By 2020, it’s no longer a surprise if the world would see and experience a variety of commuting options. It will likely be a mix of the classics, with new additions here and there. But whether it’s private or public transportation, the trend will always lean towards environment-friendly and smart options.

Commuting Options

(Top 4) Lists of Best Commuting Options for 2020

That said, here are some of the commuting options that are set to dominate the streets this coming year:

  1. Electric Scooters:

Electric scooters have become popular and will only continue to rise in popularity. These little “bikes” make you mobile enough to allow you to go through even the narrowest of roads. What’s more, it doesn’t need gas to run. Not only is that savings for your pocket, but that’s also your responsible contribution in reducing your carbon footprint.

Electric Scooters

Here are other benefits you can gain from commuting electric scooters:

  • They are inexpensive and get the job done of getting you to work, especially if you don’t live too far away. Today’s technological innovations have also given scooters more modern features such as seats and having a place upon which you can put your bag. They’re also very affordable and are often cheaper than regular bikes.
  • They don’t entail expensive repairs.
  • It has no harmful carbon emissions.
  • It saves you time. With electric scooters, you won’t even have to worry about traffic anymore. Plus, its compact size makes it very easy to park.
  1. Carpooling:

Cars have dominated the roads for a long time now and it’s definitely going to continue until 2020. Despite the increasing traffic in big cities, cars remain one of the best ways to commuting options because of the convenience it offers. But while many vehicles are becoming more compact and environment-friendly, the big shift involving cars, however, pertains mostly to people’s attitude towards commuting.


For instance, more people are open to the idea of carpooling, wherein you and friends or colleagues heading in the same workplace or destination can meet up and use one car to travel instead of commuting individually. Not only does this kind of arrangement allow commuters to be more responsible towards the environment, but it also gives them extra savings on gas and transportation money since everyone can pitch in. Aside from the financial advantages, you can gain, carpooling also gives you an opportunity to be more social and friendly.

  1. Walking:

You might be wondering: Walking as one of the best commuting options? You’ll be surprised but it’s one of the most favorites in European cities. In metropolitan cities and towns, you’ll see a lot of people walking to and from their workplace. Children, too, often walk to and from school, particularly for those who don’t live too far away. This renewed attitude towards walking as a means to commute may have stemmed from the increasing clamor to find more environment-friendly alternatives to traveling. Another pertinent reason involves health and fitness.


As people continue to live busier lives each day, it’s often difficult to squeeze in a little time for exercise. Thus, many people have decided to instead incorporate their exercise routine when commuting to and from work. Walking to work or school helps keep you safe from obesity, maintain good heart health, and gives you that boost of energy early in the morning. After all, walking continues to be one of the best forms of exercise—as well as one of the best means to save on transportation expenses.

  1. High-Speed Trains:

For those who live a little far away from their school or work, high-speed trains will continue to be a favorite commuting options. In the coming years, trains are set to go even faster and will continue to increase in number. This will likely be a top choice for more commuters because trains allow you to breeze through traffic, as well as help you become more productive. For instance, you can finish up a little work or read the morning news while riding a train, or you can easily make powerpoint presentations even while you’re traveling. This way, your time is spent more efficiently.

High-Speed Trains

Moreover, train tickets are also relatively cheap. Because it’s shared public transport, you’re also a more responsible commuter by reducing your carbon footprint.


In the coming year, commuting trends that will likely be favored by many will always be those that emphasize health, environment-friendliness, and smart and speedy commuting. People simply don’t want to waste time being stuck inside their vehicles while getting from one place to another. While vehicles we see on the road remain to be quite similar to those we have seen throughout the years, it’s the commuter’s attitude that’s set to create a change when it comes to how these vehicles are going to be used.