You may think that the most unusual Final Fantasy game that you had ever seen was the Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. However, with the latest addition from the Square Enix’s mobile games catalog, the Pictlogica Final Fantasy may make you think otherwise. Square Enix recently has announced that the popular free to play mobile game Pictlogica Final Fantasy will now be making its way to next month for its release for the Nintendo 3DS. Gematsu has recently announced that the famous puzzle game, was already launched in Japan back in 2013 for the IOS and the Android devices. Now it will also be available for the players to download the game through the Nintendo eShop from July 12th onwards. However, for now, both the 3DS and the mobile versions of this game are just released only in Japan right now, and that is a bit of bummer for us. To my belief, everyone around the world is waiting for its release in their countries too, after all the game is damn adorable. The game comes with over 300 various types of puzzles which are included within the game. It also showcases well more than about 160 characters from this massive RPG franchise. No doubt people go crazy about this game.

Here in the Pictlogica Final Fantasy Puzzle Game, the players need to complete different illustration puzzles and also take on quests that will feature turn-based battles. Winning will help each character to learn new skills, get customized with new and stronger weapons and level up.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy

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The Pictlogica Final Fantasy has been inspired by the famous 10000000 which is an indie puzzle RPG game. The Pictlogica Final Fantasy is also a free puzzle RPG game that has mashed together different characters and settings from the Final Fantasy universe. The game arrived with a battle based on the Picross 3D system that will make you feel like a puzzle version of the actual real-time combat system. This game also has In-App Purchases.

Just like the other games of this series, The Pictlogica Final Fantasy also has an epic single player quest which will take you all around the Final Fantasy universe while you solve various puzzles to perform different combos to shock your enemies. In the multiplayer mode, you can also form groups of up to 5 different characters that will level up and will also unlock new abilities once they gain enough experience. You can also use Summons and many other special abilities of the characters like the healing spell by successfully chaining attacks together and creating different combos. However, make sure to strike fast because the longer you take to launch your attacks, the weaker you will be. This is very important part of the gameplay to maintain a balance between the various use of complicated high special moves and the fast attack speed.

The memorial is a character that comes from the plates which the player mines for and can also be found as a drop from the monsters after defeating them or can also be obtained as a quest completion reward. Players are able to utilize up to four numbers of the own plates and are also able to borrow a fifth plate from any fellow players for the battles.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Puzzle Gameplay

Extra rewards can be obtained for unlocking the obtained character Plates, but this requires you to solve their puzzles. This nonogram puzzles can be a 10 x 10 matrix for the standard characters or a 15×15 matrix for the premium characters. If you are able to solve this puzzles without any error at the first try, then you are entitled to win better rewards. Other than this the Memoria will go on yielding rewards after every 24 hours but this time period can also be reduced by completing various in-game achievements. Other than this the male characters in the game yield gold and the female characters will yield element orbs, and they are useful in crafting purpose.

Memoria, are available in five different grades, of which the higher grades are achievable by upgrading, and the grades that are greater than three are exclusive only to the premium memorial. ‘Mine by Yourself’ can yield normal memoria plates which are up to grade two, and the ‘Have Moogles Mine’ will generate normal memoria plates that are of grade three and also premium plates up to grade two. If you choose to mine 10 number of plates using the Google, then it will yield a guaranteed premium plate on the 10th draw. Moreover every week one set of premium memoria is featured with boosted rates at the grade three. This includes the newest plate that is to be added in that week. The plates also come either with a unique accessory or a particular weapon upgraded to the highest grade. At times various limited and rare memoria, known as the ‘Chaos Memoria’, will also be available at limited rates. These plates come as dark purple color in contrast to the gold color of the premium memoria when you draw them during the draw sequence.

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As obvious the higher grade memoria will have higher stats. The standard memoria with grade three can learn a single skill that belongs to their own job class while the premium memoria comes with a leader skill and can learn one of the three skills through the Skill Fusion, which will consume a regular memoria with grade three having the particular ability and a Skill Prism. The success probability of such fusion varies by the class where class I is for the high chance; Class II is for the medium chance and Class III is for the low chance. However, you can guarantee a successful fusion by using the ‘Luminous Skill Prism.’ The Leader skills are being activated by choosing the memoria which will be utilized by the party leader regardless of their position. Premium memoria can help in learning various Premium Skills and unique skills that can charge during the battle, through fusion with the memoria prime crystals.

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