A fan is almost an essential in tropical countries. Especially in summer, when it gets hot, it is complicated to live without a fan. The question from you could be like “Why do we need one when we have AC’s in most places?” Well, the ground reality is that we are not there yet. Not all countries in the world are used to Air Conditioning systems. They are costly and not affordable for all sectors of the society. Also to note is that a fan is something which can provide fast and flowing air directed towards an area. & today here we are showing you everything about on this Alfawise CY Mini Bladeless Desk Fan.

Alfawise CY

Alfawise CY Review – Mini Bladeless Desk Fan

The centralized AC’s or even the home AC’s can keep your room cool still don’t have provision to provide flowing air directed towards you, especially when you are far from it. It is interesting to know that fan sometimes are considered industrial equipment mainly in manufacturing companies. But fan could be anything from a ceiling fan to a table fan to a pedestal fan to even an exhaust fan.

(Buying Guide) Alfawise CY Review – Mini Bladeless Desk Fan Deal Price

CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan is handy for workplaces and for those who grind more extended hours in counters and cubicles. A word of caution is that it is mostly intended for single person usage and you can’t expect this to have airflow like a pedestal fan.

Now let’s come to the modern world. How many of you are scared of the blades in the fan? Well, count me in! That is one thing which always keeps us concerned on whether we would hurt yourself in the process of operating fans mainly with metal blades. Can we not have a fan without blades? Do we need them? That might have sound illogical a decade back. Well, it is no longer the case as there is a surge in the emergence of bladeless fans. They are simple, cleaner in design without any blades but are useful in producing the needed effect.

Let us get in detail about CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan. It is from one of the very emerging brands in the world and sounds promising with its features and specifications.

At a Glance:

Alfawise CY FeaturesAlfawise CY Specs
BatteryCR – 2025 with a capacity of 150 mAh
Power ratingThe power voltage is 220V, and the power rating is 36W
WeightThe product weights around 2.3Kg
 Additional FunctionsHumidifying function and aromatherapy function
RemoteThe remote control is provided for controlling the fan.
DisplayLED display
FoldableYes, it folds and adjusts easily.
Timing FunctionMultiple timing options can be set ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

So here we are showing you everything about on this Alfawise CY Mini Bladeless Desk Fan. So that you can get to know more about on it & One Offer for you too here, i.e., you can also Grab it a very Discounted Deal Price. So go Get one for you, or you can also Gift it to someone.

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Alfawise CY Features and Specifications –

Alfawise CY

Alfawise CY Functions:

Apart from just releasing air and not having blades, it does have some interesting use-cases. One of them being the aromatherapy function which claims to purify the air. Though that it won’t be like an air purifier but better than any random blade based fan that you are using. It is a known fact that the presence of blades does invite the dust particles to settle over them.

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Next is the humidifying option which is another plus in CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan.

Alfawise CY Tilt Option:

CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan can be tilted up to 170 degrees which is impressive as that means you could point it to any direction. This is being provided through the shake head function of CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan.

Alfawise CY Operating Procedure:

Additional to the control buttons on CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan it does come with a remote. This is going to be extremely useful if you are far from the fan.

Alfawise CY Display:

There is an LED display to help you set the timer and other options. Am sure you would be surprised to see an LED display for a fan.

Alfawise CY Storage:

This fan is sleek and compact and weighs no more than 2.3Kg. It can be easily folded for both operating needs as well as storage purpose.

Alfawise CY Timer Options:

If you wish that fans have timers like AC’s, then your wish has come true in CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan. There are timer options of 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes and it is beneficial if you want it to run only for a specific period and not run forever wasting your power.

Alfawise CY Battery & Power:

Here are few details on the power and battery specifications of CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan.

  • The battery present is CR-2025.
  • The battery has a capacity of 150mAh is quite decent for a fan, and it will definitely help it run for few hours for sure.
  • The fan operates at 220V with a power rating of 36W.
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Alfawise CY Price:

The price of CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan is just under 140 USD.

Alfawise CY Pros and Cons –

Alfawise CY Pros and Cons

With the above specifications and aspects of CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan you would have got a fair idea of what CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan offers. Let us see the pros and cons along with the final call on whether it’s a good option to buy this fan.

Alfawise CY Pros:
  • This is Bladeless! That’s a fantastic Feature to have when you have Kids at Home. It prevents them from getting hurt by Blade based Fans.
  • There is an inbuilt Battery which means it can run for few Hours even when there is no Power.
  • The Timer Option is an additional Plus for those who find it lazy to Switch OFF the Fan. Also, it stops it from running forever which could Damage it.
Alfawise CY Cons:
  • The major negative is its pricing. The pricing makes it slightly difficult for budget buyers. If Alfawise can bring down the pricing, then there be a lot of people who would want to try this.
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Final Take:

The final decision is that Alfawise CY – 1018B Mini Bladeless Desk Fan is worth buying if you are a fan of bladeless fans which are small, adequate and occupy less space. So this is all about this Alfawise CY Review. Hope you liked it. Do share it with others as well.