HONG KONG, 8th Jul 2019, With a huge price slash, smart home consumers can snatch a great deal on Ambi Climate during this year’s Amazon Prime Day Sale. The groundbreaking smart AC controller will be on sale for $99 (original price $129) for 2 days only, giving consumers their money’s worth with the opportunity to enjoy effortless comfort and energy savings this summer.
Ambi Climate
Ambi Climate is a smart device compatible with LCD-screen remote-controlled air conditioners & heat pumps. Ambi Climate applies AI technology to revolutionize AC usage by learning from your feedback to auto-adjust your air conditioner, optimizing how you feel and saving up to 30% on energy – perfect now that summer is well underway. Ambi Climate’s inbuilt sensors monitor things like humidity and outdoor temperature and combine that information with live data and user feedback to adjust the AC and create personalized comfort.

Ambi Climate – World’s First AI-Enabled Smart AC Controller

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Ambi Climate offers all the convenience of a well-integrated smart home gadget with geolocation and voice integrations such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri.

With summer temperatures already soaring Ambi Climate is an unbeatable opportunity to experience better comfort through smart AC control. It’s a hot deal you’d be smart not to miss.

Offer available on Amazon during Prime Day Sale (July 15-16), simply apply a coupon to redeem.

About Ambi Labs:-

Ambi Labs is an IoT startup founded and headquartered in Hong Kong. Inspired by the concept of Ambient Intelligence, we believe that truly smart technology is intuitive and seamless; fading into the background and augmenting the user’s lifestyle. We believe that the promise of IoT can only be fully realized through the application of AI many IoT devices inundate the user with data and only allow simple, rule-based control. Through AI we are able to unlock insights from the data and offer delightfully intelligent appliances.