ALLDOCUBE has brought in a new version of the KNote in the market. It is the ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 which is a 2 in 1 Tablet PC. Although you do not get a keyboard with the device, you can buy an excellent keyboard from outside and use it as your laptop. It comes only in Dark Grey color only.

KNote 8

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Review

Although there are many 2 in 1 tablet PC. There are not many which offer such features as this ALLDOCUBE KNote 8. Starting with the 2K display on a diamond cut black display gives the perfect viewing experience. Other features that stand include large RAM, ample internal storage space, and a good battery backup. Below we have discussed all the features in more details.

(Buying Guide) ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Review: 2 in 1 Tablet PC Deal Price

The device comes with an aluminum alloy casing to make the device more sturdy and durable. On the front, you have a hardened glass to make the screen strong. You get all the ports on the left side of the ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 device. The docking port for the keyboard is below. The device also comes with a stand to use it when you are using it as a laptop.

At a Glance:

Memory256 GB ROM
Processor & OS7th Gen Intel KabyLake 7Y30 with Windows 10 out of the box
Display13.3- inch display with 2K resolution display (2560 x 1440)
CameraBack Camera: 5.0 MP

Front Camera: 2.0 MP

PortsTF card slot, Type-C USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, DC jack for charging and a Keyboard docking port

So here we are showing you everything about this ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 2 in 1 Tablet PC. So you can get to know more about on it. & you can also grab it at a very discounted deal price from here too.

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Features & Specifications –

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Operating System: (OS)

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With all new K Note 8, you get the latest Windows 10 operating system with the device.

KNote 8 Operating System

  • Get the latest Windows 10 out of the box.
  • You get the latest Home Edition.
  • The operating system comes with the built-in Chinese as well as English language pack. You can download other languages over the internet.
  • Windows 10 has a good battery management application which can regulate background apps to prolong the usage of battery.

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Display:

Moving on to the display screen this tablet comes with both the big screen and high-resolution display.

KNote 8 Display

  • Screen Size: You get a 13.3- inch Display screen which makes watching videos or playing games easier
  • Screen Resolution: You get a display screen which has over 2K resolution display. (2560 x 1440)
  • Display Type: The screen is an IPS display which will ensure that you view a crisp display.
  • Touchscreen: The device features capacitive touchscreen screen which has 10-point touch features.
  • The device features a black diamond screen which makes the screen look more elegant and stunning
  • The display screen is protected by a protective glass to make it strong

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Processor:

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The device comes with 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor.

KNote 8 Processor

  • Alldocube KNote 8 Specs: The processor is an upgraded version of the 6th Gen processor. It is optimized to work at low power but at the same time give the maximize output.
    • The processor is the dual-core processor with four threads which is clocked at 1.00 GHz
    • The 7th Gen Intel, Kaby Lake processor, works with 20% less power than its predecessor 6th Gen but offers 20% to 30% increase in its performance.
    • The Kaby Lake 7Y30 has a 14nm processor
    • It has three caches.
  • Alldocube KNote 8 Graphics: The Device comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU.
    • With the Intel HD graphics watching videos or photos at 2K is a piece of cake.
    • With the powerful processor and the Intel Graphics support you to indulge in a small amount of editing work.
    • It also supports casual gaming
    • The GPU is optimized to work with less power to maximize the efficiency.

KNote 8 Processor

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Memory:

Moving on to the storage space of this device, which offers an excellent ROM for saving all your files and data.

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  • Alldocube KNote 8 Internal Memory: This is an essential feature on which you can decide how much data you can keep on the device.
    • The laptop comes with 256 GB of internal storage space.
    • This fast flash memory ensures high read and writes
    • As the device comes with the operating system and some pre-installed applications, you get a little less than 256 GB.
  • External Memory: The device also features a TF card slot which can be used to add additional memory
    • Using SD card, you can increase the memory if the internal memory falls short.
    • The maximum size supported by the device is not more than 128 GB
  • Alldocube KNote 8 RAM: To support faster processing and better multitasking, the device houses powerful RAM to help you do any work.
    • The K Note 8 device comes with 8 GB RAM.
    • The RAM substantial high bandwidth to support any casual games with low settings.
    • The RAM support any Photo or video editing applications which runs smoothly without any problem.

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Camera:

With this tablet, you also get a decent set of both front and back camera to capture or record every unique movement.

KNote 8 Camera

  • On the back, you get a 5.0 MP autofocus. The back camera lacks any LED flashlight which makes it not so useful for capturing photos for low light and in dark conditions.
  • On the Front side, you get a 2.0 MP fixed focus camera which is good to take a perfect selfie. You can even use it as web camera to chat online over the internet.
  • Both cameras can record videos and even capture images at 2K resolution.
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ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Ports & Connectivity:

The device also harbors many different ports and connection for your device to set up wired as well as wireless connections.

KNote 8 Ports

  • Alldocube KNote 8 Ports: As the device can be used as the tablet as well as the laptop, so all the ports are attached to the sides of the screen
    • K Note 8 has a USB type C port which can be used for various functions. Connect with another device for fast transfer of files and data between them. Also, it can be used as HDMI port which can be used to connect to other monitors and displays.
    • A 3.5mm headphone jack which can be used both as audio as well as a microphone
    • Comes with a TF card slot to expand the memory
    • A DC jack for charging the device
    • Below you have a docking port to connect a keyboard if you want to use the device as a laptop
  • Alldocube KNote 8 Connectivity: With the device, you get Wi-Fi connection to connect it to the Internet or any LAN connections.

KNote 8 Connectivity

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Miscellaneous:

The K Note 8 tablet comes with some extra features which are worth mentioning.

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  • Excellent Colling Technique: ALLDOCUBE has added a perfect combination to keep the processor and other hardware cool by creating a good ventilation and cooling system to solve the problem of heat dissipation.
  • Stand Holder: To use with the keyboard, you get an aviation level magnesium aluminum allow to make the device back cover. Thus, making a stand more durable and stable while using it as a laptop. The stand can also be adjusted to meet different view angle.

KNote 8 Miscellaneous

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Accessories:

As this K Note 8 tablet lot of features, you need to go for different accessories to use all the features that are

  • With the device, you get a Power adapter which is used to charge the device through the DC jack.
  • You also get an OTG cable that you can use when you are using the device as tablet mode.
  • As the device comes with type C USB port, you can go for type C hub to extend the ports. A hub generally houses two or USB type 3.0, two or more type C port, a HDMI port and more.
  • You can go for tablet pouches to use it when you are traveling with it
  • As the touchscreen can be prone to scratches, you can buy protective screen guard to protect the screen from scratching.
  • As this tablet also supports features using it as a laptop, you can go for a keyboard which can dock with this tablet.

ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Pros & Cons –

Here we have listed some of the features based on what was good and what was not up to mark.

  • Powerful RAM coupled with good Intel Processor to give the Best Performance for the fast run of any Application
  • Big Storage Space for a Tablet
  • One of the best Display with 2K Resolution on top of the Black Diamond Display to give the best Viewing Experience.
  • Camera is average
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One of the best tablet you can get at this price range. Features like a powerful processor with 8 GB of RAM will surely make your day. But it does not stop there you even get a 2K display and an ample storage space so you can keep all your files and data here without any problem. ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 also comes with decent battery backup to last you for close to 5 hours. You can check it out if you are interested in this new tablet PC.

If you liked this ALLDOCUBE KNote 8 Review and if this was helpful to you in deciding whether you want to go for this tablet. Then do share it with others to tell them about this power-packed budget tablet. If you want any further clarification or suggestion do comment down below and we will reply you back with the solution you want.


  1. I don’t know how but my Alldocube Knote X tablet battery is dead after a few months. I must use my tablet connected to power.