With Apple Keynote 2019, the multi-dollar company has set a new benchmark for technology innovations. To begin with, let’s talk a bit about what Keynote is. If you think Keynote is the name of the event, you’re right, Almost. Apple keynote is a presentation software developed by Apple Inc as a part of Iwork.

Apple keynote 2019

Everything Apple Keynote 2019 Event: What to Expect, How to Watch & More

Apple Keynote 2019 Venue:

Steve Job theatre, Apple park, California, was the venue for Apple Keynote 2019 event. Much as you love that place, Think twice before you copy the design of Steve Job  Theatre because Apple has patented it. The Theatre was put for display last year for the launch of Apple’s iPhone X. And this year it is put up for Apple Keynote 2019 event.

Apple Keynote 2019

Apple Keynote 2019 Guests:

Apple’s events have always been star-studded. You may take any event from the past and find lots of international celebrities. This year’s Apple Keynote 2019 event was no lesser than the former since the event was glorified by the presence of international celebrities such as Jason Momoa, Alfra Woodard, Kumail Nanjiani and many more.

Jason momoaNew Product Launch:

The launches at Apple Keynote 2019 event were exceptional. To begin with, the show proved a real launch pad for the new Ipad Mini, iMacs, Ipad Air, and the Airpods. This Apple Keynote 2019 event also showcased new subscription-based facilities like Apple Arcade, News+ and TV+.  in addition to that, Apple also launched Apple card tying up with Goldman Sachs.

iPad Mini –

Ipad mini


  • 7.9-inch screen
  • Advanced retina display.
  • Apple Pencil Support.
  • A12 bionic chip.

iPad Air –



  • 10.5-inch design.
  • Support Apple’s Pencil.
  • Apple’s Neural’s Engine.
  • Truetone technology.
  • Advanced Retina display.
  • Seventy percent performance boost than the predecessor.
  • Twenty percent is larger with half a million more pixels.

Airpods –

Air pods


  • New H1 chip inside.
  • Powers “Hey Siri” voice over feature, so you don’t have to use tap access.
  • Two times faster-switching facility for different devices.
  • In addition to that, there is an extra hour of play making it a total talk time of 3 hours.

iMac –

Apple Keynote 2019 Apple imac


  • 21.5-inch screen Base model. || 27-inch Display in the higher variant.
  •  4k Display Base model || 5k Display in the more top option.
  • It is equipped with Radeon pro 555x with 2GB.
  • Quadcore i3 processor. || i9 in the Higher variant.
  • 8 GB ram.
  • 1 TB hard disk.

*Note: Different variants of Imac have different specifications. The one mentioned in the article has basic essential functions.

Apple Credit Card –

Apple Keynote 2019 Apple Credit card


  • Branded as a new age credit card.
  • It is designed to use with Apple pay an Apple wallet in iPhone.
  • Gives users a Contactless payment system.
  • A physical card is available for users where Apple Pay is not available.
  • Available from this summer, Apple card gives users reward points and daily cashback.
  • The best feature is it doesn’t charge single buck as processing fee.

Apple TV+ –

Apple Keynote 2019 apple-tv-plusFeatures:

  • New content produced by Apple.
  • Add free from the beginning.
  • Available in 100 plus countries.
  • It is rumored to start from September 2019.
  • Could be played on iMac, IOS, and smart TVs.

To summarize the whole article, Apple has made some earth breaking moves in the latest Apple keynote 2019. The featured products, newly launched apps, and subscriptions for Apple TV+ were something every apple lover wants to get his hands on.


Apple Keynote 2019

In the final analysis, as Oprah would say “Anything you can IMAGINE, you can create.” Quotes like this incline towards Oprah’s Future possible work with Apple. Oprah concluded the ceremony for Keynotes as well as Apple has indicated that they can together work on some original ideas.

We would want to see some original content Oprah would have planned up for Apple. Let us know in the comment section if you want us to cover a future event, you’re looking forward to watching, and we will make sure you get all the info related to Apple Keynote 2019 here.


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