In recent years, the auto and Electronics Industry has become more and more integrated. There are now driverless cars and an increasing number of both electric and hybrid cars on the road. People are expecting their vehicles to do more than ever before, and hopefully, reduce their carbon footprint while doing so. By cars relying more on the electronics industry, it’s interesting to see what the future holds for the combined companies. What will be the impact of these industries colliding?

Cars Steer Their Way into the Electronics Industry

(Guide) Cars Steer Their Way into the Electronics Industry

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car Stability

It can be a concern for some people how sustainable all these changes are. Yes, the demand is there now but what about the future? Will this influx in demand for more environmentally friendly, electric cars last? Well, in short, people will have to see. Electric car sales across Europe are booming and in the UK August 2018 saw a record high of electric car sales. If fuel prices continue to increase, this could potentially see a permanent rise in sales of more environmentally friendly cars – which is great for those designing and producing cars. Frustratingly, it’s hard to tell what the future trend will be at this current moment in time.


car Insurance

As car technology develops, there is a risk that they could be more expensive to insure. When comparing phone insurances, for instance, it becomes apparent that the newer model costs more to ensure. What happens when you take a look at cars? With a warranty for KIA, the buyer can have peace of mind they are insured if something were to go wrong with mechanical or electrical faults. It may cost more, but offers total protection and could potentially save hundreds of pounds in the future. It’s better to be safe than sorry and that feeling is priceless.

Car Technicians

Car Technicians

As technology and cars becoming more of an overlapping Electronics Industry, there is a possibility that the job role of a car mechanic could change. What was once changing parts in an engine, could suddenly become a whole new feat of engineering itself. This offers an exciting challenge for both old and new mechanics. Much like the two industries coming together and benefitting, so could this job. There is a whole world of new skills to be learned, internships to be had and key skills to be passed on. It is an exciting time to be involved in the Electronics Industry as there are so many possibilities that could happen.


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