The demand for personalized products nowadays is very much in demand, and it is not settling very soon. When it comes to designing personalized products or gifts, there are a lot of ways to do it: engraving and laser printing are two of them. If you are on a bit of the creative side and you love designing personalized products, then it surely can be a good start for a small business. Those days are long gone when engraving machines were priced pretty high and only used by professionals. You can easily get a pretty decent entry-level engraving machine at quite an affordable price. Since you are on this guide, surely you are also looking for a decent laser engraver that not only satisfies your creative desires but also does not affect your pocket too much. In this article, we will be talking about the very affordable Aufero Laser 1 engraving machine.

About Aufero

Aufero is the sub-brand of Ortur. For those who do not know, Ortur has a strong foundation when it comes to engraving machines, laser printers, and 3D printers. As of now, ORTUR has some of the best laser engraving machines for creative users. The brand has strong research and development team that constantly emphasizes improving engraving technology.

Aufero logo

Overview Of Aufero Laser 1

Aufero Laser 1 is a budget-friendly engraving machine specially designed for users who are just starting out with engraving. Below are some of the highlights of this miraculous product.

  • World’s 1st Plug & Play Engraving Machine: With a 1-minute installation, it becomes very suitable for new users. You do not need to assemble all you need is to install the laser module, which hardly takes 1 minute. Also, the handling is also very easy.
  • Advanced Laser Engraver Technologies: Aufero Laser 1 features one of the most advanced and latest engraver technology. This gives you a satisfying result. 
  • Advanced Motherboard & Firmware:  Motherboard is the most crucial component of such machines. With aufero laser 1, you get effective Processing Speed, realistic Grayscale, and engraving Accuracy ultimately giving a professional Artworks
  • 4-Fold Safety Protection: Since the machine is especially for new users, all the important safety features have been installed on the machine.
  • Easy to Reach Support Team:  Since the product is from Ortur, you will get solid customer support. 

Specifications & Features of Aufero Laser 1

Aufero Laser 1 might be the most budget-friendly offering of the brand, but when you really go through its features and overall specifications. You will find that the product is on par with some of the high-end engraving machines. It is built so well that you can hardly differentiate the artworks between this and other expensive engraving machines. No doubt that there are a lot of options out there in the market, but Aufero Laser 1 takes the recommendation when it comes to our opinion. 

Here in this particular section of this article, we will be going over all the Specifications & Features of Aufero Laser 1. This will help you in finalizing your decision whether you should buy this product or not.

1. Perfect Pick for the New Users

Aufero Laser 1 targets the users who are just getting started with engraving, and they are the most vulnerable to get into problems. With Aufero Laser 1, you do not have to worry about a thing with its plug-and-play design and helpful community, and you can easily start making artworks.

  • Plug & Play

Unlike the other engraving machines in the market, Aufero Laser 1 comes with a Plug and Play design. This gives the end-user a lot of ease as the user does not have to assemble it up. Usually, assembling and setting up the engraving machines takes around 60 minutes. But with the Aufero Laser 1, you just need to install the module, which takes about 1 minute, and you are ready to use the machine.

Aufero Laser 1

  • Enough Video Guides & Help

There are a lot of users who must be using this machine for the very first time and often worry about how even to use this machine. Do not worry. There are plenty of videos available on how to get started. Furthermore, you can join the Ortur official Facebook group that has over 20,000 members. You can ask and answer queries regarding the product.

2. Switch Between 3 Laser Modules

Aufero Laser 1 features 3 distinct laser modules, while the mainframe will be the same. During the purchase, you can select one of the three available options depending on your requirements or buy them all. With easy laser installation, you can switch from one to another in no time.

  • LU-2-2

LU-2-2 is a Fixed Focus Laser Module. Due to its smaller Luminous Cavity, it has a smaller Focal Spot. Due to the smaller focal spot, it is perfect for engraving high-precision patterns.

    • Optical Power: 1,000-1,600mW
    • Focal Spot: About 0.07×0.06mm

Aufero Laser 1

  • LU-2-4-SF

LU-2-4-SF Short Focus Optically Compressed Laser Module gives you a compressed laser spot. Due to high power and compressed laser spot, it is suitable for engraving hard materials and cutting. Below is the optical power and Focal spot specification.

    • Optical Power  4,500-5,500mW
    • Focal Spot: about 0.12*0.15mm

Aufero Laser 1

  • LU-2-4-LF

LU-2-4-LF Long Focus Optically Compressed Laser Module gives you a longer depth of field. Due to high power and longer depth of field, it becomes the top choice for overall intense engraving and cutting. Below is the optical power and Focal spot specification.

    • Optical Power: 4,500-5,500mW
    • Focal Spot: about 0.17*0.25mm

Aufero Laser 1

  • Performance, Speed & Result of Laser Modules on Different Materials 


Keep in mind that results can differ in even the same material because of different finishing colors. All you need is to adjust the speed and power rate based on different objects. Make sure to choose the Focal length correctly; the smaller the focal length, the better the results.

3. Built Upon the Latest & Advanced Technology

When it comes to budget-friendly or entry-level products, brands usually cut corners to make them affordable—for example, using the old components. When it comes to Aufero Laser 1, there are zero compromises, and you get the latest and advanced technological components.

  • Powerful Motherboard

Now let’s talk about the most powerful component of any laser engraving machine, and that is the Motherboard. An outdated motherboard not only gives you unsatisfying results but also degrades your artwork. Thanks to the creators of Aufero Laser 1, you do not miss out on the latest and advanced technology.

Aufero Laser 1

Aufero Laser 1 features the very powerful 9th Generation Ortur 32Bits Motherboard (OLM-ESP-PRO-V1.2). This motherboard has tons of benefits that can take your creative journey to the next level. With this powerful motherboard, you can expect.

    • Support next-generation Digital Laser Module
    • 10% faster calculation speed than 8th gen motherboard
    • Experience a smoother processing
    • Witness the High Precision engraving & cutting
    • Grayscale printing performance is significantly enhanced.
  • Latest Firmware

The motherboard is no doubt the most powerful component in such machines, but without optimized firmware, you can not get the best possible results. Aufero Laser 1 comes with Ortur’s latest and greatest Ortur Laser 1.8 series firmware. The 1.8 series firmware is the most advanced firmware of Ortur that you will find their most expensive machines. You can expect great precision and greyscale engraving speed upto 5000mm/min. The combination of OLM-ESP-PRO-V1.2 ad 1.8 series firmware gives you results that can compete with the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro.

Aufero Laser 1

  • Driver-Free, Support Multiple OS’s & Softwares

You get all the things right, but if there is compatibility between the machine and the computer, you might get annoyed. A lot of new users, when using such machines, always face issues in connection with the PC and machines. Sometimes, the driver is not installed, and sometimes the machine fails to detect the driver, and so on.

To completely get rid of this issue, creators of Aufero Laser 1 without the need to install any supportive driver. Simply connect the machine to the PC, and you are pretty much done—no driver installation or setup hassles. If you were using Windows 7 or below only, then you need to install the driver.

Furthermore, Aufero Laser 1 supports the majority of the OS and software.

    • OS Support: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, and also support Mac, Linux system
    • Software Support: LaserGRBL, LightBurn
    • Image Format Support: BMP, JPG, PNG, JPEG, SVG, etc.

4. Does Not Miss out on Safety

By now, we have talked all about the performance and compatibility; now, the next major factor that we need to go through is safety. New users do not have much idea on how to use the machine, and they are the most vulnerable to accidents; after all, we are talking about laser engraving machines. With Aufero Laser 1, you get all the major safety features to protect you from any accidents.

1. Active Position Protection: This safety feature makes sure that if the machine is displaced or turns and gets out of the target, it will automatically stop the laser to prevent any damage.

Active Position Protection

2. Laser Beam Safety Guard: For some reason, if anything happens to the PC like the software crash, error, etc., or anything goes wrong with the machine. Then the laser will be stopped automatically, protecting the artwork.

Laser Beam Safety Guard

3. Exposure Duration Detection & Limitation: If there is no motor movement is detected, the laser will be stopped automatically.

Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation

4. Power Control System: For some reason of there is a soft shutdown happens with the machine, and the laser will be stopped automatically.

Power Control System

**NOTE: All the above 4 safety comes with the Aufero Laser 1. However, you can expand your safety even more with the Safety Enclosure addon.

5. Flame Detector + Buzzer Alarm: If the sensor detects the flame instantly, the buzzer alarm will come into action.

6. Emergency Stop Button: if you find any inconsistencies or issues with the emergency stop button, the engraving process will be stopped instantly.

7. Linkage of the Laser & Enclosure: The feature makes sure that the linkage between the laser and enclosure is set correctly.

5. Advantages Over other Similar Product

The product has a great upper when to comes to similarly priced product from another brand.

Aufero Laser 1 vs Neje Master 2S
No.AspectsSpecs (Specifications)
The Advanced Motherboard
Aufero Laser 1 comes with the OLM-PRO-V1.2 Motherboard. It is considered as the most advanced and Safer 24V electric system laser motherboard from Ortur with advanced safety features.

1. Power control system
2. Power interface does not spark
3. Driverless connectivity (Except Win7)
4. Higher MCU frequency
5. Support Additional expansion


The Updated Firmware

It comes with Ortur Laser 1.7  Firmware which is optimized to give you faster speed engraving. Also, support additional features, like Ortur Offline Controller, etc.
2nd Generation Focus Compressed Laser Module
KM2:LU2-2, LU2-4-SF, and LU2-4-LF is the 2nd Generation focus compressed laser module.
The focal point of LU2-2: 0.07*0.12mm
The focal point of LU2-4-SF: 0.076*0.094mm
The focal point of LU2-4-LF: 0.08*0.13mm
LU2-4 has a smaller Luminous Cavity which makes it great for high precision engraving.
LU2-4-SF is a short focus laser module with a smaller focal point. It is good for engraving.
LU2-4-LF is a long focus laser module, with a longer beam makes it suitable for cutting.
4Optimized Structure DesignThe design takes inspiration from the Ortur laser master that means you get improved motion. The firmware is optimized according to the cantilever structure.

6. Pricing & Offers

Now let’s go through all the details regarding the offers and price of the Aufero Laser 1. Currently, the product is on offer period from October 18, 2021, to November 17, 2021.

Promotion Information
Premiere Time
October 18, 2021, 8:00 am, UTC —
November 17, 2021, 8:00 am, UTC
Product NameVersionProduct ModelColorPeriodFlash Sale Price $
EU version
Aufero AL1-LU2-2
Before Premiere€229.99
After Premiere€229.99
Aufero AL1-LU2-4 SF
Aufero AL1-LU2-4 LF
Before Premiere€329.99
After Premiere€329.99
US version
Aufero AL1-LU2-2
Before Premiere$239.99
After Premiere$239.99
Aufero AL1-LU2-4 SF
Aufero AL1-LU2-4 LF
Before Premiere$339.99
After Premiere$339.99

Discount Info. & Activity

In addition to the discount mentioned above, you can also get your hands on a YRR. Every day first 5 orders get YRR (One YRR per Order). So A total of 150 YRR free from the brand in the offer period. The winner list is displayed on the Homepage each day.

Warehouse & Delivery

Warehouse Location: Belgium, US. All orders will be answered within 24 hours, sent within 3 days, and received within 15 days. (Holidays will be postponed)

  • US orders will be delivered from US warehouse and received within 7 working days;
  • Belgium orders will be delivered from Belgium warehouse and received within 5 working days;
  • Other EU countries’ orders will be delivered from the Belgium warehouse and received within 10 working days.
Final Words:

By going through all the features of Aufero Laser 1, it can be clearly concluded that without any doubt, it is perfect for Beginners. Even if you are not a Beginner, then also the machine is a great choice to polish your skills. From performance to safety features, it is an excellent package at such an affordable price.

Hopefully, this article has cleared all your confusion and doubts regarding Aufero Laser 1. Thank you!

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