Is your research presentation getting into you? Is the pressure of coming up with an effective and informative report getting too overwhelming? As students, we’ve all been there. Aside from our monthly exams and piled-up homework, students are destined to do research. It’s one of those requirements before graduation that you strictly need to accomplish before taking the next step. It takes up your time and energy, making you forget about all the other things you need to do.

The good news is, with the help of the internet today, many students find research and presentations a lot easier. Effective visual presentations are made possible by graph makers like Venngage, a website that provides a wide range of graph/chart templates, giving struggling students the help they need.

Also, we would like to give you an insight into how graphs can be an effective learning tool for students.

What is a Graph?

Although graph theory was reported to be traced way back to 1735 by a Swiss mathematician named Leonhard Euler, we see graphs more often than we think in our day-to-day activity and have unknowingly become a part of our lives.

A graph is a diagram or visual representation of collected data and variables in an organized manner. It comprises one or more points, lines, curves, and/or areas that aid in representing values that are in comparison with one or more other values.

What are the Benefits of Graphs?

What are the Benefits of Graphs

Now that we’ve understood what graphs are, let’s talk about how we can benefit from using them.

1. Present Concise Information

During the research, there are large sets of data gathered and analyzed. Using graphs will help you summarize large data sets in a visual form. It helps you organize your data and present it in a manner that would display both its difference and relation to each other.

2. Makes your Audience Grasp the Meaning of the Data Quickly

Presenting variables can be very challenging. Figures and data can be very confusing for people if not explained and presented well. Graphs are there to make sure that you have a solid output that your audience can fully understand. Some effective graphs are understood just by even looking at them. Instead of giving out 100 pages of wordy reports, graphs shorten them by visually pointing out certain variable positions.

3. Visually Appealing

Yes, wordy reports are boring. It strains your eyes and drains your energy. But who said presentations couldn’t be fun, right? Analyzing graphs indeed awakens your neurons because it gives your brain a challenge. Well-made graphs are also visually appealing. With each bar, line, curve, or image representing important data or value, it creates an image in your mind about the full picture. Also, creating colorful graphs make your report visually enticing.

4. Used in Different Aspects of Life

Graphs are known to have begun and evolved mathematically. While this statement is true, it doesn’t mean that we cannot use graphs in certain areas.

They are widely used because of their purpose; to organize data and knowledge and present it neatly and understandably. Graphs can be used to compare an individual’s weight loss in the past 6 months or be used to compare what genre of movie do people like in a certain state or area.

The use of graphs has no limits and it’s one of the reasons why it’s convenient and effective.

How Do Graphs Help in a Classroom Setup?

How do Graphs Help in a Classroom Setup

Graphs are commonly used in schools by both teachers and students.

Teachers help students see beyond what graphs look like to what they represent. They manage to teach students to create and interpret graphs making them more focused on the relationship between the data included in the graph and not just on how the graph appears visually.

Graphs can also be used by mentors to easily present complicated and lengthy lectures/discussions that involve too many figures and information.

Once the students learn to analyze and interpret graphs, they can now use them to their advantage. They can use this learning tool for research, presentation purposes, and even for homework. Gaining the skill of making and interpreting graphs is a great edge not just for students, but also for people who are already working.

Graph Maker

Graph maker websites are heaven-sent. They are made to make our lives a little less complicated. For a student to come across this gem, it’s like hitting the jackpot on a Friday!

Websites like Venngage allow students to make their own graphs/charts without having the problem of starting from scratch. They guide students on how to generate their material and come up with an effective graph that fits their data best.

With a little research online, many applications and tools can provide pie charts or bar graph makers for students.

For decades we’ve always strived hard in discovering things that could make our life simpler and it’s amazing how people have accomplished many of those things.

The uses of graphs in daily life are solid proof that it has indeed become an essential instrument to get some of our jobs done.

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