In recent years the trend of Smart homes is really speeding and spreading throughout the world. Home decor companies or interior design companies use this way to enhance the overall looking of interiors. These beautiful lighting on various auspicious occasions really make the overall ambiance more delightful; be it a fancy dinner, get-together, or a party a few sprinkles of lighting really beautify your home and cast a magical spell. With that in mind if you are also looking for some best smart LED lighting strips then you are in the right place. We have managed to find out the best-LED Strips you can buy which are equipped with every feature you can think of plus they are completely under budget. The smart LED strips that we are introducing to you today are the Daybetter Smart LED Strips.


Daybetter DIY Smart LED Strips

Smart LED lights from Daybetter are a great way to enhance your interior looking. Since you can completely go DIY with them you will instantly feel more connected to your home. Use them to light up your study table, your wardrobe, and your favorite bookshelf. Match the accent with your three-season porch. Adjust the brightness in your Bedroom ceiling to get a peaceful splash of light on your face. Dim them at dinnertime and create an ambiance like high-end restaurants.


Daybetter LED lights are versatile which gives you flexibility in use. Below are some of the most required features that you get with these LIghts.

  • Change and customize Colours
  • Adjust Brightness
  • Completely DIY
  • Easily connect and control with your Smartphone
  • Easily connect and control with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Easily connect and control with Remote
  • Scheduling and Timer setting

Why Should you Choose Daybetter Smart LED Strips?

Choosing the right product among lots of options is surely a difficult task; below you will get all the reasons why Daybetter smart LED strips are the best pick and why should you go with them.

1. Voice & WiFi Support

One of the biggest things about Smart LED lights is the ease of control; you must have control over the lighting in whichever room you are in. With Daybetter Smart LED Strips you do not have to worry about the controls.

Compatible With Google Assistant & Alexa

These smart LED lights are completely capable and in sync with the latest technology. You can control each aspect of lighting like dimming, colors, transition, etc with your Voice. You just have to connect the light with either Google assistant or Alex.


Smartphone Control

You are not just limited to use the traditional way of using remotes. You can easily connect the lights through their in-house Tuya Smart app. Simply download the app and install it on your smartphone, once connected with wifi the control is at your fingertips.

2. Complete Control

Now that you know you can control Daybetter smart LED strips with Remote, Voice, and Wifi the next major thing that you must be wondering are the different things you can control. Well to be honest this product allows you to control almost every aspect you can think of.

wifi and remote control

For starters you are at dinner and want your lights to be dim you can do it. Suppose you are in your bedroom and want to change the color to a particular shade of blue well you can do it. You want the transitions to speed up with a single voice command it will be done in an instant.

  • You adjust the Dimming of light
  • You can adjust the colors
  • Power the lights on/off
  • Speed or slowdown the transitions

3. Unique Features

Daybetter smart LED strips are equipped with some amazing features that probably you have not seen anywhere. These features are what make it the best in the market.

Sync to Music

This feature will surely impress the ones who are into lots of fun, partying and music. This smart LED light strip is equipped with a sensitive mic that is especially attached so that it can sync with the ongoing music or song. Now you can create romance, relaxation, and party ambiance within an instant.


Timer & Scheduling

This feature is another thing that surely comes in handy suppose you in your bed reading a book and after a few moments of time, you sleep. Normally you have to either come out of bed and switch off the button or they remain turned on all night. But with Daybetter LED lights you can simply put a particular time at which you want to automatically turn the lights off. Also, this will double the benefit as you also add life to the timespan of bulbs.


Native Application

Tuya Smart is the native app to carry out all the functionalities that Daybetter LED lights are coupled with. The application is available for both ios and android devices which is good. Secondly, the major highlight is that the app provides 16 million colors, multiple Scene Modes to choose from.


4. Quality & Customer Service

One thing that users always look for is the quality of the product they will get in return. Daybetter is a known brand in this industry and they always look forward to providing the best quality to their users.

Talking of the Daybetter smart LED strips the company ensures that you are going to high-quality LED bulbs. These LED bulbs not only deliver amazing brightness but also have a 50,000-hour lifespan life span which is around 2083 days which certainly is impressive.

  • You get High-quality LEDs that deliver superb brightness and ensure a 50,000-hour lifespan


The next thing that you need to know is customer service. Often overlooked and ignored when it comes to buying a product. Daybetter ensures that you get complete and honest support once you have bought the product. Even if you have not bought the product you can always ask them about the product and clear your queries.

How to Get Daybetter LED Strips at Discounted Price?

Now that you have seen all the features, perks, and advantages of the Daybetter LED lights let’s see where you can buy them at the best price.

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Daybetter LED Strips can easily be purchased from the Amazon website. If you buy them now, you will be able to get your hands on the Daybetter special offer.

CouponOriginal PricePrice after coupon
Find on Product Page$35.99$15.99

How to Connect LED Lights?

Below is a 3 steps guide to easily connect and ready your lights to sparkle.

  • STEP 1. First of all, attach the led strip lights to your desired place
  • STEP 2. Once attached Plug-in and unplug it after 2 seconds
  • STEP 3. Now repeat the above step three times until the led lights into flashing mode


Bottom Line:

Daybetter LED strips is surely an impressive product this product has all the most wanted features. Furthermore, the product is of high quality and under budget as well which is why this product is our best pick. By now you are already well aware of all the unique features that this product offers; be it voice assistant compatibility, smartphone compatibility, ease of use, etc. This product excels in each aspect.

Hopefully, this article helps you in understanding the product. For getting your hands on amazing products like this follow us. Thank you.

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