A Tablet has almost become a basic necessity for everybody right from working class to business folks to even students and home-makers. If you look at the computer evolution over the past two decades, one could see from large complex industrial/business machines came the evolution of personal computers which had separate devices for a screen, keyboard, and CPU. After that were laptops which had all things in a single box which can be compactly closed and carried. In the last decade, people have increasingly questioned the need for a keyboard in laptops and wanted something which could be hand-held too. Hence came the Chuwi Hi 9 Air Tablet which was ultra-slim compared to laptops and easy to carry in a single hand.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Review: 4G Tablet PC

Now the usage of this Chuwi Hi 9 Air tablets has replaced newspapers and books in most places. If you wanted to cook gone are the days when people were referencing recipe books as now either they see a video in a tablet or go through the web page in the same tablet at their kitchen. Sounds convenient and easy right? Also when you wanted to check your emails, one could arguably say that mobile phones are good enough for that. Maybe partially true but the display size of most mobile phones are not convenient for many users to work for a longer duration of emails and documents. With the same ease of mobile phones, you get to operate the tablet with a bigger and better display of-course.

(Buying Guide) Chuwi Hi 9 Air Review: 4G Tablet PC Deal Price

Chuwi is a pretty good brand with a wide range of tablets, PCs, laptops, chargers and power banks. Its series of Hi tablets are small, affordable and powerful. The pricing model is also not high and just suits anyone who wants to buy their first tablet. Hi 9 Air 4G tablet is a good fit for the big display and more power tablet range.

Some of the best features of this tablet are large 10.1-inch display and latest Android version 8.0 along with a very high-quality Samsung camera. The memory and other features like processor are also pretty good for a tablet and has all necessary functionalities built-in. The overall design is stylish and attractive. The Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G is very compact and lightweight tablet and could be easily handled and carried during travel.

At a Glance:

Price$236 only
Memory64GB ROM storage space is available. TF card up to 128GB can be added and used with this tablet.
DisplayThe screen is pretty big with a size of 10.1 inches and a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600. The  screen point is capacitive( IPS )
CameraDual camera support with video recording. The back camera has a resolution of 13 MP and the front camera has 5 MP resolution.
BatteryThe tablet has a Li-Polymer battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh. This is very good and helps you to play and browse for longer hours quite comfortably.
ConnectivityTF card is supported through a TF card slot if you need additional storage.

A type-c slot is present.

WiFi options supported are  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Bluetooth range is Bluetooth 4.2

Dual SIM standby

Ports3.5mm Audio, TF card and charging port

So here we are showing you everything about on this Chuwi Hi 9 Air Tablet PC. So you can get to know more about on it & one Offer for you here… i.e. you can also Grab it a very Discounted Deal Price from here too.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Features and Specifications:

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Overview

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Operating System (OS):

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC OS

The tablet runs on the latest version of Android 8.0 Oreo. Hence it is pretty updated with latest fixes and updates on all apps.

  • Not many tablets are out in the market but you get Android 8.0 with the device. This is one of the big pluses for this tablet.
  • Since this is an Android tablet it is preloaded with some of the frequently used apps.
  • New apps can always be installed from Google play store.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Battery:

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Battery

Hi 9 Air 4G has very impressive battery capacity compared to many tablets in this price range.

  • The battery capacity is around 8000 mAh.
  • The charge though is good won’t last if you use it all day with WiFi/mobile data turned on. For normal usage charging once a day for full charge should be sufficient.
  • Li-polymer is the type of battery present.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Display:

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Display

The type of display is IPS which is an advanced form of LCD displays. The picture and video quality are very nice and clear.

  • Screen Resolution:
    The Hi 9 Air 4G can support up to  2560 X 1600 pixels resolution. That definitely is a high-resolution display for sure.
  • Display Type:
    The display type is WQXGA.
  • Display Speciality:
    The 10 point IPS display provides great experiences for visual demanding things like shooting clear pictures, videos, playing high-resolution games and browsing the web.

 Chuwi Hi 9 Air Processor:

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Processor

Talking about the performance aspect of this Hi 9 Air 4G tablet, you get a deca-core Helio processor with this tablet.

  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Specs:
    The device has a very powerful processor for a tablet standard. It can deliver excellent experience when you do multi-tasking. It is also designed in mind to be put to use for high intensive operations like games and playing videos and audio while doing some other tasks like working on a document.
  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Graphics:
    A tablet with a graphics card is a must these days as tablets are not used as a browsing device but being put to use similar to a computer or a laptop.  To elaborate on the graphics aspect of this device, you get a dedicated GPU with this tablet.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC GPU

  • You get an ARM Mali-T880 which clocks at 780MHz with the Hi 9 Air 4G tablet.
  • The GPU ensures you can play high-quality games at full HD resolution without noticeable performance lag. To add to that, browsing aspect and playing videos become very fast because of the presence of additional GPU.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Memory:

The memory specifications are on the higher side. It has both ROM and support to add up to 128GB TF card.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Memory

  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Internal Storage Space:
    The tablet comes with an inbuilt 64GB ROM for generic internal storage.

    • The ROM space is definitely high unless you are going to put in thousands of videos into it and hundreds of games/apps installed.
    • If you still need more space, you can always purchase and use additional TF cards (supported up to 128 GB) to boost up the memory capacity.
  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air RAM:
    For good performance and faster operations and multi-tasking, you will need a high memory RAM. Hi 9 Air 4G tablet comes with these RAM specifications.

    • This tablet has 4 GB of RAM to support and run your mobile applications with ease. This is on par with you get from laptops and PCs these days and would surely suffice for all your usage needs of the tablet.
    • LPDDR4 RAM is the type of RAM in Hi 9 Air 4G tablet.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Camera:

The camera options in Hi 9 Air 4G is good for a tablet standard. Here are few details related to the camera specifications.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Camera

  • The back camera as with any device is really good and in this very particular case, the camera is Samsung made with a 13MP resolution and with features like a flashlight to enable you to shoot in complex and tough lighting conditions.
  • The front camera is decent for Skype calls and for taking selfies. The resolution is 5MP
  • Both the cameras do support video recording and the quality is good too.

 Chuwi Hi 9 Air Ports & Connectivity:

As with any tablet, Hi 9 Air 4G supports Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Wifi

  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Ports:
    The connectivity options of this tablet include.

    • The device comes with a support for Type-C port.
    • One also gets a TF card slot which supports TF cards up to 128 This is handy for people who need to store a lot of media content like pictures and videos.
    • A 3.5 mm headphone jack for hearing music or could also be used for microphone purpose is provided with Hi 9 Air 4G.
  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Connectivity:
    Talking in detail about the various connectivity options, you get a couple of multi-faceted options like

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Connectivity

  • A Bluetooth 4.2 which helps to connect to your mobile devices or other Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • The details on network connectivity options using this tablet are
    • Support Network: Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
    • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless internet
    • 2G: GSM 800/900/1800/1900MHz
    • 3G: WCDMA B1 2100MHz, WCDMA B2 1900MHz, WCDMA B5 850MHz, WCDMA B8 900MHz
    • 4G: B1 2100MHz, B2 1900MHz, B20 800MHz, B3 1800MHz, B5 850MHz, B7 2600MHz, B8 900MHz, TDD B40 2300MHz

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Accessories:

Below are some deep details on the external and out-of-the-box accessories that you get with Hi 9 Air 4G

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Design

Chuwi Hi 9 Air In Box:

With the Hi 9 Air 4G tablet you get of-course the tablet along with bare minimal accessories like USB cable, charger, and manual.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Extra Features:

There are various accessories that you can buy and customize your tablet. Below are also some miscellaneous details on the tablet

  • The tablet has dual speakers inbuilt and is good for normal audio playback.
  • The charging time is around 3 hours for full charge.
  • G-sensor is supported in this tablet.

Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC About

Chuwi Hi 9 Air Pros & Cons –

Hi 9 Air 4G tablet has all features for beginners to intermediate users. Some of the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Pros:

    • The Hi 9 Air 4G is very stylish, slim and fully loaded set of features.
    • The make and build are solid and the tablet is light-weight.
    • The performance overall is good for official and medium level uses along with taking photos and videos as it has a good set of cameras.
  • Chuwi Hi 9 Air Cons:

    • The processor is not Intel so that might be a factor who are brand conscious. But the Processor is Best with new technology.


Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G Tablet PC Verdict

Holistically speaking Chuwi Hi 9 Air 4G is damn good and worth buying if you are planning to purchase a budget tablet with a nice set of latest features.