Most often, the west coast is thought of first when it comes to hubs for the tech industry. However, the east coast has a great hub of its own: Tech Valley, which includes the Capital Region, Adirondacks and North Country, Hudson Valley, and Mohawk Valley.

The heart of Tech Valley is in Albany, New York, which is often cited as the best place to live in the state. If you’re in the market for a tech job, this city is a great fit. Much like the industry itself, Tech Valley is constantly growing and offering new opportunities. The next time you’re looking at Albany houses for sale, check out these tech companies in the area.

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A very notable company in Albany is IBM, whose research facility is located on the SUNY Polytechnic Institute campus. The Research AI Hardware Center is focused on advancing the development of computing chips and systems for artificial intelligence, often building AI systems from the ground up. Researchers from the facility specifically were part of creating IBM Cloud Functions, IBM Kubernetes Service, Multicloud Manager, and Key Protect.


GlobalFoundries is a key player in the Valley, a semiconductor manufacturer with a global footprint. It produces chips for more than 7% of the $86 billion semiconductor manufacturing services industry.  These chips are designed for use in the automotive, industrial, mobility, and computing, and wired connectivity industries. It focuses on individual growth opportunities for employees and offers several career paths that include routes for students, veterans, professional, technical, apprenticeship, and re-entry opportunities.

Tokyo Electron Ltd

Tokyo Electron Ltd. has a facility in Albany that does R&D for semiconductor production equipment. TEL itself is known for its supply of equipment to fabricate integrated circuits, flat panel displays, and photovoltaic cells. It has a global workforce of over 10,000 employees and uses a 360-degree approach to make sure every individual’s learning style is addressed. It holds interactive classes, on-the-job training, and formal programs that are led by certified technical experts.


Digimarc is the creator of the Digimarc Platform and Digimarc Barcode. These digital watermarks enable objects to be identified with the end goal of reducing food and plastic waste and manufacturing errors, protecting the authenticity of products, and encouraging consumer engagement. Much of the technology’s algorithms are modeled on aspects of human cognition and sensory perception. Digimarc looks to transform how consumer goods are bought, sold, and recycled. It supports employee involvement in the community and has a Fun Committee, which assembles entertaining employee activities.

Carousel Industries

Carousel Industries provides IT consulting, as well as management and integration services to help companies work securely. It provides integrated cloud communications, security, managed devices, connectivity, and advanced technology solutions. Carousel looks for team members who are eager problem solvers who will work with clients and fellow teammates alike to form solutions to the most technological needs and problems. They promote spirited team events and also value the individual’s contribution when it comes to the over 6,000 nationwide clients they serve.