Being in contact with your customer base is the thing that brings you money and develops your business. Create a clean self-explanatory online contact form that is easy and amusing to round out, and you’ll convert guests to steadfast customers in no time.

Contact Us Forms with AidaForms

Try not to spend time and money learning HTML, PHP, or CSS to make a contact form without any preparation construct it in the AidaForm contact form builder using an intuitive visual editor. Intuitive every field you need to your template and begin generating leads in minutes.

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[Guide] Best Contact Us Forms with AidaForms

Try not to cover yourself in the current EU legislation – we know how to make your contact forms conform to the information protection guidelines that have been implemented in most developed countries around the globe.

Request Permission to collect User information with pre-made Checkboxes:
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  • The Use of Personal Data Agreement

Few Steps that are involved in the making of a Contact Form :

1. Sign in to AidaForm

Sign in to AidaForm

Tap the Login an interface in the website menu on and sign in to your AidaForm account. Join on the off-chance that you don’t have a record yet it’s free.

2. Create a Form

Create a Form

In your member’s area, tap the Create a Form catch and choose whether you need to begin with a clear template or have a standard field selection added naturally. You’ll be able to move, edit and delete those squares in the Form Editor. There you have to type the name and click on the create option to complete the process in the contact form.

3. Customize the Design

Customize the Design

In the Form Editor, open Form Elements to include every one of the fields you need for your contact form: name, email address, phone, text areas, and that’s just the beginning. Include a drop-down rundown for the contact points to make your correspondence more effective. Customize texts for each field in their settings. Change the situation of the added fields by hauling them all over the form. Expand the Form Designer to choose one of the standard themes or create a custom theme by evolving hues, textual styles, and other parameters. Include your logo as a completing touch. At long last, create a custom message that your guests will see after presenting their requests.

4. Add the HTML Form to Your Website

Add the HTML Form to Your Website

Once you’ve done customizing your contact form, click Publish and choose an export choice: generate a direct connect to the form page or export the HTML code to embed the form on your website. Each alternative lets you safely collect responses through AidaForm without stressing over PHP contents or databases.

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