Generally, it’s alright for Apple to come up with a unique concept. Think of it as a marketing strategy or someone prone to stand out. Apple removed the Audio Jack from its Phones and claimed it was not needed. I couldn’t agree more as the wireless technology is at its zenith, and they’re offering you the Airpods. Every innovation has its fair share of hearsay and indoctrinated blame. However, some of them hold some substantial proof as well. Hence, everyone wonders Do Airpods Cause Cancer? In this article, we’ll untie the knots behind this mystery.

Do Airpods Cause Cancer

Beware Before Buying Airpods? Do Airpods Cause Cancer? Is Apple behind Several Deaths from Cancer?

Apple Has recently released the all-new Airpods with Wireless Charging. The device costs roughly $199 and comes with a wireless charging case. I did an exclusive Review of Airpods, and you May check it out in the Gallery of Techinpost. The device has been winning accolades from all around the world, and millions of units are sold online as well as in Apple stores. Lately, if you’ve been surfing around the internet to buy guides for Airpods, you may find several websites claiming that Do Airpods Cause Cancer related ailments in your brain and body.

Do Airpods Cause Cancer

Wireless Technology Can Cause Cancer?

Around 1000 scientists worldwide have claimed, and some even proved, that wireless technology could be a catalyst for cancer cells. There are millions of search results on Phones Cause Cancer. How much truth is in these Claims? Prolonged use of anything has been proven medically to harm your body. Medical science even claims that drinking too much water can permanently damage your kidneys permanently. “Water Poisoning” looks up this term, and your eyes will pop out of their sockets.


Do Airpods Cause Cancer?

Around Five hundred Scientists promise you can contract Cancer if you overuse the Airpods. But as I said in the segment earlier. Using anything for a long is unhealthy for you. However, no cases are reported anywhere, and Claims that Do Airpods Cause Cancer appear to be a mere Hoax tale.



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