Microsoft has launched Xbox One a few years back in succession to Xbox 360. With the eighth generations of home video games console Xbox One console was developed with entirely new and intriguing features like Kinect. The previous versions of Xbox had different connectivity options like Bluetooth. However, with this version, people have queries about the connectivity options that may have been introduced recently & asking that Does Xbox One have Bluetooth?

Does Xbox One have Bluetooth

(Revealed) Does Xbox One have Bluetooth or Not?

There is a common confusion among gamers and non-gamers that Does Xbox One have Bluetooth or not? The answer is NO. Well, Microsoft has removed this feature from the latest Xbox console and replaced it with some kind of WiFi connectivity modules. This means that you will not be able to pair up any external Bluetooth devices except the Xbox One controllers or headsets.


The new wireless connectivity option is a modified version of WiFi. This would not only make the connectivity useful but increase the bandwidth by 20 times. This freedom of bandwidth is excellent, and it will allow Microsoft to build up new interesting devices around Xbox One.

Microsoft has mentioned that Xbox One controllers will have faster speed than the earlier versions. This is due to the new WiFi connectivity option, which will reduce controller-to-console latency by 15%-20%. It is quite surprising that the response time from the controller to the console will be around 9 milliseconds. This speed is almost equal to a wired connection.

Does Xbox One have Bluetooth

How Useful is the New Connectivity Option?

With the evolution of game controllers, it was a general trend among gamers to carry both wired and wireless controllers. The wireless connection provided a very convenient way to play games, but only if you are playing alone. If you are playing with your friends together, then this would cause lots of lag in the game and late response from the controllers. There, wired controllers came handy.

Wired controllers were the most effective option for multiplayer gaming. However, it was not at all efficient. The new WiFi connectivity option for wireless controllers has been very successful in resolving this issue. They are almost similar to the wired controllers altogether.

Is there any Alternative?

Xbox one on Windows 10

If you got the answer that Does Xbox One have Bluetooth or not but still wish to connect Xbox one accessories using Bluetooth, then you can do it using your Windows PC. You need to take care of a few prerequisites before attempting a Bluetooth connection using your PC. First and foremost, this would only work on Windows 10, not with the earlier versions of Windows.

With Windows 10 installed on your PC, it must have been updated at least to the Anniversary edition. Make sure you do not forget to update the controllers as well to the latest firmware version.

Still, only a few devices like Xbox Controllers and Samsung Gear VR would work on Bluetooth. You would not be able to use any attachments, such as headsets, chat pads, or the Xbox Stereo Adapter.

There is a catch that at once, you cannot connect more than one controller. However, the number of supported devices that connect with Bluetooth would vary according to the capability of your PC.

Final Verdict:

Microsoft has always tried to take a step ahead in the gaming sector through the Xbox series. With each new version, it works to bring some new useful features at a glance. Xbox one was featured with a new modified WiFi connectivity option in place of the former Bluetooth. It is a great step in the evolution of personal gaming experience. & Hope you like this Does Xbox One have Bluetooth guiding article.

This has set the door open for new sets of accessories with more effectiveness and efficiency. It may take time for gamers to switch to new controllers and types of equipment, but once they upgrade it, they will love this new era of gaming for sure. & here this is all about that whether Does Xbox One have Bluetooth?