The Chuwi Lapbook SE is one of the newest and most exciting budget laptops manufactured in China. The designers of the Chuwi Lapbook SE takes ideas for its design from the current generation of MacBooks so that it is recognizable by its target market and audience. The small and classy notebook design makes it look authentic and is finished to a high standard. The Chuwi company is a Chinese computer device brand which is one of the most popular up-and-coming brands which has been flooding the market with its new and improved products.

Chuwi Lapbook SE Inro

The Chuwi Lapbook SE if the company’s first take on a Gemini Lake laptop and it is assumed to have taken the inspiration from an Apple MacBook for its looks and design. It is a reliable device which is a frugal innovation of the company which makes it affordable and classy at the same time for the customers. This device is a step up from the Apollo Lake chips of the previous devices launched last year by Chuwi. These are the companies latest and thin laptops which outpace the ones that are coupled with LPDDR4 system memory. The Lapbook does not market itself as a business device, but it certainly would not be outcasted if it were put in a boardroom along with Mackbooks and Thinkpads.

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(Buying Guide) Chuwi Lapbook SE Review: Laptop Specs, Price, Features & Offer

The new and improved Chuwi Lapbook SE has a 13.3-inch FHD display that brings its users an almost exciting borderless visual experience. It has an all-metal design with Aviation aluminum alloy materials which are of high quality, and it is similar to if an A4 paper were to be easily slipped into your backpack. It is a beautiful and elegant design with a borderless chocolate keyboard, well-optimized keystrokes that make typing fast and enjoyable as well. The device also has a Backlit keyboard which has adjustable brightness, and it provides comfort and convenience to its user. The device is optimized with HD Graphics with 12 compute unit clocked at 700Mhz which thereby delivers stunning details in viewing videos and images.

Besides, the Lapbook also plays 4K stream videos in UHD very smoothly and has an improved hard-decoding technology, which makes the streaming possible. The Chuwi Lapbook SE is included with 128GB SSD M.2 hard drive and 32GB eMMC. With more than 500MB/S reading/writing speed, opening big files and loading programs, everything you do is quick and responsive.

Chuwi Lapbook SE

At a Glance:

CPUIntel Celeron quad-core N4100 2.4GHz
Screen13.3-inch 1920 x 1080 resolution
Storage32GB eMMC + 128GB SSD
Camera2MP front webcam
Connectivity802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
PortsAudio jack, Mini-HDMI, MicroSD card slot, 2 x USB 3.0

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Chuwi Lapbook SE Features & Specifications –

Chuwi Lapbook SE Conclusion

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Design

The Chuwi Lapbook SE takes its inspiration from the design of a MacBook.

Chuwi Lapbook SE

  • The device has an aluminum case that is reinforced with a metal frame around it
  • The case is sturdy and robust and does not deform or crack when we apply pressure to the device.
  • The display has a glossy finish with a small gap between the glass and the display.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Display

It is known for its high-quality display with sharp and crisp images.

Chuwi Lapbook SE Display

  • The device has a 13.3-inch IPS display by Sharp
  • The Lapbook reaches an average maximum luminosity of 227 cd/m² and a maximum brightness of 210 cd/m² at the center of the display
  • The device has excellent viewing angles because of its IPS panel, which has no brightness distortion even at acute viewing angles.
  • The Lapbook comes with a built-in screen protector just like many other Chinese notebooks, smartphones, and

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Performance

The Lapbook SE is powerful enough for undemanding features like word processors and some web browsing.

  • The company has equipped the Chuwi Lapbook SE with a Gemini Lake processor28 GB of eMMC and 4 GB of RAM, the combination of which makes the LapBook as an entry-level device in the market
  • The device has an Intel Celeron N4100 quad-core processor, which puts the device at an advantage over its equivalently priced competitors in the industry, like the MacBook.

Chuwi Lapbook SE Hardware

  • The Chuwi Lapbook SE, according to testing reviews, has outperformed devices which were equipped with older Intel Celeron CPUs. It is because of the N4100’s four cores and its LPDDR4 RAM, even if it is just 4 GB that it was able to do so.

Chuwi Lapbook SE RAM

  • When it comes to applications, The UHD Graphics 600of the device is powerful enough for some low power and undemanding games

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Connectivity

The Lapbook SE is equipped with an SD card reader, an integrated chip, a wireless module, and a maintenance flap.


  • The device uses an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 module for its Bluetooth and WiFi instead of the Gigabit Wi-Fi that is usually encompassed with the device’s Gemini Lake processor.
  • It has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip version 2.0 that is integrated within its processor that is used in Windows 10
  • The Lapbook also has a small maintenance flap beneath it that is labeled “M.2 SATA”, and is secured by two Phillips screws.
  • The device comes with a one-year limited warranty from Gear best, but there is no information about a warranty from the company itself.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Emissions

The Chuwi Lapbook SE is a comparatively a cool device, and it can withstand extreme operations

  • The emissions of the device averages at 26.2 °C (79.16 °F) when it is at idle, and most of the device stays below 30 °C (86 °F) when operating under a load.
  • The Chuwi Lapbook SE speakers reach a maximum volume of 80.4 dB
  • The headphone jack provides a noise-free and sufficiently loud audio playback on the device.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Power Management

The operating system shows strength and is entirely frugal.

Power Management

  • The Chuwi Lapbook SE performs a lot better when compared to the more powerful MacBook 12and the Surface Go.
  • The LapBook SE has a 38 Wh battery, and the company claims as having eight hours of battery life.
  • According to a review, a test device lasted about seven hours and twenty-four minutes in the Wi-Fi battery life test and nine hours and twenty-four minutes in the H.264 video loop battery life test, which is better compared to other devices of the same caliber.

Chuwi Lapbook SE: Usage

The device is easy to use and understand just like any other laptop in the market. It is a frugal take on an existing product.


  • The key sizes are generous (top marks for full-size cursor keys). There are dedicated End, Home, Page up and Page down keys, and the keyboard layout doesn’t feel crowded or cramped. The keys are spaced out
  • The keys on the device have a surprisingly comfortable spring to them. And are it especially useful if you are a touch typist.
  • The touchpad is larger than what a customer would normally expect on a laptop of this size. It also works well with one or two fingers. The system is as responsive as one would expect in a regular laptop
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  • Sleek & Attractive Design
  • Secondary M.2 2242 SSD Slot
  • Sharp 1080p IPS Display
  • Affordable & Budget-Friendly
  • Heavy Display
  • Spongy Trackpad


Overall, the Chuwi Lapbook SE is a budget laptop which does not frustrate it’s at every opportunity. It can be bought by anyone for a low price, especially by students. Its nice keyboard makes it a perfectly functional laptop for work, web browsing and media streaming and can be used by any age group.