AnyTrans for the cloud is the first cloud manager in the world that enables the user to access iCloud Drive and even manages and sync files across multiple services in one place. The primary feature of this cloud manager is to maintain data at different locations from a single place and transfer files across multiple cloud servers. AnyTrans for Cloud plays a vital role in the efficient and seamless management of files and documents across various cloud drives by integrating with iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Cloud, and many more. With this integration, the user can access and manage multiple cloud drives along with numerous accounts of the same service from a single place. So just check out this AnyTrans for Cloud Review.

AnyTrans for Cloud

AnyTrans cloud manager is smart and secure to efficiently manage all the cloud drives in a single safe place, and it is entirely free. It avoids the traditional way of opening files and the number of web pages from different server locations with undue noise in traffic. While opening these files, sometimes it would get damaged in the midway and could not locate the source of the file. In this way accessing essential web pages and file in real-time speed would be very much challenging and slow.

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(Overview) AnyTrans for Cloud Review – Manage, Transfer & Share Files Across Multi-Clouds

AnyTrans for cloud also avoids in signing in and signing out different accounts. The user can handle all the cloud content very quickly with just a single login. It is mainly designed for Apple smartphones but can be accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. It can be used independent of the location, be it at home, in the office or on the go. This manager has proved to be very productive and convenient as it works everywhere as required with a unified account at high-speed. Thus it avoids the hassle to remember several account credentials. So just check this AnyTrans for Cloud Review.

AnyTrans for Cloud

AnyTrans makes the searching of files very much relaxed and flexible which are stored in cloud drives by searching across multiple drives and producing the file in a second. To make the search more accurate and fast, filters can be set in the hunt to take out the files at a much faster rate. This procedure saves the time of the user and avoids the user to switch between different accounts and search for the file. Managing the cloud content has become more straightforward with the advent of AnyTrans for cloud manager. Just like managing the local files, the cloud contents can be just dragged and dropped to upload and download files to and from multiple cloud drives at one time. The PDF files, documents, and photos can be previewed online instantly without downloading them into the computer. The full operation is executed at a tremendous speed and free up the valuable storage space by removing unwanted files.

The compatibility of the AnyTrans for Cloud with the iMobie Features some of the highlighted operations which are to be mentioned below.

AnyTrans for Cloud Features –

  • Manage Files Folders Across multiple Clouds at one Place: Without switching Cloud Apps or Accounts back and forth, you just need one login to access & manage all Cloud Accounts whether from a Desktop, Smartphone, or Tablet. And it’s 100% FREE.

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AnyTrans for Cloud Features

  • Flexible & Direct Cloud to Cloud Content Transfer: Photos, Videos, or large Documents can even be automatically migrated to the target as scheduled. You can also batch upload or Download files between Cloud and Computer with few clicks.
  • Safely Share Cloud Files & Folders via a Simple Link: You can share Cloud files & folders with your families or friends with a simple link through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ safely & privately.

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Safely Share Cloud Files & Folders

  • Safety & Privacy: Through the protection of Google 2FA & 256-bit SSL Encryption, all Cloud Data & Files are guaranteed 100% secure & private.

Safety & Privacy

The online guide is provided to use AnyTrans Cloud Manager very efficiently and flexibly for IOS devices. A detailed tutorial is provided to manage the IOS contents between IOS devices, IOS devices and computers, IOS devices and iCloud and IOS devices, and iTunes. The tutorial also gives guidelines to manipulate the data stored on iTunes and iCloud backups and even helps to move Android device data to iTunes, the iCloud, and the IOS device directly.

Safety & Privacy

AnyTrans enables the sharing of the Cloud files more flexible and straightforward by keeping the personal data safe and secure forever. AnyTrans gives the user complete freedom in sharing all Cloud content instantly for any extended time. Independent of the stored location of the photos, music, videos, documents, or PDF files, be it a Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or other cloud storage, can be shared with anyone in the world. The Cloud Manager gives its user the option to share files at any situation through any kind of medium, be it Facebook or Twitter for sharing images or videos with friends and family or Google Drive, Email, or Google+ to share work files with colleagues. It also allows in generating a shared link that can be pasted in a text message or Whatsapp and send it to the desired target.

AnyTrans gives a 100% guarantee for keeping the personal data safe. The user has full control over their personal files which allows them to monitor for the unauthorized access of their individual files. For avoiding unauthorized access, they can lock their files using passwords. It can also decide the number of times needed to download a file. Setting up the other advanced security settings like ‘setting up expiration time’ or ‘cancel sharing’ ensures in prohibiting the unauthorized access of your file firmly. The Cloud server provides of keeping a backup of all the stored personal data in the Cloud storage.

With the help of AnyTrans, all the starred files and folders can be easily accessible and organized in a single place. The integration feature of the AnyTrans with all the Cloud drives keeps all the starred files together at a unique place. The good organization of the files provides universal access and easy management. To quickly find and view the starred file one needs to share it with anyone, rename it, transfer it to another Cloud and download it. This avoids in juggling the multiple Cloud drives to get the starred files and folders.

AnyTrans for Cloud manager can be accessed through any web browser from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Cloud manager is compatible with the operating systems Windows or Mac. As discussed earlier, it is also compatible with mobiles, IOS platform, and even Android smartphones.

Final Review:

While scanning through this AnyTrans for Cloud Review entire article, the readers would come to know about the necessary features, usability, and convenience of AnyTrans for Cloud Manager. With the introduction of AnyTrans software accessibility of the files and its management has become very much comfortable and convenient for the users. It has increased the level of the Cloud server and iCloud drive to a benchmark. The most reliable part of AnyTrans is the safety, security, and non-redundancy of data or content. The feature of sharing files across multi-Clouds in one place is the other highlight of the Cloud manager.

The users can enjoy intelligent Cloud to Cloud migration with AnyTrans at lightning speed or can also be getting it done even without an internet connection. AnyTrans has taken the opportunity to reach content management services to an entirely new level using Cloud storage. The most convenient and flexible feature of it is the accessibility of the files and folders from anywhere at any time. Thus it can be concluded that AnyTrans for Cloud manager is the ultimate solution for the data or content management across multiple clouds for free.