Directv Now, also known as DTV, now is a television streaming subscription. DTV now is owned by AT&T, which is the largest telecommunication around the world. Started in 2016, DTV’s subscribers subsequently grew to a massive number of 1.6 million in January 2019. In this Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now article, we will be discussing the topic “Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now.”

Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now

Direct tv now is in collaboration with major international tv channels around the world, such as Disney, MLB, FOX, and Viacom. Coupled with that, they also provide HBO and showtime for a small additional fee with which you get access to “HBO Go” and “Showtime On Demand”.

They ended their agreement with Viacom over a dispute and dropped all Viacom channels in March 2019 temporarily.

Compatible Devices with DirecTV Now –

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Here is a List of Compatible Devices:

Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now

  1. TV: In television, you can connect DirecTV Now with Chromecast, Amazon fire stick Roku or Apple TV.
    *Note: Make sure that your Apple TV is of 4th generation or more.
  2. Mobile Phones: In Mobile phones, Directv Now supports Android Chromecast and IOS.
  3. Browsers: Directv Now supports both Safari and Windows internet explorer.
    *Note: For best experience keep your Safari updated with the 8th version or more and your internet explorer with the 50th version or more.

(Revealed) Can you Record Shows on Directv Now?

Yes, by all means, it is very much possible to record shows on Directv Now. Directv Now has introduced a cloud-based video recording system to emphasise more on giving a genuinely excellent tv viewing experience to its users. Also, Directv Now has launched “True Cloud DVRBETA” where you can record shows or even a whole series and skip through commercials.

directv now

Features Provided in DirecTV Now Recording –

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  • Record as many shows as your heart desire upto 20 hours of space per subscription.
  • Also, you can schedule a recording on one device and watch it on another.
  • Not only that, but you can also record something about to air by scheduling a recording earlier.
  • Get timely alerts before a recording expires.
  • Store your favourite shows for up to 30 days.
  • You can record a show from a device, browsing carousel or the guide.

Aren’t all these features just amazing? They open a whole new avenue of entertainment for a Directv Now user.

Coupled with that there are features of adding a library of your watch list, and likewise, you can quickly delete any of items from that list. To do so, you can use any of the connected devices like your mobile phone, web browser, use the DirecTV Now app and you’re ready to go!



To summarise the success of Directv now is nearly impossible to describe in a single post. In a very short span of time, AT&T took DirecTV now to a greater height, and we can say that the success charts for DirecTV Now are not fading at least for the next decade. The hold of DirecTV Now in the United States has grown tremendously after the news of their working on a renewal agreement with KSL tv after an eight months long gap. so why wait? Get DirecTV NOW. So this is all about this Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now guiding article.

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Now hope you will get to know that Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now or not. & if you have still any query regarding this Can you Record Shows on DirecTV Now article or any other thing then do let us know through the below comment section.

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