In the current times, each and every moment and action of our lives is documented, captioned, put on the internet for the world to see and appreciate. One’s social movements, interactions, holidays are carefully captured for the whole friend list to see and be envious of. Amongst a range of selfie-takers at restaurants, there are a few who crave living beyond the ordinary. Also, there are a few who want a camera to be present and take shots that do not have to be orchestrated all the time. So here we are with the all-new CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition. So just check out and read the Review & Buying Guide & Features and Specifications and also do Grab the Best Discounted Offer Price from here below too.

CG010 AI Action Camera Overview

CG010 AI Review Action Camera

There are a few adventure freaks who look for the adrenaline rush in everything they do. Planning their next trip out based on the activity that they are going to do. The mountain they are going to climb, the waters they are going to explore. These are the people who live beyond the obvious and ordinary and crave the exquisite. These are the adventures, whose lives are filled with action! For them, everyday living doesn’t hold the wonders, as being one with nature and experiencing it in its true beauty and form does. And they require a camera that is as tough, bold, and daring as their own personalities. These are the people for whom action cameras are designed, and they understand its need and abilities like no one else.

What is an Action Camera?

An action camera is specifically a digital camera that is constructed to capture or record action while it is happening. These are designed like their typical owners, and a prototype action camera would be rugged, multifunctional, and adaptable. Action cameras are made in a way that the user has little or no contact with the camera as he/she would be immersed in the sport fully to handle it. These are mostly associated with people who partake in extreme or adventure sports which requires their complete dedication, determination, and confidence, which leave the user with absolutely no time to participate in the camera’s functioning. And most of these adventurers want to capture their actions with a camera for posterity or for their own use specifically to correctly understand their own behavior and tactics, which they might not have noticed while they were performing the action.

Action Camera

Once you have positioned yourself in this category, the next step is to get yourself a good action camera, which will sustain you through all your extreme adventures and also reap strikingly beautiful results. The market is filled with options on the variety of action cameras, but it is difficult to choose the one which fits into your box of a specification as each and every one of them come with their own distinctive, boast-worthy features, which seem indispensable at the moment of buying.

(Buying Guide) CG010 AI Review Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition Deal Price

After a thorough and rigorous market survey, it can be concluded that the CG010 Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition is the best available action camera in the market currently, owing to its excellent features and customer satisfaction ratings. Below are the unique characteristics of the CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition which makes it exemplary within the action camera market.

CG010 AI Design & Built:

Xiaomo Action Camera

The camera model created by CG010 is very lightweight, 0.0650 kg and the size of the camera is mini, 1.85 x 1.85 x 1.06 inches, the size of the lens: diameter: f2.2. It is even Wi-Fi-enabled within a range of 10m. Are you tired of finding the right camera angle and still failing to get the perfect shot? The CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition comes with a 360 degrees rotatable base and smoothly adjustable body which will give you a picture in any landscape and angle that you can think of, with its Omni bearing lens.

CG010 AI Hardware:

Xiaomo Action Camera Hardware

The CG010 Action Camera comes with a 1.35GHz quad-core Cortes A53 CPU and 8 GB ROM which gives it surprisingly higher speed and augmented driving power, for the camera to keep pace with the activities of its user. Now you will never blame your camera’s stillness for restricting you to get the perfect shot.

CG010 AI Magnetic Shock Absorption:

Xiaomo Action Camera Shock Absorption

Its magnetic absorption ability and PU sticker feature will give you access to various shooting angles, and you can now place your camera at any surface you like, and it will stick without the fear of falling and breaking. Just put the camera on a surface and let it do its job. With this action camera, you will have a lens shooting you from a pillar, a table, and even a wall!

CG010 AI Camera:

Xiaomo Action Camera Resolutions

The camera is credited with capturing photographs at the high-definition quality of 13 MP which has the ability to catch colors better and portray reality in its truest sense, with its high euphoric lens. The CG010 Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition is not confined to its uses as an action camera but can do wonders with shooting for beauty by enhancing it. Its features in the smart beauty shot allow the users to enhance facial intricacies by the whitening, removing blemishes, grinding skin.

Xiaomo Action Camera Beauty Mode

CG010 AI Recognize Gesture Intelligently:

Xiaomo Action Camera Guestures

The most fabulous and noteworthy capability of the CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition is its intelligent gesture feature, which now controls your camera with your movements. Yes, you got it right! You can now click pictures, start shooting videos and ask your camera to do so with the gesture of a hand movement. The camera is designed with high-powered technology which has the ability to internalize and respond to your gestures, and you can stretch out your hand to indicate that you want the action camera to click pictures and make a fist for it to start shooting a video. This feature provides the user with greater accessibility to their surroundings rather than being involved with the functioning of the camera.

CG010 AI Video Quality:

Xiaomo Action Camera Movable Angles

The new CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition promises an ultra-high-definition which is the ultimate video quality. The videos shot on this action camera have a good resolution of 720P (30fps) and a video frame rate of 30 FPS, with a built-in audio and microphone system.

CG010 AI Other Noteworthy Features & Specifications:-

This camera also comes with a handpicked application for smartphones through which you can directly click pictures on the go. The designers also acknowledge the user’s need to see photographs for themselves; therefore this camera comes with its own app the MoCamera app which helps the user to preview, download photographs on their phones and tablets.

Xiaomo Action Camera App

Adding to all these amazing features the CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition provides a 910 mAh Li-ion battery, with a built it in the battery to give you a longer standby time of 3.5hrs in your next adventure. It has a charging time of 3 hours which is done through USB on PC.

CG010 AI Pros & Cons –

CG010 AI Pros:

  • Amazing gesture recognition features.
  • The camera offers great quality.
  • Offers good flexibility to record from three angles.

CG010 AI Cons:

  • Average battery
  • Normal hardware

CG010 AI


With its unique feature and intelligent technology, the CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition is the best available camera in the market, making it your perfect gift to your loved ones for the next adventurous holiday or to even someone who enjoys capturing pictures and creating memories, without getting balked down by the application and just revel in the end product.

The CG010 AI Action Camera Intelligent Gesture Recognition is your perfect companion to the next extreme sport adventure, with its handy and smart features, the action camera is easy to use, carry, flaunt and basically make use of during your adrenaline pumped activities; wherein you want to be engrossed in the action that you are doing rather than fixing the right camera angle for that perfect photograph.

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