Economic experts are professionals that can turn around the outcome of any case they lay hands on.  Although there’s no way to guarantee a claim will be won or lost, they can ensure that the judge and jury see all of the information they need to reach an informed decision.

Cases That an Economic Expert Can Help With

They can handle a large range of cases, from those dealing with employers to personal injury suits.  Here are some of the most common issues they address.

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Although this type of lawsuit is brought up a lot in popular culture, many people don’t fully understand what it means.  A libel lawsuit is caused when a defendant has defamatory things written and published about them.  This is usually in print like newspapers and books, although some are pushing for laws to include social media as well, which would turn these cases on their head.

In libel cases, an economic expert can turn around the issue and clarify what the defendant has lost from this defamation.  The monetary amount they land on is often what the victim will ask for in the lawsuit.

Car Accidents

There are many parts to car and truck accidents that an economic expert can lay hands on to help figure out the losses.  Usually, this comes from medical bills and the loss of work that can come with a car accident.  Many people in bad car accidents have to face a lot of financial trouble to get back to where they were in life before the accident.  An economic expert will go over each type of loss and help the victim come to a final number to request.


Discrimination can hurt both companies and the victim who’s been discriminated against.  An economic expert can help companies avoid this by discussing which options they should follow through while also being capable of instead standing on the victim’s side and showing what economic losses have occurred because of this discrimination.  It’s nothing that anyone wants to have to live through, but having the right help on your side can make it easier.

Wage and Hour Claims

If an employee feels like they’re not being paid what they’re worth: it can cost a lot of money and stress.  The threat of this lawsuit will often stop employers in their tracks and force them to pay employees what they’re worth.  If they refuse to, an economic expert can step in on behalf of the victim and calculate how much money was lost and how much they’re owed.  They’re most useful in class-action lawsuits where multiple employees are speaking out against an employer.


Assault is something that’s taxing physically, emotionally, and financially. Therefore, any battery against a person is something that should have to be resolved.  If a victim hires an economic expert, they can help the court see the financial impact this assault had on their lives and project out by a couple of years how much this has cost them in wages, therapy, and medical bills.