Hey there, have you ever experienced the beauty of a Mechanical watch. Mechanical watches have been in this world for a very long period of time. At that time, these watches are only able to measure time by the hour. But with the running period time, the accuracy and the efficiency of the Mechanical watches were getting improved. In this article, we are going to discuss CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician (M Series). A newly launched mechanical watch by CIGA.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch

Product Name CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician
Company Name CIGA
Price Range $600 – $900 approx.
Launch Date August 2022

About CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician (M Series)

Talking about the product, this watch follows the latest design pattern of current mechanical watches. This Magician series of CIGA allows you to experience the ergonomically designed premium product.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch - Magician (M-Series)CIGA design mechenical watch - magician

The amazing mix-and-match design offers users the choice of alternative geometric presences on the wrist thanks to the flexible mechanical replacement system that enables the case to be replaced by pushing just two buttons. A precise movement within is coupled with the elegance of contemporary mechanical art.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician (M Series): What Makes it Different?

Several watch brands in the market are launching mechanical as well as digital watches. Therefore, you must be thinking about what makes CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician (M Series) watch different from others.

1. “NEW” Second Hand

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch - Magician (M series)

A hovering rotating gear rather than the conventional second hand creates a unique mechanical aesthetic experience, a breakthrough stylish visual effect with a visible movement. A zero-curve design highlights a durable and fashionable interior container. When it’s dark, a super-luminous coating creates a stunning visual impact—the wearer experiences traveling through geometric space and time and transcending dimensions.

2. Various Watch Morph

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch - Magician (M series)

This watch also has a feature of changing watch morph, per your requirement. And because of this feature, this product can be a youthy magnet. It encourages the new generation to explore new ideas. This feature is for those who value innovations and prefer being off the beaten path.

3. Ergonomic Design


The watch is completely made of environmentally friendly materials. To increase its beauty, there is a hidden code in the metal words on the front side of the watch. You can send that code to CIGA and get a chance to win exciting gifts and offers by CIGA.

4. Nightglow


Nightglow is also a very highlighting and attractive point to buy this watch. In this feature, all the three hands of the watch glow in the dark, making you see the time, even in the dark.

5. Comfort


With its soft and high-quality strap, you can wear this watch for a longer period of time without getting uncomfortable.

Price & Availability

The watch isn’t launched yet, so the estimated price of this watch is $600-$900. Regarding availability, August 2022 is the expected launch date of this watch.

Final Words:

If you are into the world of mechanical watches, then im sure you will definitely going to love CIGA Design Mechanical Watch – Magician (M Series). This watch offers you all the best available options available in the market.

CIGA Design was founded by Mr. Zhang Jianmin, one of China’s Top 10 Best Industrial Designers, in 2016. As the first original designer wristwatch brand in China, CIGA Design keeps on with its original design. It redefines aesthetics at the wrist by incorporating modern mechanical art. It rebuilds wristwatches as a timepiece for the Z generation to express their personality and beliefs through the design philosophy that design is the combination of the perceptual and the rational while thinking out of the box.

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But it does produce some remarkable watches that have won numerous accolades! Zhang Jianming, an accomplished designer with more than 30 years of experience in industrial design and a reputation as one of the top ten designers in China, founded Ciga Design in November 2012.

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