Black Friday is around the corner, without any doubt, the best time to tick those items you have on your wishlist for a long time. During the Black Friday period, brands offer heavy discounts on their products, especially in the online market. Some deals on the products are so irresistible that you can not miss them. In this article, we will be talking about two of the most amazing offerings from Black Shark that are going to be on a very heavy discount. The two products that we are talking about are Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds and Black Shark Mako M1 dual-mode wireless/wired gaming mouse.

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So if you are planning to get your hands on either of the products, well, your wait is over now. From the 15th of November to the 21st of November, both of the mentioned products are going to be on exclusive Black Friday deals. In this article, you will get all the details regarding the products and how to avail the offer at its best.

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All the Details You Need to Know About the Products & How to Avail Offer

Black Shark is a well-known brand that specializes in and designs outstanding gaming products. Among those products are the Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds and Black Shark Mako M1 dual-mode wireless/wired gaming mouse. Both of these products come on the top in their respective category. Both the products have received a positive response and huge demand from the people. In this section, we will be taking a look at both the products, their specification, and their features as we have already mentioned that from the 15th of November to the 21st of November, as a part of Black Friday, there are going to be huge discounts on Black Shark products. Not only these two products, but during this time period, you can get amazing deals on other Black Shark Products as well.

Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds

The demand for Wireless Earbuds is more than ever, and you can get wireless earbuds in a variety of price ranges. Each person has their own preferences when it comes to earbuds, and gamers want the best possible low latency, some people wish to earbuds that give you the best calling experience, while some want a great battery on causal listening, some want superior sound quality while some want a budget-friendly option. Considering all the factors majority of the wireless earbuds fail to deliver all those demands. However, Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds is an exception. It is the closet earbuds that can fulfill all the user demands considering their price. Wondering Why? Let’s see.


1. 55ms Ultra-low Latency

Black Shark Products especially targets gamers, and when it comes to wireless gaming earbuds, the very first preference is the best possible low latency. During gameplay, the sound plays a very important role; the higher the latency is, the bad the gaming experience will be. Talking of Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds, once the game mode is activated, the Ultra-low Latency comes to an action that minimizes the latency to 55ms, which syncs the audio and video at its best. This is very helpful in royal battle games as you can react much faster when it comes to spot, fire, and attack enemies.

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2. Expertly Tuned Audio

Now putting the latency aside, the next major aspect of TWS earbuds is how it performs in terms of sound output. Well, you do not have to worry about the sound quality because Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds have been tuned very well. Apart from the game mode, there is a dedicated music mode that tunes the audio output to give you the best possible music experience to your ears. All thanks to its large 10mm drivers that you do not normally find in the budget price range.


3. Oversized 10mm Drivers

As mentioned above, the Lucifer T1 Bluetooth earphones derive their sound output from large and quality 10mm dynamic drivers. These 10mm dynamic driver gives you crisp details, good soundstage with impressive lows and highs. The deep bass and vibrant frequency make it suitable for EDM and Pop genres, and you get sound with ultra-realistic depth.
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4. 35-Hour Play Time

To give you that outstanding sound with an unbreakable connection, a TWS Earbuds needs a powerful battery. A battery that lasts at least a day. On a single charge, Lucifer T1 Bluetooth earphones can easily give you 3.5 hours of full-on enjoyment. With the charging case, the playtime can be extended for up to 35 hours. In addition to that, the case comes with a USB-C port and a cable so that you charge the case faster.

5. Bluetooth 5.2 Technology

By now, we have talked a lot about the sound output now; let’s talk about the connectivity. Without good connectivity, no wireless buds are good, no matter how good sound or features it has. Thankfully with Lucifer T1 Bluetooth earphones, you get the latest and best-in-class Bluetooth 5.2 support. This means you get an unbreakable and fast connection between your device.

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6. Crystal-Clear Built-in Mic

Calling quality is most of the time missed by the people when considering TWS earphones which can result in nig mistake. A lot of wireless earbuds in the budget price are known to have poor calling quality. The Black Shark Lucifer T1 wireless earbuds come with 4 microphones (2 per earbud) that enhances voice pick-up a lot better. The mics also filter out background noise so that you can have more clear communication.

Black Shark Mako M1 Dual-Mode Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse

Another impressive offering from Black Shark is their striking Black Shark Mako M1 Dual-mode Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse. Be it the looks or the features, and this gaming mouse is certainly very appealing. Mako M1 Dual-mode gaming mouse is unlike other gaming mouse features an asymmetrical design that gives prevents uneven and uncomfortable grip. The honeycomb design gives you a firm grip and removes any sort of tension between the mouse and your hands. Overall looks and RGB lighting give this gaming mouse a unique ergonomic touch. Now let’s go through all of its major features one by one.


1. Wireless/Wired Dual-Mode Design

One of the biggest highlights of the Mako M1 Dual-mode Gaming Mouse is that it features both Wired and Wireless modes. This really comes in very handy in case of any issues with the wireless connectivity. The wired mode is excellent for getting that unbeatable low latency, and you get a 71-Inch USB-C high-quality braided cable, so no compromise in the build quality. The Wireless mode is not less by any means, and in fact, it gets to head to head when it comes to the low latency thanks to the 2.4G wireless mode.

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2. Two Swappable Back Shells

The Mako M1 comes with two swappable Black Shells 90g each, and you can choose either of them. Both the shells have their own design and importance. The solid shell is pretty sleek and gives you a more of a professional touch. While the honeycomb shells are for your gaming, the honeycomb design gives you a powerful grip so that you can react quickly during gaming.

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3. Dynamic RGB Lighting & 6 Customizable Buttons

A gaming mouse without RGB lighting does not really feel like a gaming mouse. Thankfully Mako M1 features a stunning display of RGB lighting that enhances the overall looks of your gaming gear. You can choose between 10 different RGB lighting effects and 6 DPI color indicators for further personalized customization. More importantly, the mouse comes with  6 fully programmable buttons. You can customize all the settings after installing the Support driver, which is currently limited to windows os only.

4. 10K DPI Optical Sensor

Now the most important thing that makes the gaming mouse a gaming mouse is the DPI levels. Mako M1 Dual-mode Gaming Mouse features PMW3325 optical sensor and 6 default DPI Levels (500/1000/1500/2000/3000/5000). If that is not enough, you can further set DPI levels up to 10K DPI using its software. In addition to that, Mako M1, Dual-mode Gaming Mouse is also equipped with the 100IPS, 20G ACC, and a 1000 Hz refresh rate. So all in, you will get superior gaming speed, quick and accurate response.

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How to Avail Offer: Pricing & Discount

By now we have talked about both the products in detail we have seen all the features, specification and why are both the products worth buying. With that in mind, in this section, you will get all the details regarding the pricing and offer.

Black Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless Earbuds is currently priced at $29.99. However, with a 10% coupon + 10% code (O3S2C2A5), the price is reduced to $23.99. Also, make sure that the validity of the code is from Nov. 15 till Nov. 21.

Black Shark Mako M1 dual-mode wireless/wired gaming mouse as of now is priced at $23.99. However, with a 10% coupon + 10% code (3R3JVPH3), the price comes down to $19.19. Keep in mind that the validity of the code is from Nov. 15 till Nov. 21.

Product NameBlack Shark Lucifer T1 Wireless EarbudsBlack Shark Mako M1 Dual-Mode Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse
Current Price$29.99$23.99
Price with 10% Coupon + 10% Code$23.99$19.19
Code ValidityNov 15 – Nov 21Nov 15 – Nov 21

Now that we are at the end of this article, we conclude that both the products from Black Shark are valued for money products. With this black Friday offering, the prices become more irresistible, so if you are planning to buy either of the product, this is a perfect time.

Hopefully, this article has given you important insights into the products. Thank you!

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