If you want a lightweight phone cleaner and app manager for the tablets and Android mobiles. Through which you can speed up your device with a single touch from the home screen. And if your android is frozen or has become leggy with the help of such application you can be rid of all such problems. And there are times your battery may start to drain faster compared to the normal use and start to overheat. The speed of your device can be improved with the help of Clean my Android. If you want to know any information about clean my android, then you can visit here.

You can free up the phone memory and boost the apps and games on your mobile using the clean my android app. The junk files, residual files can be removed to improve the performance of your Android device. Some apps will waste a lot of power with just one tap on your mobile. Your device will become leggy, and the battery is drained slowly as well. You can add the apps which you frequently use the whitelist and just enjoy its lag free experience.

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Main Reasons to Clean your Android –

  • It helps to improve the performance of your device when it slows down due to the less space in the cache memory.
  • You can speed up your Android phone and need not worry about how to clear the cache in your mobile.
  • Using this to clean Android, you can delete the junk files, residual files, clear cache and increase the speed of your device.
  • It stops the device from overheating when the apps are running in the background.
  • The one tap boost on the clean my android app will help your device to stop running the apps in the background.
  • This app is really very simple and easy to use. If you just tap once on the clean button, then your job will be done.
  • Your device will speed up with just a single touch on your home screen. The app is very fast, compact and efficient with less CPU usage and memory.
  • This app is an extremely powerful tool as you can add the frequently used apps to the whitelist.
  • You will only require 3 MB space to install this app, so it occupies very less space on your mobile.

Erase with Ease:

To protect your privacy and erase the data completely on your Android device it is better to use the define erase app. If you require any additional information regarding the DrFone Erase app, then you can visit here. The factory reset or the simple deletion cannot delete the data permanently on your Android device. You can recover the deleted data with the help of the technology available in the present days. You can also make sure that your files are deleted permanently, and your privacy is safe with the help of this app. You can also clear the browsing history and cache in order to protect your personal information.

Erase with Ease

You can erase all the private information including photos, contacts, messages, call history, reminders and app data permanently on your Android device. This app will support all the Android devices available in the market. You can erase everything on your Android device permanently by using this app. The manual factory resets and cleaning the whole disk completely will not allow anyone to recover the erased data. While using this app, you may find to be the skeptic in the beginning, but it works perfectly when you get used to it.

Features of DrFone Erase –

  • Erase Everything from its Core

The most important feature of DrFone is that it deletes all the private data completely. The data erasing process will depend on the amount of data stored on your device. A message will be displayed once all the data is erased on your device permanently. This is one of the trustworthy and functioning tools for the Android device.

  • Remove all your Personal & Private Data

You can easily remove all your personal from your mobile by using this app. You can simply select the items which you want to delete permanently on your device. You can protect yourself from the identity thefts by removing the data on your device. The deleted data cannot be recovered even by a professional identity thief.


If you’replanning to change your device, then it is mandatory to erase all the personal or private data from your device. Once the data is removed from your device through DrFone’s Erase app, then even professional experts cannot recover such data. Taking the security of the individual into consideration this app is very useful to erase every bit of data from your device permanently. And just so you know the erased data is un-recoverable even with the help of professional recovery tools making the drfone – erase tool the best in class data eraser of this era.

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