They say that high school years are the most incredible years of your life but then comes university. A whole new group of people from all over the world is coming together to party and get higher education. You’ve seen the wild movies and heard the rumors, but what can you really expect from your college years? The staff of Write An Essay For Me has prepared a quick review of popular myths to bust them.

Common Myths About University Everyone Should Know

1. Finding a Job is Rough

Ok, so this can be true depending on your major. There are so many people out there with degrees in literature, history, art, and even philosophy that don’t have an up-and-coming job market ahead. But these are not terrible majors at all. As a matter of fact, most of these are used to propel students into higher programs like medicine, law, or ever a road to a master’s degree. No matter the case, you can find a job; you might just have to set yourself apart from all the others. Participate in extracurricular activities, think outside of the box with your studies, and you’ll be a great candidate for any company.

2. University is Only for the Rich

University is expensive. Paying the bill can be rough for the lower- and middle-class families, which may sound hopeless. Well, lucky for government funding and educational-inspired bills, students have many resources to help them reach their dreams. Apart from government funding, students and parents can take out loans at lower interest and enjoy no payback until graduation. Plus, there’s always a long list of scholarships that anyone can apply for; so, get to writing.

3. No One Cooks

You might think of students as microwave fanatics, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some students come from cultural backgrounds where food is important and know how to make amazing home-cooked meals. You might even wind up sharing a room with a superstar chef.

4. Making Friends is Effortless

In high school, making friends was easy. You have smaller classes and group activities that help create bonds plus, you may have gone to junior high with the same crew. According to tax assignment writers, the university is a whole different ball game, with the average class size in lecture halls in the hundreds. So, you’ll have to make some efforts, but you’ll learn communication skills.

5. The First Year Doesn’t Count

Do not slack off your first year. Again, don’t do it! Your first year counts and is usually a good indicator of how the rest of your university years will go. Whatever you do, try to establish strong, healthy life and study habits so that you can follow them throughout your time in college.

6. You’re Living On your Own

If you’re like the majority of students, you’re likely not entirely on your own. Sometimes, students should live with their parents the first year, helping to soften the transition. Even if you’re out of your parent’s home, you’ll still likely have roommates, so get good and comfortable with co-living.

7. You Have to Pack your Whole House

Do not pack your entire house! Not only will you be pushed for space, but you just won’t need it all. Former students from recommend taking a minimalist approach when packing, meaning you should take the least number of things possible. Go for the most important, and that’s it.

8. Everyone Drinks

Students have a reputation for partying hard. While they may do just that, don’t think that it’s for everyone. You can make a choice to drink or not to drink and still find your tribe.

9. Parties Go on Day and Night

Every single movie about university years speaks of the infamous party scene. A group of hot girls and guys that are well-dressed and seem to have all their studying done all the time are always down for a good party. In reality, you’ll be studying and sleeping most of the time, saving the partying for the weekend or the end of the semester.

10. You Don’t Have Time to Work

Think you won’t have time to work? Think again. Several students work and go to class. It’s all about time management.

11. Shared Dorms Suck

Some people think of sharing and squirm a bit. If that’s you, don’t let it ruin your thoughts of a shared dorm. Shared dorms are cost-saving; plus, they create an unmemorable experience. You’ll probably meet your best friends in a dorm too.

12. Ordering an Essay is Risky

In high school, your teachers probably warned you about purchasing assignments online. Well, we’re here to say it is A-Okay! Of course, you’ll have to watch where you’re getting it from but, if your source is trusted, you can have your assignment in-hand in no time and spend more time catching up on some Zs.

13. Everyone is Getting Busy

Everyone thinks that college students are always heading to the sack. While there’s a ton of hormones raging and a very diverse mixture of the opposite or same-sex to choose from, not everyone is sexually active. Just like all other things, you have the right to choose whether or not you are active. Don’t let pressure from films fill your head with ideas; you can do what you feel comfortable with and nothing more.