Since the advent of business cards, it has continued to be a status icon for each individual and organization. And keeping a business card is considered as a professional’s thing. Despite the tremendous digitalization of the world, this business card culture remains the same and not yet replaced with any other methods or technologies. In fact, sharing your business card with others has a personal touch and creates a connection between the two persons. But did you know that there are some Business Card App also there in the market, let’s talk more about in it first.

What is a Business Card?

It is a printed card that holds all the necessary information about a person and the organization he/she is related to. It comes in a variety of designs as per the user’s choice. Every organization or a professional individual will hold a pile of business cards of their own.

Business Card App

The business card is not all about giving. It is also about receiving. So when you have got so many valuable cards, and they had to be contacted in the future, it becomes somewhat difficult to manage the cards. Mostly you will never find the card you need the most at that right time. It is not your fault. After all, a business card is just a piece of paper. Since the business card culture cannot be replaced, the Android and IOS came up with lots of amazing applications that helps to manage and organize these cards by scanning it, and this makes your life much easier. Hence we have come up with a list of smartphone Business Card App that does this job.

[Free & Paid] Top Best Business Card App (Applications)

For your convenience, we have categorized the Business Card App (applications) into two types. The applications you can download for free and the apps that cost some of your savings. Each of them has their share of uses.

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[FREE] Best Business Card App (Applications)

The business card readers help to scan the business cards and synchronize the details with the phone’s contacts. There are too many Business Card App applications available for Android as well as apple store for business card reading. Out of these requests, we are listing some free of cost Business Card App applications below. You can download the app based on its features and your convenience.

1. Business Card Reader –

Supported OS: Android & IOS

Business Card Reader

This is a simple but effective Business Card App reader application available for free in the Android store. This android app is a beta release and offers many useful features. The Business Card App application makes use of the phone’s built-in camera for scanning the business card, and it saves the details to the phone’s contacts. Apart from scanning the business cards, it also allows users to create or design their very own business cards using the built-in designer available in the BC reader. This app is entirely free and supports seven languages that are an added advantage. The app does not require higher versions of Android. You can download the Business Card App now for free and make use of it.

2. WorldCard Mobile –

Supported OS: Android and IOS

World Card Mobile

The world card mobile is a free Business Card App application for scanning the business cards. This Business Card App application utilizes your smartphone’s inbuilt camera to scan the business cards. Then the details are synchronized with the phone’s contacts. The user interface of this Business Card App application is brilliant and easy to use. It makes use of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan and convert the details in the image to the text file. Later it gets synchronized with the phone’s contact. This Business Card App application supports seven languages and handles the contacts efficiently. You could download the Business Card App now and test its performance for yourself.

3. Business Card Reader SugarCRM –

Supported OS: Android

Business Card Reader SugarCRM

If you want to experience the business card scanning using this Business Card App application, then you must open a SugarCRM account immediately. When you have a SugarCRM account, you are more than ready to use this excellent business card reader application. This application makes use of the phone’s camera to scan the business card and then the scanned details are shared with your SugarCRM account. Once the details are recorded in the account, you could further add more information regarding the person and organization in the directory of the SugarCRM account. Hence it allows users to manage the details of many individuals or group in one place. This Business Card App application is available for completely free of cost, and it provides the essential functionalities of the business card scanning.

4. EverCard –

Supported OS: Android


This EverCard is free to use an android app that helps users to scan the business cards at ease. It has a perfect user interface, and its accuracy in examining the details of the business card is noticeable. This Business Card App uses the phone’s camera to scan the business cards, and unlike other applications, it automatically sorts the scanned cards in the directory. The application does not bear any limits on a number of cards to scan as you can scan an unlimited number of cards using this application. This application is available in four languages.

5. Camcard Free –

Supported OS: Android & IOS

Camcard Free

This is the most popular and widely used application used to scan the business cards. It is the most powerful business card reader application available for free in the market, and it has reached over 100 million downloads worldwide. It offers a variety of functionalities and it’s easy to use interface helps users scan and manage cards without much effort. It uses the smartphone’s camera to scan the business cards, and the details are synced with the phone’s contact. It is the highly recommended application for managing business cards. You can download this fantastic application outright for free of cost. It is also available on the IOS, and it supports over seventeen languages. It also supports sharing the e-cards to others when the printed cards are not available. These additional functionalities keep this application unique and reach millions of people all over the world.

6. Yolu Card Reader –

Supported OS: IOS

Yolu Card Reader

It is an efficient business card reader application available for free in the apple store. It utilizes the phone’s inbuilt camera to scan the business cards. It has an excellent user interface. It supports many additional features apart from scanning and syncing the cards. It supports multiple languages and has the highest level of accuracy in scanning the cards. It automatically sorts the scanned cards, and it helps users in searching the required cards at ease. It also enables the cloud saving of cards for data security. Download the card reader now and manage all your cards at ease.

Therefore we have provided a list of best Business Card App scanner applications available at free of cost in the market. You can download any application you want based on your convenience.

7. Foxcard –

Supported OS: IOS


It is a simple business card reader available for IOS that uses the phone’s camera to scan the business card and save the scanned details into the phone’s contact list. It supports batch mode to scan multiple cards. It also offers meticulous categorizing of the cards and allows the user to email or share the business cards. It supports up to nine different languages. But its OCR is average and sometimes confuses between the details. This Business Card App application is completely free, and it supports cloud-based database. It enables to sync the business card details across multiple devices.

You have seen a list of free applications that are used to scan the business cards so far. But, there are many other Business Card App applications, which offer more features and functionalities by charging you some amount. If you are willing to spend some money, you could unpack several amazing features provided by the business card applications. We have listed some of the paid applications below.

1. Scanbizcards –

Supported OS: Android & IOS


This is a powerful business card scanner application available in the market. Though there is a free lite version of this Business Card App available in the store, it gives only limited functionalities. There is a premium edition of this app available in the store that costs around one dollar and offers several features like unlimited business card scanning, universal address book syncs and also unlimited calendar synchronization. It also provides manual card transcription. This application is tested for Optical Character Recognition accuracy, and its accurate card reading ability is proved. The other significant advantage of this Business Card App application is that it supports up to twenty-one languages including Turkish and Vietnamese.

2. Samcard –

Supported OS: IOS

This is a straightforward and efficient business card reader that is available in both free and paid versions. It uses the phone’s camera to scan the business cards and save it to the phone’s memory or contact book. The free version of this app only allows three new cards to be added per week. But the premium version allows you to save an unlimited number of cards in the phone book. It also has a perfect OCR technology that scans cards with utmost accuracy. The free version of this app is not recommended because of its insufficient number of features. The premium version of the SamCard costs around four dollars. When compared to the ScanBizCards application it offers only simple features though if you only have to scan and save the cards, then you can go for SamCard.

3. Worldcard Mobile –

Supported OS: IOS

Worldcard Mobile

This application supports over 21 languages including Arabic and Czech. You have to select the language before you scan the card manually. The free version of this Business Card App application allows you to scan and store only one card per week while the premium version allows you to scan an unlimited number of cards. It also has a cloud-based database so that you could share the contacts across multiple devices. The premium version of this app cost around seven dollars and quite expensive than all the other apps we listed above. This Business Card App application does not have a batch mode so that it does not scan multiple cards at the same time. It is a considerable demerit of this app despite its price. Still, it is the best application considering the vast number of languages it supports.

Even though the paid Business Card App applications have lots of significance than their lite versions, people always go for the free versions. Hence the list of premium applications is small when compared to the list of free best Business Card App. Almost all the applications make use of the same conventional Optical Character Recognition technique to scan the details. Still, the features each application offer differentiates one application from other. Mainly the accuracy of the scanner matters above all the other features. You have to choose the right application based on your convenience. This detailed list of applications, which was provided above, will surely help you decide better. Some of the requests like CamCard reader offer brilliant features in both the lite and premium versions. Only the lite version of such application is more than enough to manage your business cards. Choose wisely. Download your business card reader right now!

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So here are some top free and paid best Business Card App (Applications) for 2018. So you can choose wisely for which you like to grab.

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