Nowadays, wireless headsets are an essential element of our everyday life. It helps you to enjoy your music without any wires. Moreover, you prefer to choose wireless headsets when you think in a call center or when you need a headset for your home use. So now you could be thinking about the best available wireless headset on the market. So as you said, here is the EKSA H1 Review Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset. EKSA launched these headsets on 21 Oct 2021.

EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Let’s dive into this article to get a detailed EKSA H1 review Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset.

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Features of EKSA H1

EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset is fully loaded with stunning features. Some of the features of the new EKSA H1 headset are mentioned below.

  1. LED Indicator: This headset comes with indicator lights for all the functions, which will help you know whether the function is performed or not.
  2. ENC: This EKSA H1 headset comes with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation).
  3. Dual Device Connection: The new EKSA H1 comes with a dual device connection; you can now enjoy pairing two devices simultaneously.
  4. Mono Microphone: This headset has a high-quality mono microphone that will give you an ear-soothing quality sound output.
  5. Connectivity: This headset comes with the latest Bluetooth V5.0. This headset has great compatibility with the device you are going to connect. It will give you the whole information regarding the headset, like how much it is charged, its battery status, etc., all these details.
  6. Compatibility: EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset is compatible with many devices like; PC (Windows XP/Vist /7/8/10/11, macOS, Office, Skype, Zoom, etc.
  7. Battery: This headset has a 500 mAh battery, giving you 30 hours of conversation time, 57 hours of music time, and 165 hours of standby time.
  8. Charging: The new EKSA H1 comes with fast charging support; it will charge your headset in 1.5 hours from 0% to 100%.
  9. Toggle: You can toggle your connection between two devices effortlessly with the help of this headset because it can connect with two devices simultaneously.
  10. Comfort: With its ergonomic design, this EKSA H1 headset has 140g weight. Metal steel adjustable headband. Soft earcups made of faux leather will give you quality comfort while using the headset.
  11. Design & Build Quality: The main advantage of wireless headsets is flexibility and durability. Wireless headsets are becoming a new trend for both business and consumer communication. There are several wireless products, and these usually vary according to the application and power management. Regarding the build quality, this headset is one of the most versatile and comfortable headsets designed for long-wearing and durability.
    • This headset comes with a 270-degree rotatable mono microphone.
    • Its reasonably comfortable and decently stable design will not slide around too much from your head when you are using it.
    • This headset has buttons to let you mute the mic and adjust the volume. The buttons are so tactile, and the feedback of these buttons is speedy and convenient.

EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset

The ENC chip built into the wireless headset filters 96% of background noise. It does an impressive job separating your voice from background noise, so it shouldn’t get drowned out even when you call from a loud place.

Some Extra Features of the EKSA H1 Headset

  • This headset can make a regular non-interfere connection for up to 164 feet with no obstacles.
  • This headset can connect with two devices at a single time.
  • This headset comes with large 40mm drivers.

Gaming with EKSA H1 Headset

These headsets are suitable for gaming, but you can do casual gaming through headsets. You can connect these headsets to your gaming consoles or to your pc and enjoy the gaming experience.

But one thing I have to mention here is that you may feel little high latency while gaming, and it will sometimes happen because of your telecom communication and call center Network.

Price & Availability 

Product NameOriginal PriceDiscountFinal PriceCoupon Code / Discount
EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset$79.99$33$46.99ETV8IRFE + Coupon $25

Set up the EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Fortunately, it is very simple and straightforward to set up EKSA H1 headset with your device.

  • Power on the EKSA H1 headset by pressing the middle button of the headset.
  • Then turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and search for the EKSA H1 headset.
  • Just tap on ” EKSA H1″, and here the pairing starts. After the pairing process is done, you will listen to a sound from your headset, confirming the pairing.
  • This headset has buttons powering the device and controlling the volume of the device.
[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Pros and Cons of EKSA H1 headset” pros_title=”Pros of EKSA H1 headset” cons_title=”Cons of EKSA H1 headset” button_text=”View Deal” disable_button=”no” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]
  • Excellent clarity of voice while calling.
  • Because of faux leather, this headset is very comfortable to wear.
  • It comes with a carrying bag that is large enough.
  • Metal headband, which gives you fantastic durability.
  • They are very simple to use and connect very quickly to your device.
  • The battery life of the EKSA H1 headset seems to be excellent.
  • Earcups are very soft and durable, so you can wear them for longer sessions.
  • These headsets have very high latency while gaming.
  • The range of this device can be much better.

Final Thoughts:

As we have discussed, the “EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset”. Now you will get to know after reading this EKSA H1 Review article about the quality of these headsets. The EKSA H1 Noise Canceling Trucker Bluetooth Headset is a very decent product. This headset is one of the best available headsets in the market.