GIFs are a great asset to use in your conversations or on social media—they are short, animated, and comprehensive. But when was the last time when you created them yourself, or how many times have you added text to a GIF to make it even more personal?

Do You Love Editing GIFs

Whether the context or app, the GIF will always have an additional effect and make the conversation more interesting. You can add text to GIF, or you can also do it the other way around, so today, we’ll also learn how to add a GIF to a text with Flixier!

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Why Use GIFs?

If you include terms that catch people’s attention, your community will be more captivated, and your content will be shared more than previously. Moreover, text can give it a personal touch and easily amplify its message.

Did You Know That You Can Put Text on GIFs for Free?

One of the easiest ways to edit GIFs with text is by using Flixier, and today we will learn how to do it online, for free and in just a few clicks!

If you need a GIF editor to add text to your animated pieces, you are in the right place! Thanks to this editor, you can add text to GIFs online or even create your GIFs directly from your web browser.

Flixier offers a wide range of features. You may add text to a GIF in various fonts, adjust the size and color, and even access pre-existing GIFs from Giphy that you can customize. Last but not least, you can also add animated text to your GIFs or make the most of this app by creating GIF words thanks to the transition options.

How to Add Text to GIF Online with Flixier?

With Flixier, you can start your edits in just a few minutes, thanks to its cloud-powered functions. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about downloading applications that take up a lot of storage space or require multiple extensions. You can start working and add text to GIF online right in the browser.

All you need to do to achieve the desired result in no time is to follow the steps below and be ready to explore the editor’s surprising features.

1.    Upload Your GIF or Select One

The first step is to import your own GIFs from your device or choose one from Giphy. In order to use the second option, you must choose the “Stock” option from the left vertical menu and select Giphy. By typing a few relevant words, you will immediately find a GIF that meets your needs. Now, we can move forward to editing and adding our text!

2.    Put Text on GIF as You Wish

The second step is related to your creativity and text ideas. Access the “Text” option on the left side of the screen to add text to your GIFs. Then choose “Add simple text.” After that, a default text will be placed on the video canvas and timeline.

Now, you can easily replace the words with your own. Don’t worry; your text layer will be added to the timeline automatically, so it will be there after you click out.

3.    Export and Share the GIF Online

Once you are done, all that’s left is to export the final GIF and share it with your friends online! Your GIF will be ready and running in three minutes after you press the export button and select whether you want to download it to your device or post it immediately on specific platforms.

It Was Never Easier to Add Text to GIF!

Did you ever think it was so easy to edit GIFs with text? Now you’re ready to surprise your friends and followers with the most spectacular animations, accompanied of course, by catchy texts to engage your audience even more. Explore more with Flixier!