The popularity of Bitcoin and very optimistic forecasts regarding its further growth and new all-time highs give reason to think about the sources of obtaining Bitcoin.

Perhaps everyone who was at least superficially interested in cryptocurrency has heard of mining. This is the most famous but rather specific and far from the easiest way to get Bitcoin. Bitcoin is much easier to buy or earn than regular money. Note that “simpler” is not the same as “faster” or “more.”

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Cloud Mining

The time when Bitcoin could be mined on a home computer is irrevocably gone. Now, this requires very powerful computing equipment and special software. Hardware mining consumes a lot of energy; a specially equipped room is needed to place the power. Single mining is too expensive, and now this process has transformed into the cloud. The main challenge in this process is finding a reliable service where you can join the mining community.

Trading BTC on the Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is the fastest way to get any amount of Bitcoin that you are willing to invest in. Buying a whole coin, and even more so several is extremely problematic for most network users due to the high cost of the asset. There are hundreds of custodial and non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet, and the Bitcoin position is available in the cryptocurrency list price at each of them. After purchasing a certain amount of cryptocurrency, you can try your hand at trading. That being said, remember that all cryptocurrencies are high-risk assets, and their prices are unpredictable and highly volatile. Invest in digital currency trading exactly as much as you are theoretically ready to lose without putting yourself at risk of financial disaster.

Freelance Exchanges with Bitcoin Payments

Selling your services for cryptocurrency is a completely logical way to make money. First of all, it is suitable for specialists who can work remotely.

Selling Physical Goods or Services Offline

If you are a business owner, then you can add the ability to settle in BTC to the existing payment methods.


This is a relatively new way to get cryptocurrency. Some trading platforms return a portion of the purchase price in Bitcoin. To receive cashback, you need to install a special browser extension or an application for a mobile device. This method is best suited for those who often use the services of such sites.


There are games of different genres on the network, where rewards are paid in Bitcoin for reaching certain stages, more precisely in Satoshi (for reference: 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin). Among them are stock exchange trading simulators, quizzes, chases, and others. This way of making money will appeal to gamers. Most of the games are designed for mobile devices.

Partnership Programs

The system of referral links on the Internet has existed for a long time. It works like this:

  • You register in the affiliate program.
  • Enter the address of your cryptocurrency wallet.
  • The service generates a unique referral link.
  • You post it on your blog, on social media pages, send it to interested people in the messenger – there are many ways to share a link.
  • When a new user follows your link to the service, you receive a reward.

This can be a one-time payment or regular transfers, the amount of which depends on the activity of your referrals. For example, it can be payments from each transaction XMR to PIVX exchange and other swaps performed by your referral. Affiliate programs are provided on many cryptocurrency exchanges, including LetsExchange.

These are not all the ways to receive Bitcoin, regularly or occasionally, in larger or smaller amounts. But none of them guarantee that in a matter of days, you will wake up a millionaire. Cryptocurrency behaves, in general, the same way as usual fiat money. It is real to earn it, and earnings depend on the value of your offer, your efforts, and a bit of luck.