What exactly is AppleCare? Think of AppleCare as an extended warranty for Apple products. While it doesn’t cover water damage, theft, or misuse of the product, it can cover repairs that can be quite pricey. So Is Applecare Worth It or not? Short Answer: it depends.

Is Applecare Worth It

It all comes down to the device you bought from Apple and a few other criteria. This article will help determine Is Applecare Worth It for you or not.

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(Reality) Is Applecare Worth It or Not?

Apple Products you Should Get AppleCare for:

AppleCare covers repairs and defects for up to 3 years from the purchase date, depending on the item. Macs are included the longest with iPods and iPhones having shorter periods.

The Apple Products You SHOULD Get AppleCare For

It is essential to know that Apple computers and laptops are covered for up to 1 year from the purchase date. Problems arise within the first year, meaning you are already covered.

MacBook Pro –

MacBook Pro


If you bought a MacBook laptop; specifically any of the MacBook Pro line of laptops you should buy AppleCare without a second thought. With laptops that can go over $2400 in price, $350 is a small price to pay for 3 years of protection, unlimited phone support, and free repairs.

MacBook Air & MacBook Pro –

The entry-level MacBook (the cheapest one) is a tricky one to decide. On the one hand, AppleCare for a MacBook is $249. Plus, they charge $99 if you need to replace the screen or $299 for other damage. The price for AppleCare does not seem to justify it if you did not get the MacBook Pro.

MacBook & MacBook Air

On the other hand, laptops are meant to be portable; therefore, they are prone to be dropped. The technology inside a small laptop costs more to produce and more to repair due to specially made laptop-sized parts. In the end, Is Applecare Worth It for Macbook Pro… So Yes, as the cheapest MacBook isn’t exactly cheap by any standard.

iPhone –

Getting AppleCare for an iPhone is the most common sense thing you can do IF you have no patience or skill in repairing your own iPhone. The iPhone owners should strongly consider the Applecare plan because, like laptops, they have many small and expensive components inside and travel around even more than laptops.


Cracked screens are so common, and you can start a cell phone repair business from home and make tons of money just by swapping out the screens! However, most people prefer to let the Apple Geniuses handle that part. If you are one of those people, do yourself a favor and get AppleCare!

iPad –

Just like an iPhone, but a lot bigger. Is Applecare Worth It for iPad or Not? So it is worth it because the iPad can cost over $900 and has components such as a touchscreen that can cost a lot to repair. Like iPhones, they are prone to be dropped. A lot of users end up cracking the screens on these as well.


Don’t Get AppleCare for these Apple Products:

Not all devices need AppleCare. You should think about how you will use the product to determine if not getting AppleCare is the right choice. Here are the products that we think you should ponder about.

Mac Pros & iMacs –

Mac Pros and iMacs

Since these are desktop computers, they typically are set in one location, such as a desk. Therefore they are subject to far fewer impacts, movement, and temperature conditions. Laptops move around often, and desktops don’t. However, these are not cheap, but repairing them is a lot easier as the parts are bigger and more accessible.

iPods –


iPods used to be very popular. With the introduction of the iPhone, the price for iPods has come down considerably. Frankly, it is not worth buying them from Apple altogether as they are a lot cheaper on places like eBay. However, do note, they can break just as easily as an iPhone! Devices such as the iPods are often fixable at home or end up being replaced by a newer model before they need servicing.

Apple TV –

Devices such as an Apple TV can be covered under the same AppleCare serial number as a computer from Apple as long as all items and the plan are purchased at the same time. Bundling AppleCare is fine, but getting it for the Apple TV is pretty pointless.

Apple TV


Overall the choice to get Applecare is a personal one. Some might call it risk tolerance. While replacing a broken iPod may only set you back one or two hundred dollars, replacing a MacBook Pro can cost you upwards of $2300.

The chances of something significant going wrong with your computer within the first 3 years of ownership can vary from user to user, and be buying AppleCare is a way of protecting yourself against the chance of a costly repair in the long run.

If you are someone who calls tech support a lot or needs to ask questions about Apple software or your computer, AppleCare will be your best friend as it offers unlimited phone support.

If you are someone who is excellent with repairing electronics and not afraid to troubleshoot a problem on your own, you simply do not need it. There are so many guides and tutorials online, making repairs quite easy!