The notebook has become the new laptop with powerful RAM and processor with it. Here we have the new Cenava F14 Notebook. It comes in only white variant and comes with a price tag of $249 approximately. At this price tag you might be thinking this one as a simple Notebook, but in reality, it is just the opposite. It comes high bandwidth RAM coupled with good Intel processor. It also has got a massive battery, so you do not have to look for charging port while traveling. Below we have discussed the features and specifications this Cenava F14 notebook has to offer in more details.


CENAVA F14 Review

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(Buying Guide) Cenava F14 Review Notebook ‘Buy Now’ Offer Price

A similar design like a MacBook. Cenava F14 comes in the white color variant. The white, black color combo fits well with the notebook. At the rear side, there is little ventilation for heat to dissipate. On the back of the screen, you have the Cenava written on the top right corner. The ports and the jacks are placed nicely on both the sides of the device.

CENAVA F14 Review

At a Glance:

Memory64 GB eMMC with additional expandable storage space up to 64 GB using SD card
Processor & OSIntel Celeron N3450, Quad-core processor which is clocked at 1.1 GHz
Display14.1- inch TN display with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Battery9000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery with a usage time of 9 hours to 10 hours
CameraFront facing 0.3 MP web camera
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi and WLAN card
Ports3.5 mm headphone jack, a DC charging jack, mini HDMI port, an RJ-45 connector, a TF card slot and USB ports (1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0)

So here we are showing you everything about this Cenava F14 Notebook. So, you can get about it before buying it, and you can also get the best-discounted deal price from here too.

Cenava F14 Notebook Features & Specifications –

Cenava F14 Operating System (OS):

Cenava F14 notebook comes with the latest Windows operating system.

Cenava F14 Operating System

  • You get the latest Windows 10 operating system with the Cenava F14 device.
  • Offers easy to use User Interface and smooth experience
  • You get English and the Chinese language built-in with the operating You can download another language bundle from the Microsoft website over the internet.
  • Window 10 has its battery management application which can control battery consumed by application to increase battery life.

Cenava F14 Battery:

This Notebook comes with a large, powerful battery with the device.

  • You get a large 9000 mAh Li-ion polymer battery
  • The large battery can power your device at full charge for up to 10 hours
  • Due to its vast battery size, the Cenava F14 device at least requires a charging time of 6 hours to 7 hours for going 0 to 100%.

Cenava F14 Display:

The device comes with a full screen that has HD resolutions for a better view.

Cenava F14 Display

  • Screen Size: You get a 14.1- inch display with the Cenava F14 notebook.
  • Screen Resolution: The screen support full HD resolution. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Display Type: You get a TN display screen which has a good color contrast and a better view.

Cenava F14 Processor:

Moving to the hardware part of this notebook. This notebook comes with fast Intel processor with the device.

Cenava F14 Processor

  • Specs: Cenava F14 comes with Intel Celeron N3450 processor.
    • The processor has four cores (Quad-core) each of which are clocked at 1.1 GHz.
    • The processor is made using 14 nm technology which ensures less power consumption of 6W but offers maximum efficiency output.
    • The process has its own L2 2MB Cache memory for fast and smooth execution of any process.
  • Graphics: To support all the Graphical features and offer better frame rate you have a dedicated graphics card.
    • The device comes with dedicated Intel HD Graphics 500 GPU.
    • The graphics card operates at a frequency of 200 MHz.
    • You can play any casual games or watch movies at full HD resolution.

Cenava F14 Memory:

An essential part of any notebook is the internal storage space that is provided.

  • Internal Memory: As your internal storage space you get a fast eMMC flash memory.
    • You get 64 GB flash memory as your internal storage space.
    • You do not get the exact 64 GB as some space will be taken up with the operating
  • External Memory: If the internal storage space seems short, you have additional storage space through expandable external memory.
    • You get a TF card slot which supports SD card
    • You can expand storage with maximum storage space up to 64 GB.
  • RAM: To support the fast, multitasking processor, you need a big RAM, and that is what you get in this Notebook.
    • You get a 6 GB of DDR3 RAM
    • The high bandwidth RAM ensures better multitasking and hence reduces the load time.

Cenava F14 Camera:

When coming to Notebook or Laptop, the camera is not an essential component.

Cenava F14 Camera

  • You get a 0.3 MP as web camera which can be used for online video chatting.

Cenava F14 Ports & Connectivity:

To use this notebook to fullest, you get some set of wired as well as wireless connection.

Cenava F14 Ports & Connectivity

  • Ports: For all wired connection, this Notebook comes with a standard selection of ports and jacks.
    • You get a 3.5 mm headphone jack which acts as both audio and microphone jack.
    • An RJ-45 connector to connect your ethernet cable to connect to your LAN or your broadband to enjoy the unlimited fast internet.
    • A mini HDMI port to connect to another monitor. Now share the screen with your notebook or view the contents in better resolution display.
    • A TF card slot which supports SD to add additional storage space.
    • A DC charging jack to charge the notebook
    • Lastly, you got a set of USB ports. In the laptop, you have a USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0
  • Connectivity: Moving out of the wired connection that is available, you also get some set of wireless connections.
    • You get a Bluetooth 4.0 by which you can connect with all nearby Bluetooth enabled devices and share or transfer files and data with them.
    • The notebook supports Wi-Fi which is compatible with IEEE 802.11. The Wi-Fi operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
    • The notebook also comes with WLAN card. You can now create your hotspot and connect all your devices to a single network.

Cenava F14 Notebook Accessories:

To use all the features that are provided by the laptop you need to use some accessories with the device.

  • In the box, you get the Notebook, a charger to charge the device and a manual.
  • To make a home sound system, you can connect Bluetooth speakers to the Notebook and listen to your favorite music and songs.
  • As notebook is bulky, it is better to go for a laptop bag to carry the Notebook around as you travel.
  • You get a limit 3 USB port, if you have any external devices to connect to this notebook, you can go for a USB hub to increase the number of the USB port.
  • You can use the HDMI port to have dual screen settings. You can also use it to protect your laptop screen on a monitor with a bigger screen and higher resolution.
  • To expand the storage, you can go for SD card of class 10 type. As the device support external storage space of maximum 64 GB, be sure to buy SD card with memory not more significant than the specified limit.

Cenava F14 Pro & Cons:

Here we have made a list of all the features that we liked and disliked in this notebook.

  • Pros:
    • Large Full HD display.
    • Massive battery to last for a long time.
    • High bandwidth RAM coupled with the processor to give the best performance.
  • Cons:
    • Less storage space


Cenava F14 is indeed one of the unique notebooks available in the market. If you want a laptop with a more extensive RAM and powerful Processor, then this is something you can definitely go for. Because the device not only has fantastic features, but it also has a massive battery power of 9000 mAh which is an undeniable advantage over other similar products. As said, the lack of storage space is what brings it a little down. Nevertheless, it is worth every penny you spend. If you liked this notebook, go now and buy one for yourself.

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