Today’s grandparents are adapting what their grandchildren have gotten used to much earlier: social media and new communication methods.

Digital Habits & How they Changed During Recent Years

When did the Term Digital Habits Appear?

We all have different online habits, but over-55s are increasingly becoming Facebook and other online tools users. Sooner it could be the social media’s second-biggest user audience, and it has over 3.5m users aged 55–64 and about 3m over-65s.

Consumer behavior is changing under the influence of changing time we live in, with pandemics impacting our digital habits. Most people have dramatically increased their online activities during the last year. One-fifth of online users have developed new habits like visiting e-learning websites and using new ways to connect.

Let alone the increased need to get information about the development of pandemic, other latest news on vaccination, and remote work. On top of that, we need to stay connected with family members and social circles.

How our Digital Habits Changed During the Latest Years

Some parents report that they used to be on their phones or laptop constantly. And now, they could not tell their kids to stay away from their phones, tablets, and the like. How could they say to their children that when they themselves were always in front of a screen? We need to adapt to the changes happening around us.

Pros and Cons of Digital Habits

The authors of the research from Kingston University have found out that ping-ponging, or frequent replies to office emails, is the most inappropriate digital habit that formed during recent years.

What’s the point of emailing out of hours when you can reply the next day and avoid such a digital habit to be constantly at your desk.

According to the studies, some people are literally glued to their phones, but this habit can result in sleep disorders and depression. About a quarter of Americans think that their usage of mobile devices causes conflicts in their families. About 20% of people check their phones during mealtime. Advisers say that you’d better stop using your personal devices before going to bed and turn off the notifications.

Virtual Phones as your Privacy Guard

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