Electronic gaming centers and cyber cafes are becoming more profitable day by day. Thanks to the rapid growth of the e-gaming industry, there have been a lot of opportunities for opening cyber cafes and building successful businesses. The gaming industry continues to produce new incredible games, which also require expensive and specialized software. Many players cannot access all the games by themselves because of the high cost of the hardware. Competitive gaming also requires special spaces where players can come together and compete or play for fun. This is why the cybercafe business is currently on the rise. However, to make your business successful, you will need the best cyber cafe software. Here are five top software solutions for opening an Internet cafe.

Best Cyber Cafe Software for Windows


When coming up with a business plan for a cyber cafe, it is crucial to invest in a high-quality cyber cafe management system that will help you with managing all the processes. This is a useful system for cyber and Internet cafes, which allows controlling all client machines, monitoring their sessions, and turning off those devices when the paid time is over. As the main goal of cybercafes is gaming, the Administrator can block Windows features on client PCs and leave the games accessible. Twitch streams are also a huge part of the gaming experience so that they can be accessed as well. Here is how SENET works:

  • A client pays for a certain time of work of the PC or console;
  • An available computer is selected via SENET, and the administrator sets a timer;
  • A client uses the device for the duration of a paid time period, and the PC shuts down automatically afterward.

SENET is good for cyber cafes because it is compatible not only with PCs running on Windows but with various gaming consoles as well. Moreover, this software is cloud-based, and the admin panel can be accessed from anywhere and not a separate admin machine.

PanCafe Pro

This cyber cafe software allows managing a few connected computers. Some of the features of PanCafe Pro include monitoring sessions, managing payments, setting tariffs, etc. All client PCs can be managed remotely, including not only turning them on and off but also making the time of specific sessions longer, locking the screen, or accessing any other PC features.


This software has been around for two decades now and has evolved greatly during this time. SmartLaunch now offers convenient features for managing gaming cafes and Internet spaces. Three hundred gaming presets are available through this software right away, facilitating games and programs installation on client computers.


This is simple software for managing various computers in the system. A server has to be installed on the main PC and client software that can be distributed across client devices. Clients will need to create their member IDs and come up with passwords to log into a PC. However, a session can be started through a request sent to the administrator.

iCafe Manager

This is a designated Internet cafe management system. There is an assortment of management features suitable for this business. They include creating users on connected PCs, blocking certain websites, collecting performance reports, managing sessions on client computers, and more.