Have you heard about the product which can clean windows automatically and without any trouble? Most likely you might have come across but not like the fantastic glass window cleaner we would be discussing now!! So here is the ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot Product which is a very suitable product for cleaning glass window and doors. Seriously for first-time use, anybody will find this product to be fantastic.


ALBOHES Z5 Review Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot

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(Buying Guide) ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot Deal Price

Staying in a tall building becomes an arduous and challenging task to clean the windows. But not anymore because of the Z5 robotics window cleaner automatic glass cleaning robot. It has made it easy and comfortable. At any day, when you clean the dust filled windows by yourselves, you feel uncomfortable and risky. So this automatic window cleaner can help you a lot and make it look simple and straightforward. And it is not much difficult to use also. The Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot is an attractive and must have glass cleaner in this modern world. So, in this article, we will be discussing this fantastic and user-friendly cleaner with an in-depth review of Z5. So, let’s begin.

At a Glance:

UPS System & Anti-dropping AlgorithmOutput voltage: 24V/3.75A
Remote ControlPower consumption: 80W
Zigzag Automatic Cleaning Routes Charging Time: 1 hour
AI TechnologyInput: AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
Powerful Motor-Powered SuctionCleaning Speed: 4min/square meters
APP ControlAPP Support Version: IOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0 or later
Glass Requirementsthicker than 6mm with frame
CertificationUL, FCC, CE, RoHS, etc.
Cable Length5.5m
High Strength Safety Rope150 kg

So here we are showing you everything about on this ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot. So you can get to know more about it & One Offer for you here inside this, i.e., you can also Grab it at a very Discounted Deal Price.

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ALBOHES Z5 Features and Specifications –



The Z5 Robotics window cleaner automatic glass cleaning robot has a power consumption capacity of about 80W. It takes power input of AC 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, and the output voltage provided is around 24V/3.75A. This is a pretty decent power rating for a cleaner which is powerful like this one.

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review Powerful Motor

ALBOHES Z5 Battery Life:

The cleaning robot doesn’t need much time to charge the battery. It just needs 1 hour to charge to full power. Once fully loaded it has cleaning speed of 4min/square meters which is a very extensive area in the time-frame.

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ALBOHES Z5 Pre-Requisites:

To use the robot glass window cleaner, the glass should be thick and at least 6mm. The product also supports app version control and are supported on all devices which have IOS 7.0+, or Android 4.3+. Bluetooth version support is 4.0 or above that. For those concerned about the durability and trust you have to understand that this product carries few certifications which are UL, CE, FCC, RoHS and much more.

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review How to Use

ALBOHES Z5 Length & Strength:

The product provided with cable which has a length of 5.5m. And it is offered with high strength rope which has the capacity of 150 kg. This should most needs and scenarios.

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The robot cleaner is cheap. It is affordable, and if you need to buy it, it is available online at the cost of $199.53. But you may also get a better price when you compare with multiple websites. After putting on order, it will deliver to your home in a time frame which widely varies from one e-commerce seller to the other. Few sites have the option to make bulk purchases also.

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review Design

ALBOHES Z5 Extra Features –

ALBOHES Z5 UPS System & Anti-Dropping Algorithm:

The window cleaner is very easy to use and cleans pretty efficiently. Because of the inbuilt UPS system, if power cuts or fails it will work continue to work without any trouble. So no need to worry about power cuts and whether this will fall during such instances.


ALBOHES Z5 Remote Control:

One of the best features of robotics window cleaner is the remote controller. Just relax in one place and control the direction of cleaning with the remote controller. This feature makes the whole process look relaxed and comfortable cleaning process. There is also a feature where you can just switch the cleaning direction, and it will clean automatically without any disturbance to anyone.

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ALBOHES Z5 Zigzag Automatic Cleaning Routes:

This is one of the coolest features of the product where you can set the auto system, and it will clean without much of your intervention. So this robot can take automatic routes to clean like auto left and then down, auto right and then down, auto up and then down. It is a very convenient feature of the cleaning robot. It will automatically choose the cleaning ways and directions.

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review Safety

ALBOHES Z5 AI Technology:

It will detect all window frames automatically. It will provide the maximum cleaning regulation by calculating an optimal cleaning way. I am sure you might think this is too much smart stuff for a window cleaner!

ALBOHES Z5 Powerful Motor-Powered Suction:

It has a vacuum motor which draws air and helps to hold the glass tightly. It helps to provide the grip and control to clean the glass properly.


ALBOHES Z5 App Control:

One of the smart features that you can learn from Z5 Robotics window cleaner automatic glass cleaning robot is app-based control. So we can control the cleaner by using a mobile app from your smartphone or tablet by Bluetooth.

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ALBOHES Z5 MicroFiber Pads:

The Z5 Robotics Window cleaner has microfiber pads which help to scrub the glass surface areas, remove dirt, oil stain, and dust too very capably and thoroughly. It will help to clean even a dirty glass window effectively in few minutes.

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review Cloth

ALBOHES Z5 Pros and Cons –

According to the features mentioned above of this robotic glass cleaner, there are many pros and a couple of cons for this product. Let us explore them in detail:

ALBOHES Z5 Glass Cleaning Robot Review Usage

  • The Robot Cleaner is easy to set up & use.
  • It has vacuum motor which holds the glass tightly, so chances of it falling are remote.
  • The devices come with two microfiber pads which are helpful to scrub the glass with dirty & deep stains on it.
  • Beneficial to clean fast & hence most useful for homes with many windows.
  • It also has a remote controller to controller to control the direction & pattern of cleaning.
  • The latest smart feature is the app control. It is easy to connect to our phones or tablets with the app through Bluetooth & take control of this cleaner.
  • It supports inbuilt UPS System. Hence there is no problem with power cuts.
  • There is also an option for automatic cleaning which helps you to put it on a larger surface of the window & stay cool and relaxed.
  • The robot is very much helpful for the tall buildings where cleaning windows are very risky & pain too.
  • The glass should be thicker than 6mm with the frame.
  • The product only comes with 5.5 cable length. So if you need to clean remote areas from your power socket, it becomes slightly confusing.
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The ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot is best for office use, and the house needs too. Mostly nowadays offices have more glass exteriors. It is challenging to clean daily such huge exteriors. After a long time when you need to clean it, it will consume a lot of budget and effort. So buying an ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Automatic Glass Cleaning Robot, automatic glass cleaning robot can be the best option which comes under your budget too. If you are neatness freak and want to keep your windows clean, then you surely need this to do it more of a cleaning game than a cleaning exercise. With the above Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner Review, you would have got a good idea about the product.