Writing any type of paper can be challenging and difficult. The content you must work on must be engaging, professional, free of spelling or grammar mistakes, and UNIQUE.

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers Every Student Should Know About

Students often do not have enough time and concentration to make the appropriate edits. The easiest way to complete the tasks is to find the best plagiarism checker to simplify the entire process.

With simple Google research, you can reach a bunch of them. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally appropriate for every student. Because of that, we decided to highlight the 5 best free plagiarism checkers.

Important Features of Every Top Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarized text can definitely cause problems. Many individuals lost their reputations (even those that are skilled professionals) because of this issue. To prevent this from happening, you need to be aware of each plagiarism detector’s features!

For starters, the online plagiarism tool must support different formats of files such as HTML, doc, Docx, txt, etc. Apart from that, it should also provide a clear plagiarism report. The checks that have been made must be supported by a huge number of public or private resources. In the end, the security must be at the highest level. The tool must guarantee that your content won’t be compromised.

The internet world is full of tips to avoid plagiarism. But, none of them guarantee success as much as these tools. After hearing the most important features, let’s discover the best five plagiarism-checking tools.

1. PapersOwl

A free online plagiarism checker by PapersOwl offers top-quality service for all file formats. The unique feature of this tool is the usage of an AI-supported writing assistant. You will get features like data safety, a real-time content checker, and a deep search.

If you need to check any kind of paper with the service, copy-paste your text into a special box, add a file from your PC, and simply wait for the result. Besides the uniqueness percentage, a list of sources will appear where similarities have been detected. The overlaps with other text will be highlighted for the user’s convenience.

Using it is extremely easy for all kinds of users, and the process does not take too much time. The option of downloading the text analysis might come in handy for many users.

2. Grammarly


Grammarly may be more popular as a free English writing and learning tool. But, did you know it can also check the originality of articles, essays, and different forms of papers?

The free check procedure is actually pretty simple. You just need to copy the text or upload it to the program. The algorithm of this checker uses more than 16 BILLION websites as resources. That’s why it is appropriate to check a bunch of documents.

Anyway, it is also worth mentioning that plagiarism detection isn’t the only option you have. Free tools like this one offer the improvement of the content. It provides suggestions on how to improve the structure of the sentences, highlights any punctuation and vocabulary mistakes, etc. That’s why students often use it for different types of tasks.

3. Unicheck


Unicheck is a plagiarism checker that uses more than 91 billion resources, including websites and different types of open-access databases. That only guarantees that this free online tool puts into consideration literally everything.

The students won’t have to worry about the analysis’s reliability. The results they get will let them compare different sources and simply adjust references and citations. It doesn’t surprise us at all why youngsters use it for paraphrasing their assignments.

4. Quetext


Whichever document you plan to analyze, be sure the results will be 100% accurate. This uses the so-called DeepSearch technology. Whenever the program wants to highlight plagiarized content, it will color the text. The color depends on the level of plagiarism that is detected. It is perfectly reliable for any type of academic paper.

5. Duplichecker


This program is fast, reputable, and simple. If you are checking the content of 500 words or more (up to 1000), you can either copy it directly or upload it from your PC or laptop.

After a short period (up to 1 minute), you will get a precise plagiarism score and an explanation of which parts should be changed or upgraded. You can also subscribe to an advanced package in case you want to get some additional benefits. But, do that only when necessary. According to our research, the free web variant will be excellent for any type of essay check and similar tasks.


We have finally come to the end of this mini-guide. You now have more information about five free plagiarism tools. It is hard to say which of them is the best because they all have outstanding features. But, for all of them, we can guarantee they will simplify the procedure.

Don’t forget the important characteristics we highlighted in this article in case neither of the options works for you. However, we strongly recommend you use this form of assistance and protect your reputation.