Your website is incomplete without content. According to Forbes Agency Council, “Each piece of content can play an important role in increasing your credibility, drawing in potential clients, and improving your website’s search engine rankings.”  Furthermore, statistics show that on any given day, 15% of the billions of queries Google receives are new to the company – this means that the algorithm is hungry for new content. Let’s look at how you can provide it.
An Effective SEO Process To Grow Your Business

Find your Audience

Over half of total website traffic comes from organic search, and less than 1% of people click on Google’s second-page search results. A successful SEO strategy starts with gaining an understanding of your target audience to ensure a better chance of landing on Google’s page one. You need to know who they are, what they want, and where they hang out online. The more you understand about them, the better you can tailor your SEO tactics to address their needs and desires. After identifying the personas in your target audience, it is important to figure out what goals each person has in relation to your products or services. What do they want from it? How do they interact with it? How will a purchase impact their lives?

Make Sure your Copywriting Standards are High

Studies have shown that, on average, visitors to a webpage will only consume 20% of the content, so you need a copy that keeps people as hooked as possible for as long as possible. As the name suggests, content first SEO is all about creating amazing content with the intention of driving traffic to your website – but you need to keep them on it, too. An experienced SEO agency will be able to provide you with great copywriters who are skilled in SEO because they know what Google likes and how to make sure that your site ranks well for key phrases. Copywriting is the art of persuading people. The more persuasive your content, the better chance of getting your message across to your audience.

Do your Research

Keywords are the foundation of a content-first approach to SEO to grow your business. They are what makes your content visible to your audience while ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Doing keyword research is not an easy task. It takes considerable time, patience, and expertise to come up with the best keywords for a specific topic. However, it is necessary because it helps you find out what your target audience is searching for and what you should be talking about in order to draw their attention and satisfy their needs. Keyword research can be done by various means: manually looking for related keywords on Google Adwords or other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, or using a keyword research tool like Moz or Ahrefs that analyzes the top 10 ranking pages for a given keyword. Using long-tail keywords is also something you should consider, especially if your site is brand new. One research has found that they generate a 3 to 5% greater click-through rate than more general searches.
It’s important to have high-quality content that attracts potential customers. Having a content-first approach to SEO is one of the best ways to drive website traffic. The most important steps in this process include; finding your audience, researching keywords for them, hiring a top-tier agency to ensure high-quality copywriting, and more besides. Using a content-first WordPress theme will also help keep your customers on your website for longer. Following these key elements will give you a strong foundation to build your site into 2022 and beyond.

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