Gaming is love, and when it comes to action games, you can’t merely deny Fortnite. Released in 2017, it caught the attention of gamers. It has several modes, including the royal mode, Save the world, and a surprise; shooter survival mode.

Best VPNs for Fortnite to Bypass the VPN Ban

All modes have got their own fan base. In several parts of the world, Fortnite is not available legally. Sometimes, the game shows an error like the server not responding, it is not available in your country, the use of VPN is prohibited, and the list goes on.

That is frustrating!

Isn’t it?

I feel so.

To enjoy the real entertainment of Fortnite, you need to find an excellent VPN service. There can be several questions arising after reading about the VPN importance of:

How does a VPN Work?

A VPN creates a virtual network exchanging your IP with another to ensure your usage of the services or games that are banned for your IPs. All this is one with your data secured.

How can a VPN Help Fortnite Lovers?

Imagine your favorite game stops working in your area due to government laws or legal actions. Entertainment will be over, and you’ll be left with less enjoyment.

There comes the VPN, a lifesaver for the situation.

If the earth’s corner you’re living in doesn’t allow Fortnite servers to stream gaming, VPN will lift the ban by synchronizing your IP with an IP where Fortnite is not banned.

How does a VPN work

Is that All? What can a VPN Do?

No, not at all. A VPN makes you stream gaming seamlessly, and you get your data secured, too. Your searches and the sites you visit will not be recorded. 😀

Another question; which VPN would work exceptionally well to bypass the Fortnite nightmare ban?

(Top 6) Best VPNs for Fortnite to Bypass the VPN Ban

There are plenty of VPN services available, but the best ones are a few. Presenting you the list of best VPNs available at the moment to enjoy Fortnite with no errors:

1. ExpressVPN


Top recommendation by the PRO gamers and sites like Solid security with minimal server downtime. 256-bit AES encryption gives a strong layer of protection and has servers in 90+ countries, letting you stream Fortnite at its best. 24/7 live support is right there for you if any issue appears, including connectivity issues. They’ve got a 30-day money-back guarantee, too, if it doesn’t work fine with Fortnite.

2. NordVPN

If you want to stream Fortnite in the best resolution possible, NordVPN is for you. Their servers are blazing fast, and the data load is not much. Can bypass the Fornite ban as well as other major services banned. With great speed comes excellent security is their vision.


They use graded military security, making your data travel safely. The kill switch gives access to block Fortnite servers’ internet access whenever the connection is lost, making them unable to recognize a BYPASS.

Similar to ExpressVPN, they’ve 24/7 customer service to assist you. In addition, they’ve got optimized apps for both; Android and Apple lovers.

3. VyprVPN


With unlimited content access, bandwidth issues, 70+ global server locations, no shady 3rd parties, and much more, VyprVPN makes Fortnite gaming fun.

4. CyberGhost

A reputed service released in 2004, one of the top-notch VPN service providers across the globe. The salient features of their service include:

  • One tap Bypass: Just tapping the connect button bypasses the VPN ban.
  • Best Location Servers: Depending on the location selected (where Fortnite works file), you’ll get the best server in milliseconds.


After 15+ years of the name in the market, Cyberghost has built a reputation of trust. Although CyberGhost has fewer server locations than its rivals, the countries where Fortnite works fine are available in the list. An interesting fact is that they’ve got most of their servers in Europe, and Fortnite would perform smoothly in Europe.

5. IPVanish

The perfect option for the users looking for a lightweight solution to bypass the ban to enjoy Fortnite. Some salient features are best location servers, one-tap bypass, robust security, and minimal connection lost ratio.

If connectivity issues appear, 24/7 live chat is available, but the response time is slow compared to its rivals.


IPVanish is one of the most specific VPN services that can be used to bypass bans placed by the services. I tested for Fortnite, and the results were satisfactory.

6. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN has got excellent security and speed. With just 75 servers across 60 countries, it offers above-than-average rates with no lag during gaming.

Like its rivals, it is available on various operating systems, including Android & iOS. It works globally, but the service stops in China and its premises.


Their customer support is well-organized. A faster response time is observed on business days, while you can expect a longer response time on weekends. If complex problems are encountered, customer support can remotely take over your device and provide a live solution.

Sometimes, the data transfer rate becomes unstable due to a limited server network.

Choosing the BEST VPN Services For FORTNITE –

Selecting the BEST from the BEST can take time. We’ve already gone through the best VPN services available, but how to choose the one that will multiply your Fortnite Fun? Here are some points that are going to help you in selecting the best service to Bypass bans and stream Fortnite:

So how to Choose the BEST VPN Service?

There are hundreds of VPN service providers across the internet. A few of them are free and have limited features, while the paid VPN services are reliable and loaded with many features. But due to the vast number of VPN providers, it becomes hectic to go and choose the best one.

Here we have listed a few checkpoints you must closely look at. When it comes to choosing a VPN service, you need to consider these:


Budget is the first question to ask while buying a service. Prioritize your money or savings and finalize what amount you can owe to make Fortnite a FUN.

Finalized the budget?

Now, go to the next checkpoint.

Server Locations:

Every VPN provider has various server locations where your virtual private network will operate, letting you bypass the Fortnite VPN ban.

Go with the services having locations near your country/area where Fortnite has no issues.

Low Downtime:

About VPN, server locations are where the actual magic takes place. Before you choose a VPN provider, check customer reviews and feedback about their server downtime. If there is no negative feedback or a deficient proportion of customers complaining about rest, checkout, and enjoy Fortnite with the VPN you chose.

Customer Support:

A glitch in the system can cause connectivity issues, stopping your love for Fortnite. Customer support can help you in that situation. However, critical and technical issues can appear, too. To overcome the problem, you should use VPN services with 24/7 and responsive customer support.


Using a VPN means risking your data online at a virtually created network. Solid security is needed in this case. A few VPN services provide 128-bit while most of them are upgrading to provide 256-bit encryption for the data risked. Go with the latter one.

Bottom Line:

Gaming is love, and everything is fair in love, I guess. If Fortnite bans your country or the country doesn’t allow them to operate, you have to spend a few bucks and bypass the situation with a VPN. Choose any VPN services listed above and enjoy Fortnite as much as possible. Happy Shooting 😀


  1. Absolutely, “Gaming is love.”
    Spending a few bucks is worth it if you want the game and bypass the ban. Thanks for sharing this excellent post.