Nowadays, every smartphone has a decent camera that is suitable for basic needs and simple photos. However, the average camera phones cannot capture the subtlest colors or take pictures in low light environments. Also, the lack of advanced features in mid-range smartphones means that there are not many opportunities for content creators. Even though the flagship smartphones all have approximately the same quality, the additional options make every camera phone distinct from one another. Without further ado, here is our list of the top 3 best camera phones on the market.

Best Camera Phones

Google Pixel 4 –

This camera phone by Google is designed to take excellent photos in low light scenarios. In particular, the Night Sight technology takes detailed photos in the dark or with minimal light. You can also adjust the brightness manually. Meanwhile, live HDR+ allows you to take a picture with more vibrant colors. With the addition of a telephoto lens, you can take an outstanding portrait with the night city in the background.

Nevertheless, the most distinctive feature of Pixel’s camera is the Astrophotography mode, which can capture the stars and night sky with the greatest amount of detail. Due to long exposure and advanced image sensors, you can take a picture of the milky way or other celestial objects. Just imagine how cool it could be to capture mountains or other landscapes set to the backdrop of a gorgeous night sky.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ –

The flagships of Samsung are always ahead of their competitors with multifunctional cameras boasting a number of additional features. Their latest phone has five cameras with different lenses. The rear side of the phone has a telephoto lens, a high-definition wide-angle camera, and an ultra-wide lens. The dual aperture of the main camera provides clear photos due to the camera’s capacity for optimization in low light. Meanwhile, the front side has the standard selfie and RGB depth cameras.

Besides photos, Galaxy 10+ can also capture smooth videos. Utilizing the stabilization software and ultra-wide camera, you can shoot action scenes without worrying about shaky videos. Another outstanding video feature is the super slow-mo, which can capture any moment in 960 frames per second in the HD quality. With these options to shoot your videos, you can create your own action movie with creative effects.

iPhone 11 Pro –

Apple has placed significant emphasis on the three cameras of its latest iPhone. Undoubtedly, this phone has superior quality pictures and easy navigation through the camera app. Unlike other phones, iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t need any additional set up in the settings or the manual exposure selection for complex scenes. The smart AI cameras apply the best possible settings for each picture. Taking outstanding photos on wide, telephoto, or ultra-wide camera is an experience made most convenient on the iPhone 11 Pro.

Moreover, this phone shoots 4K videos at 60 frames per second with smooth stabilization. Using this phone, you can truly become a filmmaker or shoot blogs with quality comparable to that of professional equipment. Considering the combination of camera software, interface convenience, and photo quality, iPhone 11 Pro delivers the best videos and photos with one simple touch.

Choose your Perfect Camera Phone:

All in all, you have to decide whether you need a camera phone for astrophotography, diverse video shooting, or just taking outstanding photos without having to struggle with complicated settings. All these camera phones are great in their own category, and every one has its unique features. However, if you are worried that your college assignments are depriving you of valuable picture-taking time with your new phone, the writing professionals at rapidessay will help you out.  Bring your phone with you on your adventures to shoot a blog or take photos of beautiful landscapes too marvelous not to capture, and don’t let your homework and other chores stifle your inspiration.