Many businesses work in various fields, and sometimes, it could seem they have nothing to do with the Internet. However, nowadays it is difficult to promote your products without a proper online presence. Both small and huge companies may have difficulties with picking the right hosting. Our online configurator will help you to create your own unique server. Also, you can choose the appropriate variant from the wide variety of ready models. If necessary, our experienced specialists will help you to solve any problem.

Comparison of Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans Compared: Reliable Equipment from Hostkey Company for Your Needs

The team of Hostkey knows how to treat clients properly. Our goal is to provide you with the best cheap dedicated server hosting. We want to help you with picking the right option among our default configurations.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Let’s talk about the main topic – dedicated hosting. This is the type of server, where all resources and physical hardware is available to the client only. This is not the cheapest option – there are other types, like shared, or VPS-equipment that is more affordable but it has its own disadvantages. Unlike dedicated, VPS, or shared hosting is divided between several clients. It is a nice option for a business that doesn’t deal with personal information or other important data.

Many web pages with high traffic choose the isolation of their resources in order to get the safety and provide users with the best performance speed. It is the optimal variant for online stores, food delivery services, etc. Some companies have to switch from shared hosting after struggling with certain safety issues. A dedicated server is a necessary choice when it comes to data leak protection and dangerous DDoS attacks.

Default Servers’ Comparison

Hostkey Company offers to the market 50+ dedicated hosting plans. Our data centers are located in several regions, such as the US, Russia, and the Netherlands. We offer effective tools and resources for less money compared to bigger host corporations. As a pleasant bonus, we offer free DDoS-attacks protection for servers located in Europe and North America.

Our rates are one of the most loyal on the market. Prices vary depending on the capabilities of particular equipment. Renting the most modest servers can cost you less than €30 per month. The average price does not exceed €150 per month. For the owners of large companies, we offer advanced options with improved security, additional features, and other useful services. For regular customers, we offer bonuses, as well as often hold promotions and interesting discounts.

Server Customization

If you have chosen one of the default settings, but something is off, we can help with customization. All you need is to contact our tech support and explain to specialists what features need to be added to your order. It can be extra equipment or our maintenance services.

Hostkey is an award-winning hosting provider with a loyal customer base. Here are some of our advantages:

  1. High-end data centers. We have been awarded Tier III Design, Facility Certification, and Operational Sustainability. This certificate confirms that our company offers customers high-quality services with proper climate control, electricity, and Internet connection as well as other vital conditions;
  2. Affordable tariffs. We provide a wide range of price rates for various facilities according to their needs. No matter what the price is, we make sure that we supply you with quality;
  3. Protection tools. Dangerous attacks are completely blocked with special software;
  4. Management. You have full control over your equipment. Our company offers 24/7 remote server support. Managers respond within 15 minutes;
  5. Security. Your virtual inviolability will be guaranteed as well as safety of equipment;
  6. Back-up. If you need to upgrade something, fix a component or correct occurred errors, use this function to get a quick replacement.

Do you want to know more details? Contact our technical support and get a consultation for free! We are available round the clock!

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