Whether you are on a long journey somewhere, or you are working on something, or maybe you have had a stressful day. Music can help you a lot in keeping your mind calm and maintaining focus. To listen to music you need a piece of tech that is decent enough to not only produce a good sound quality but marks all the bare minimum requirements. Over the past few years, the demand for Wireless Earphones has been significantly increased. And since you are on this post surely you are looking for a product that fits into your budget and ticks all your requirements. Well, there is one product that not only packs all the minimum requirements but includes a set of premium features too. Today in this post we will be talking about the all-new Blackview Airbuds 3.

Blackview Airbuds 3

ProductTWS Earbuds
Brand NameBlackview
Model NameAirbuds 3

About Blackview

Blackview is an emerging brand that designs and builds tech products. Be it smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, PCs, or wireless earbuds they deal in all of them. The brand has made its name by providing quality products and phenomenal customer support. There each and every product is tailored to give a very satisfying user experience; especially the product that we are talking about today.

Features & Specifications of Blackview Airbuds 3

The trend of wireless earphones has taken an exponential leap. Similar to smartphones you can find wireless earphones at various price ranges. The Budgets range has always been a battlefield for products and wireless earphones are no exception.

Choosing one product from hundreds of products can be a difficult decision to make. And even if you decide on a product most of the time it is not up to the mark. However, when it comes to Wireless earphones/earbuds Blackview Airbuds 3 is one of those products that stand out because of its premium features and specifications list. Blackview Airbuds 3 is a successor to the Blackview Airbuds 3 which has been greatly admired by all the users that have bought it.

Blackview Airbuds 3

Below we have talked about all the features and specification that totally makes this product your best pick.

What’s In the Box?

So when it comes to the unboxing you get a white packaged box with branding and a picture of the Blackview Airbuds 3. The box has transparent plastic film wrapped around it.

Blackview Airbuds 3

Once you open the box, the first thing you will get is a little pouch with a user guide in it. After keeping the user guide at the side you will see two things the earbuds and the charging cable. This is pretty much it. Now let’s talk about all the specifications of the earbuds themselves as well as the charging case.

Blackview Airbuds 3

1. In-Hand Impression and Design

In-hand FeelPremium
Build QualityPlastic
Colour AvailabilityWhite
Water-ResistantYes, IPX7

The Charging Case: The moment you hold the case in your hand the very first impression you will get is that it feels pretty comfortable to hold in hands. There is a Blackview branding on the front. The size of the case is not too big and it is rather small. It can easily fit into a jeans pocket and is very easy to carry. Talking of the Build quality there is no denying that it feels premium in hands even after being a budget range product. The build is sturdy and the white gloss design really attracts you. The opening and closing feedback of the case is also very satisfying too.

The Earbuds: Once you open the case you will see the earbuds themselves. Pulling them out and holding them will surely remind you of Apple earbuds. The design is very great with the same glossy white design. You will see the microphone, extra air passing vent, and the speakers. The stem is also not very long, all in all, the product looks stunning and feels very premium.

2. In-Ear Comfort

Weight (Buds)3g each
Design Half in-ear design
Air PermeabilityYes

Now let’s talk about one of the major factors that concern a lot of people and that is the comfort of buds in-ear. If the earbuds do not feel comfortable then it does not matter how good the sound quality or features of the earbuds have.

However, once you put Blackview Airbuds 3 in your ears you will instantly feel that they fit accurately in your ears. Unlike the silicons tipped earbuds these earphones are much more comfortable and liked by the mass userbase.

The half in-ear design of Airbuds 3 contains air permeability as well which allows the flow of air and you will not feel any pressure while listening to songs. The weight also is very light and you can wear them and listen to songs and music for very long intervals of time.

2. Ports and LED Indication

Charging PortType-C
LED IndicatorYes

On the charging case right where you see the branding, you will see a small dot. The dot is actually a LED indicator for notifying you about charging etc. When it comes to the charging port you will find it at the bottom of the case. Thankfully the charging port is Type-C which you do not see often around the price range. Unlike many other charging cases, there is no button located anywhere on the charging case.

3. Sound Quality

Dynamic Driver Size13 mm
Dynamic Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz
Stereo SoundYes

Now the moment that you are eagerly waiting for is here let’s talk about the sound quality of these earbuds. First thing first, these buds come with massive 13mm dynamic drivers which to be honest you will not find even in super-expensive earbuds also.

For those who do not know about the drivers well, these are directly responsible for your sound output and quality. The larger the driver unit the better the sound output. Usually, around Blackview Airbuds 3 price range, you get earbuds that contain driver units somewhere from 6mm to 10mm.

Blackview Airbuds 3

Now let’s begin with the bass, most of the earbuds in the budget price range tend to distort the bass at full volume. But no matter whether your volume is half or full you get a deep bass output on these buds which is very satisfying. The highs can are very sharp and clear same goes with the lows. The mids are satisfying but not as clear as the highs and lows.

Lastly, the buds are coupled with the DSP noise cancellation technology which cancels all the major noise around you. As far as the phone calls are considered you get a very clear and nice experience.

4. Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity (Case)220mAh
Charging Time (Case)<2hrs
Battery Backup (Airbuds 3)About 5hrs
Charging Time (Airbuds 3)<1.5hrs
Battery TypeLi-ion Polymer

To listen to songs wirelessly and to deliver a powerful sound with nice bass you need earbuds with a nice battery backup. Talking of the battery and charging specification the capacity of the case is 220mah while the capacity of the buds is 30mah. So you can easily expect around 6-7 full charges for buds.

Blackview Airbuds 3

The charging time of the case ranges around 2hrs or less, by now you already know that the case supports the USB type-C which is again a great deal. The charging time of buds ranges from 1.5hrs or less. On a complete charge of the buds, you can expect around 5 hours of battery backup. That means you can continuously listen to songs, watch movies or videos easily for around 5 hours.

5. Touch Controls

Now let’s talk about touch control features. The earbuds can be easily operated through touch control once you put them into the ears. Below is the table of all the controls that you can use.

Blackview Airbuds 3

OperationL AirbudsR Airbuds
Play/PauseClick TwiceClick Twice
Next SongClick 3 TimesClick 3 Times
ReplyClick TwiceClick Twice
Hang UpClick TwiceClick Twice
RefuseLong Press for 2 SecondsLong Press for 2 Seconds
Voice AssistantLong Press for 2 SecondsLong Press for 2 Seconds
ResetClick 4 TimesClick 4 times

6. Pairing & Connectivity

Bluetooth Version5.1
Bluetooth Frequency2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Bluetooth Transmission ModulationA2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
Bluetooth Effective Distance10m

Now let’s talk about the connectivity, Blackview Airbuds 3 comes with a fast and powerful Bluetooth 5.1 which surely you will not see often under the price range. You can experience no hindrance or connectivity issues within a 10m distance.

Blackview Airbuds 3

Below we have also given the steps to connect the buds with your smartphone.

  • STEP 1. Take out the Earbuds and let the case remain open
  • STEP 2. Head to smartphone Bluetooth settings, turn Bluetooth on
  • STEP 3. Under the Available Devices look for Airbuds 3
  • STEP 4. Tap on it to Pair, once paired you can listen to songs now

7. Pricing and Discount

Let’s talk about the pricing. By now you have gone through each specification in the detail. The product looks premium, has great comfort, produces a very nice sound output and the connectivity is on par. With all such things, the product is priced very reasonably at $49.99. However, if you visit the official product page right now you will get these buds at $10 off and the final price will be $39.99.

Original PricePrice after DiscountTotal Price Off
Final Words:

Buying a TWS earphone can be hard when you have so many options to choose from. While some products feature a nice build quality, battery backup, or connectivity some features a very rich sound and comfort. Finding a product that has all the things is not that easy. Today we have talked about Blackview Airbuds 3 is a TWS earbud that is a perfect balance for features, sound quality, controls and build.

Hopefully, by now all your confusions, doubts and question regarding the product has been cleared.