If your Mac’s hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) is starting to get full, or you’ve found that your Mac is a lot slower and more sluggish than it used to be, it’s probably time you gave your Mac a good cleaning. While you don’t need Best MAC Cleaner Apps in order to clean your Mac, it certainly makes the job a lot easier, especially if you’re not a computer person.

Best Mac Cleaner Apps

(Lists) Best MAC Cleaner Apps to Speed up your MacBook

Fortunately, there are plenty of great Best MAC Cleaner Apps on the market. Here are some of our favorite free and paid versions:

CleanMyMac 3 –

CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3┬áhas been called one of the Best MAC Cleaner Apps for most users because it offers an attractive and user-friendly interface combined with a range of powerful features. CleanMyMac 3 works fast; it’s capable of scanning your Mac in less than a minute, of finding gigabytes worth of junk that you can safely remove.

Make sure to check out the Large & Old Files feature, which identifies you guessed it large and old files that you might consider deleting. This feature will automatically sort your large and old files by size so that you take a closer look at them more easily. Of course, you shouldn’t just go deleting large or old files willy-nilly just because a file is large doesn’t mean you don’t need it, and you may have been holding onto it for a reason. Use the Reveal in Finder or Quick Look icons provided in the app to review each file before deleting it.

MacBooster –


MacBooster is another popular choice among Best MAC Cleaner Apps because it offers some features other Best MAC Cleaner Apps don’t, like disk defragmentation, Photo Sweeper, and Duplicates Finder. Features are classified into four primary categories:

  • System Risks
  • Cleaner
  • Booster
  • Tools

The program’s dashboards are easy to understand and well-designed for attractiveness. The System Status feature lets you see any problems with your Mac at a glance; however, the app does sensationalize issues to some extent. For example, it may classify browser history data and cookies as more dangerous than they are, so take the app’s system issues report with a grain of salt.

Best Mac Cleaner Apps

Features like Photo Sweeper make it easy to remove duplicate photos that have been synced across devices, freeing up space on your mobile devices. Use the MacBooster Mini menu to get an overview of your Mac’s memory usage, real-time network speed, and available storage space.

Dr. Cleaner –

Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner is one of the Best MAC Cleaner Apps available; a paid pro version offers additional features at a lower price point than some other popular paid Best MAC Cleaner Apps. The free version displays your CPU usage, your Mac’s network activity, and, of course, how much space you’re losing to junk files. You can clean out these junk files and optimize your memory usage easily by scanning for large files, old logs, temp files, browser junk, and other useless digital debris.

The paid version gives you access to a Duplicate Files feature that helps you free up more space by deleting duplicate files. You’ll also get an app manager to uninstall apps and their associated files, and a File Shredder that permanently and thoroughly deletes unwanted files.

AppCleaner –

Best MAC Cleaner Apps

AppCleaner does just what it says on the tin it lets users remove unwanted apps and the pesky associated junk files that can stay behind, lurking in your storage and taking up space. Though it doesn’t show you a full list of the Best MAC Cleaner Apps you’ve installed on your Mac as CleanMyMac does, it’s free, and it supports batch operations so that you can delete all of your unwanted apps at once. Simply open AppCleaner, drag and drop the unwanted apps into the designated area on the left side of the screen, and let AppCleaner do the rest.


Keeping your Mac clean is essential, especially if you have one of the newer Macs with an SSD and only 128 GB of storage space. Between Mail downloads, unused apps, large unused files, and other digital junk, you need the ease and convenience of a Best MAC Cleaner Apps to keep your Mac running like new, even after years of use.