam installed on your vehicle.

70mai Dash Cam M500 Review

Most of us wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on buying the most expensive dashcam setup out there. For anyone seeking the best yet most effective dashcam module for their vehicle, the 70mai Dashcam M500 is a great option.

But, what makes the 70mai Dashcam M500 a great choice?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this 70mai Dash Cam M500 Review today.

About the 70mai Dashcam

The 70mai company was founded back in 2016 and so far has sold more than 1.5 million smart vehicle electronic pieces of equipment in over 103 countries. The 70mai M500 Smart Car Dashcam is the latest product offering from the company. The 70mai M500 Dashcam is not just a video recorder that sits on your dashboard but also provides you with a lot more valuable features as well.

70mai Dashcam M500 Features & Review

To give you a better idea of the 70mai Dashcam M500, let us go through the features supported by the dashcam recorder.

Excellent Image & Recording Quality:

Excellent Image & Recording Quality 70mai Dash Cam M500 Review

The M500 Dashcam features a 5 Megapixel camera capable of recording video in up to 2592 x 1994 pixel resolution, making it 2.5x times clearer than standard 1080p Full-HD resolution videos. Moreover, the 170-degree field-of-view ensures that the recorded video offers a better angle at the entire area of the front and the surrounding portion of the front portion of the vehicle, thus reducing the chances of any blind spots.

Also, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) video recording capability of the M500’s cameras ensures that both well-lit and darker areas are captured in detail within the video recording.

24-hour Parking Recording with Time-Lapse Feature:

24-hour Parking Recording with Time-Lapse Feature 70mai Dash Cam M500 Review

The M500 is capable of recording 24-hours round when the vehicle is parked.

As the M500 Dashcam has the “Time-Lapse” feature, it can compress 30-minute surveillance footage into a 1-minute time-lapse. Thus, you will be able to view a 24-hour recording within just a span of minutes and find the important highlights that matter to you.

Efficient Route Tracking with GPS & GLONASS:

The M500 receives route data from both the GPS (Global Positioning System) and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites, thus ensuring efficient speed and co-ordinates information for the surveillance video that is recorded on-cam.

Efficient route tracking is beneficial to pinpoint the exact geo-location in case of any incident or accident.

Inbuilt eMMC Storage:

Usually, dashcam modules require an external SD card to store the recorded footage. But, in the case of the M500 Dashcam, there is an in-built eMMC storage that ensures quick and reliable capturing of the entire recording without having to worry about the storage space at all.

Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitor:

Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitor

Apart from being just a dashcam recorder, the M500 also functions as a Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitor.

This feature allows you to monitor the tire pressure of your vehicle in real-time without needing any additional equipment. Thus, you get to experience the next level of safe driving with the M500 Dashcam.

Sudden Collision Recording:

Sudden Collision Recording

The 70mai M500 Dashcam also features an inbuilt G-Sensor, which automatically begins the camera recording when a sudden violent shake or collision is detected by the camera’s sensor.

This way, you can always be sure that all the evidence of an accident or sudden braking is available instantly for your reference.

Automatic Overwriting of Recent Events:

With the help of inbuilt fast storage and sensors, the 70mai M500 Dashcam is capable of overwriting older recordings with recent ones.

However, you don’t have to ever worry about losing your high-priority recordings. Because all the recordings that happen due to events such as accidents, sudden braking, etc., are recorded and saved separately into an “Event Folder” location, which is never overwritten. This way, you can be assured of efficient storage management of your dashcam without losing vital data or overwriting any information manually.

Real-Time ADAS Voice Alerts:

Real-Time ADAS Voice Alerts

The M500 Dashcam also features the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functionality, which in combination with voice-based alerts, provides drivers with warnings of potential safety hazards in real-time.

Thus, you can get warnings for events such as lane departure, forward vehicle collision, pedestrian collision, moving traffic, etc.

Access to Vital Data using the 70mai App:

The M500 Dashcam comes with a companion 70mai application that gives you instant access to essential information such as real-time footage, recording settings, sensor sensitivity, auto ON/OFF features, etc.

This way, you get access to the best features of your 70mai M500 Dashcam within just a few clicks on your Smartphone or tablet.

Why Do We Recommend About the 70mai M500 Dashcam?

There are lots of options out there for dashcams for your vehicle.

But why are we so impressed with the 70mai M500 Dashcam?

Well, if it isn’t evident from above, it is definitely because of the features it offers.

Where most other dashcams only focus on providing high-quality recordings, the 70mai M500 Dashcam provides not only high-quality video recordings but also offers other important and mostly life-saving features such as tire pressure and temperature monitoring & alerts on potentially life-threatening hazards.

ProductOriginal PriceTotal DiscountsOffer Validity
70mai Dash Cam M500$109.9915% OFFMay 10-12th

The features provided by the 70mai M500 Dashcam, along with the sub $120 price tag at which the product sells, make it a highly-recommended product with very less competition. Forget about the additional features offered by the M500, and its competitors don’t even offer the inbuilt storage option that is found in the M500.

So, if you’re planning to get an all-rounder dashcam for your vehicle, then there is no better product than the 70mai M500 Dashcam in 2022.