Are you fed up from the constant troubling iPhone XS? is the recent 12.1.4 update not suiting your iPhone? Does your Apple iPhone XS Max Not Turning On? Well, you’re not the only one in trouble friend. Even I was tired of searching “Apple iPhone XS MAX Not Turning On” it was only recently when i found out few working hacks to fix this morbidly irritating problem that’s continually troubling most of the people around the world.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On

Causes of Apple iPhone XS Max Not Turning On:

There are plenty of possibilities behind your Apple iPhone XS MAX not turning on. It could be a hardware issue, a software failure, missing updates, and so on. Here are few reasons listed that could shut down your iPhone XS Max suddenly.

  • Apps are not updated with the latest version
  • The iPhone is Missing some unfinished updates
  • There is a Malware attack on your iPhone
  • Your iPhone’s Charging port is loose
  • The iPhone is not charging properly
  • The hardware of the iPhone is damaged
  • You have used your iPhone more than its advised time
  • iPhone does not have enough charge on it

(Guide) How to Fix & Solve Apple iPhone XS Max Not Turning On Issue

In a few quick steps, you’ll be able to fix your Apple iPhone XS Max Not Turning On Problem. There are several methods listed in this Apple iPhone XS Max Not Turning On article down below that will take care of most of your iPhone not turning on Problems.

1. Update the IOS –

One of the possible reason behind your Apple iPhone XS Max not turning on could be an old version of the operating system. Most of the times the iPhone assist you with a notification of the available update, but sometimes, due to forgetting or missing the information, we end up not updating the operating system of our iPhone XS MAX. Here are following needful steps to update your iPhone with the latest firmware completely.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On

  • Please unlock the iPhone by fingerprint/face ID/Password
  • On your menu screen search for Settings
  • Open settings
  • Go to general settings
  • Visit the update section
  • next, in updates, search for latest updates and install them on your iPhone XS MAX.

Following these steps will give you a brand new iPhone XS max with the latest OS on it.

2. DFU Mode Repairing of iPhone –

Another approach to repairing your iPhone XS for unwanted switch offs is fixing it in DFU mode which is also known as Data Firmware Update mode. This may sound a little technical, but the steps are straightforward and user-friendly, and anyone could follow them with basic knowledge of iTunes functioning. Follow these steps to repair your iPhone in DFU mode.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On

  • Press and hold down the side button for 4 to 5 seconds
  • Another 10 seconds press and hold down the volume up and down keys
  • These steps will take your iPhone in a DFU mode
  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows or MAC with iTunes preinstalled
  • Launch iTunes on your MAC/Windows PC.
  • The iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone in DFU mode
  • It will ask you how you want to proceed to repair the iPhone
  • You can choose between Repair and Restore iPhone
  • Choose repair or restore whichever suits you
  • Done!

These steps are used to repair and restore the iPhone to best working condition with default settings, and most probably it fixes a frozen iPhone.

3. Charge your iPhone –

The iPhones are infamous for their quick battery drainage. The drain is surprising and could wipe out the entire battery in a matter of 3-4 hours. For a new user, this could be unusual, and hence he could end up toasting the battery of iPhone without realising that it’s already drained. Recharge your iPhone for the best optimisation by following these steps.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On

  • Check the lightning cable and charging port of iPhone for debris or dust
  • Clean the debris and connect your iPhone to the lightning cable
  • Switch on power
  • Let the iPhone pack on battery for next few hours until its ultimately charged
  • Unplug your iPhone and check whether it switches on or not

Hopefully, this step will work for the stucked iPhone. Make sure to charge your iPhone regularly.

4. Replace Battery of iPhone –

A nonfunctioning iPhone could be indicative of an exhausted Battery. Now replacing the battery of a packed and bolted Phone could be a difficult task and if you don’t know much about replacing batteries, coordinate with someone who’s well adapted with these things.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On

  • Order a battery replacement kit for your iPhone
  • Open the bolts of iPhone with screwdrivers in the kit
  • Detach the old battery
  • Plug in the New Battery
  • Bolt the phone back to normal
  • Done!

*Note: This step is not needed if your phone is still in warranty. You could claim the warranty for the phone and avoid all the extra charges.

5. Contact a Phone Repairing Service Provider –

Finally, if all of these steps prove futile, you could take the phone to an IT specialist. Although this step applies to only those phones, which are out of warranty. If your phone is in warranty, you can always claim a replacement or repair.

iPhone XS Max Not Turning On


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