In today’s fast-paced world, having access to a reliable source of power is essential. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a frequent traveller, a portable power station can provide you with the necessary energy to power your devices and appliances on the go. Portable power stations have revolutionized the way we stay connected, work remotely, and enjoy outdoor activities. One of the leading brands in the portable power station industry is BLUETTI, and they have recently launched their latest AC60 & B80 power stations.

Bluetti AC60&B80 Power Station

These new models offer even more features and capabilities than their previous versions, making them a must-have for anyone in need of a dependable power source. With high power output, multiple charging options, and long battery life, these power stations are perfect for a wide range of applications, from camping trips to emergency backup power for your home or business. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the latest AC60 & B80 power stations so impressive and why they are worth considering for your next adventure or power outage.

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BLUETTI, a renowned name in the clean energy industry, has been dedicated to providing innovative and efficient green energy storage solutions for over a decade. Specializing in both indoor and outdoor applications, they offer a diverse range of products, including solar generators, portable power stations, and solar panels, to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Their mission is to create a sustainable future by fostering the widespread adoption of eco-friendly energy solutions for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.

Throughout the years, BLUETTI has consistently adhered to its vision of promoting a sustainable future by delivering high-quality green energy storage options for a variety of uses, both indoors and outdoors. Having expanded its footprint to more than 70 countries, the company has garnered the trust of millions of customers worldwide. Driven by a relentless commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, BLUETTI continues to push the boundaries of renewable energy technology and plays a crucial role in making clean energy accessible to people across the globe.

BLUETTI AC60 Power Station

BLUETTI AC60 Power Station

How about a power station that offers adaptability and expandable capacity to cater to varying requirements across diverse situations? Well, this is exactly what BLUETTI AC60 solar generator is all about.

The BLUETTI AC60 solar generator, featuring a 600W inverter and a 403Wh LFP battery, offers the option to integrate a B80 capacity booster for enhanced performance.

Boasting a compact design (11.4 x 8.1 x 9.2 inches) and a lightweight frame (18.9 lbs), the AC60 is easily portable, making it ideal for outdoor activities. This versatile generator is equipped with an array of seven outlets, including two AC outputs, a USB-C port with up to 100W Power Delivery, a cigarette lighter port, a pair of USB-A ports, and a wireless charging pad, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Additionally, the AC60 is designed with a 600W pure sine wave inverter, which can support devices up to 1200W for brief periods when operating in its Power Lifting Mode, providing users with added flexibility and convenience.

Impressive Features of the BLUETTI AC60 Power Station –

1. Fully Competent in a Compact Form:

Designed for outdoor escapades, the AC60 is a versatile solar generator suitable for all weather conditions, providing 600W of energy from its 403Wh LFP battery, expandable to 2,015Wh. Boasting rapid charging capabilities, it ensures a sustained power supply during extended stays in nature.

2. Perfect Companion for Outdoor Adventures:

Recharge Your Outdoor Adventures with BLUETTI's New Expandable Power AC60 & B80

Designed for Outdoor Endeavors, Weighing just 8.6kg and boasting an IP65 rating, the AC60 is ready to join you on any journey, even in the most demanding environments. With rapid charging and adaptable capacity, power limitations will never hinder your progress. Venture farther with this dependable energy source.

3. Dust & Water-Resistant:

BLUETTI's AC60&B80 power stations

Effortlessly ward off sand, dust, and debris, ensuring the device remains protected during beach outings, camping, and overland trips. With resistance to water splashes, enjoy water sports without any worries.

4. Weather-Proof:

Endure all environmental factors through thoughtfully engineered construction.

5. Power Up All Your Gadgets:

Power Up All Your Gadgets

Boasting a 600W output, the AC60 can energize a wide range of outdoor necessities, extending your enjoyment for hours on end. This includes devices like ice makers, blenders, car fridges, fans, and much more.

6. Enhanced Safety & Durability:

Utilizing the highly secure LiFePo4 battery at its core, the AC60 boasts an extended lifespan and increased durability. In conjunction with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), it operates efficiently while minimizing safety risks.

7. Small Yet Powerful:

Small Yet Powerful

With an output range beginning at 600W and reaching up to 1200W, the AC60 allows you to experience outdoor adventures while maintaining the conveniences of home. It can power 9 appliances at a given moment, such as ice makers, refrigerators, compact blenders, mini rice cookers, and electric blankets, as well as smaller devices like lamps, phones, and laptops.

8. Power Lifting Mode:

The AC60 can operate high-powered appliances up to 1200W, particularly resistive equipment like electric grills, hair dryers, kettles, and more.

9. 600W Rapid Charging:

Equipped with an effective BMS (Battery Management System), the AC60 can recharge from 0% to 80% in just 45 minutes and reach full capacity in a mere 1.2 hours.

10. Various Charging Methods:

Various Charging Methods

Four ways to recharge the AC60 for long-lasting battery life.

  • Through Generator – 600W Max. Fully Charged in 1.2 Hrs.
  • 12V/24V Car Charging – 200W Max. Fully Charged in 3.5 Hrs.
  • Solar Charging – 200W Max. Fully Charged in 3.5 Hrs.
  • AC Charging – 600W Max. Fully Charged in 1.2 Hrs.

11. Convenient Phone Control:

With the BLUETTI App, you can effortlessly monitor the AC60’s status, manage to charge and recharge, and adjust settings – all from the comfort of your couch.

12. Salient Capability:

The AC60 offers three charging modes: silent mode (160W), standard mode (255W), and turbo mode (600W). Additionally, the AC60 is capable of solar charging up to 200W and is compatible with various solar panels beyond BLUETTI’s PV120/PV200/PV200 models.

BLUETTI B80 Extended Battery

BLUETTI AC60 Power Station

In addition to the AC60, BLUETTI has unveiled the B80 extended battery. This 806Wh battery shares the AC60’s IP65 rating and employs the same dependable LFP cells with a cycle life exceeding 3,000 cycles. It comes with the same six-year warranty as the AC60 and can expand its capacity up to 2,015Wh. B80 serves as a power bank for other BLUETTI solar generators like EB3A, EB70, EB70S and AC180 through aviation to DC7909 cable.

As a standalone DC power source, the B80 features three DC ports: USB-A, USB-C, and a cigarette lighter. With its 806Wh capacity, it can charge a smartphone up to 43 times, a laptop up to 10 times, and power light for over 60 hours. The B80 can be recharged independently or when connected to the AC60, supporting AC adapters and 200W solar charging via a standard PV charge cable included in the package. The T200 adapter can be obtained separately from BLUETTI. Additionally, the B80 can act as a power bank for other BLUETTI solar generators such as the EB3A, EB70, EB70S, and AC180 using aviation to DC7909 cable.

Salient Features of BLUETTI B80 Extended Battery –

  • B80 Battery has an 806Wh Capacity.
  • An Add-on To AC60 – For Larger Capacity.
  • A standalone Powerbank – With outputs/inputs.
  • IP65-rated water resistant & dustproof.
  • Safe & durable LiFePo4 battery cells.
  • DC outlets: USB-C, USB-A, car cigarette lighter port.
  • Charge via solar panels and car.
  • Adaptable Capacity for Extended Duration.
So, Why Wait? Unlock More Possibilities with BLUETTI AC60

Final Words:

Portable power stations are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, reliability, and versatility. With the latest launch of BLUETTI’s AC60 & B80 power stations, users can now enjoy even longer playtime in the wild, thanks to their impressive power output and extended battery life. This means more happy times and added peace of mind in the open air.

Moreover, these power stations are perfect for upping your camping game, as they make it so easy to have a barbecue, live music, or even a movie theatre during your camping trip. Overall, investing in a portable power station like BLUETTI’s latest models can make a significant difference in your outdoor experiences, as well as your everyday life in case of power outages.

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