It is difficult to imagine your life without navigators, especially when the profession is connected with driving. Companies and factoring services for trucking companies often provide proven applications and navigators for truckers, as they do here. But, you can choose something of your own that suits you more and what you are more used to. Fortunately, there is a choice.

Best GPS App for Trucker

In this article, we will tell you about the most reliable and popular applications that are used for navigation by truckers.

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GPS Apps for Truckers

Conventional navigators often don’t have the full functionality that truck drivers need. This complex job requires information such as truck stops, overnight accommodations, gas stations, etc. This information can be provided by specialized apps that constantly update their information.

Google Maps

A GPS application is most often used by people of any profession.  Truckers are no exception — the app provides comprehensive information about the location and the closest dreams. The information is updated, and in real-time other drivers can advise you.


A free application that provides drivers with real-time information about roads, weather conditions, traffic jams, accidents, fuel costs, and overnight accommodation. The only disadvantage of the application is the Internet with which it works.

PTV Navigator

An application that makes up your ideal route according to the truck’s parameters. It costs $26.99 and is only available for Android.


Truckbook differs from other apps in that it has an emergency call button, has maps of trucks, service stations, truck weighing stations, restrictions on the weight and height of trucks on individual roads, etc.

There are a few more apps that are worthy of your attention according to most factoring services for trucking companies: Trucker Path, CoPilot GPS/CoPilot Mobile Navigation, SmartTruckRoute, DAT Trucker, inRoute, Sygic Truck GPS Navigation.

Choosing which one is your decision because different information and navigator functions are important for each driver. But, you can be sure that the GPS apps from this list are the best of their kind and have been tested by thousands of truckers.

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