If you are facing the Error 3194 in iTunes while you are restarting or updating the iPhone or iPad then there is nothing to worry about; this article will offer you some of the easy and hassle-free methods through which you will be able to fix the issues.

Error 3194

Therefore, the first thing is to understand the reason behind the Error 3194? It took place for the multiple reasons such as the patchy connection of the Internet, invalid iTunes, too probable or sensitive software of security and much more. Therefore, this article will attempt to discover the several methods to troubleshoot the error while the user is updating or restoring the device.

Causes of Error 3194 –

Apple says that Error 3194 happens when iTunes can’t associate with Apple’s product refresh servers that are utilized to actuate the IOS while re-establishing or redesigning. Initiation servers assume a vital part, so not having the capacity to get in touch with them will mean your iPhone can’t re-establish or redesign. This appears to frequently happen when there’s some kind of problem with the IOS on the gadget—either the IOS has been adjusted by jailbreaking, or the form of the IOS lapses, never again upheld, or generally outdated.

How to Fix & Solve iTunes Error 3194 Code Issue

In order to fix the issues, there are some of the prominent and efficient solutions shave been taken into consideration listed below:

Solution 1: Force Quit iTunes & Restart your Computer –

  • Step 1: The first thing is to make the right-click on the icon of iTunes and then choose the force iTunes option.

Force Quit iTunes & Restart Your Computer

  • Step 2: Click on the menu of Apple that has been available at the top right corner and then select the option from
  • Step 3: Now, restart the system and launch the iTunes and start the work again. It is being restarted so that the changes would be successfully saved and applied to the system setting.

After such, you will be able to fix the issue and being able to update the device that has been connected to the computer system in a hassle-free manner.

Solution 2: Fix the Error with the Help of Dr.Fone Repair Method –

If still, you cannot fix iPhone error code 3194 we recommend you to use dr.fone – Repair. Here are some of the steps that have to be followed to fix the issues. Follow the step-by-step help guide to correct iPhone error 3194 with dr.fone Repair.

  • Step 1: Firstly, all you have to do is download, install and launch the dr.fone app on your computer. After that, open the app and click on Repair in the principal window. Then proceed to connect your smartphone to the computer via a USB cable and after the software recognizes your device, click Start.

Fix the Error with the Help of Dr.Fone Repair Method

  • Step 2: For fixing the error code 3194 you have to set your device in DFU mode, and, for that, you have followed the steps mentioned below:
  • First, hold the Home and Power button of your device together for at least 10 seconds
  • After that, hold the Home button for a few seconds.
  • Them, when your IOS device is in DFU mode, the program will detect it automatically after that leave the Home button, and you’re done.

Fix the Error with the Help of Dr.Fone Repair Method

  • Step 3: After that, Dr.fone requires you to select your accurate device model. But, in case you’re not sure. Kindly, check the manual or info of your device. And then only proceed. After your done just click on Download to install the firmware and wait until the process is complete.

Fix the Error with the Help of Dr.Fone Repair Method

  • Step 4: After you have successfully downloaded the firmware and the process is finished. Click the Fix Now icon to start your fix of iTunes error 3194 without any data loss with dr.fone.

Fix the Error with the Help of Dr.Fone Repair Method

The above steps should fix your iPhone error 3194, if not, proceed to the next section.

Solution 3: Check out the “Hosts” File –

If you have been using Mac

  • Step 1: First Open Finder and then select the icon of Application → Utilities.
  • Step 2: After such, open the Terminal.
  • Step 3: After opening the terminal, you have to type the following command that has been given below and then click on the return option.

Command:- sudonano /private/etc/hosts (This is the command that has to be entered by you to fix the Error 3194.)

Check out the “Hosts” File

  • Step 4: After completing the step 3, type the password that has been used by you to sign in into the computer system. After such, click the Return Option.
  • Step 5: Terminal will be displaying the host file. In case, if you don’t encounter the window identical to such, you need to make sure that you are employing the nonblank administrator password.
  • Step 6: After completing the above steps, navigate with the use of arrow keys and check out an entry containing “gs.apple.com.”

Check out the “Hosts” File

  • Step 7: Now, you need to add the # symbol and space (“# “) at the starting of the gs.apple.com entry.
  • Step 8: Press the Control-0 for saving the file and then again click on the Return while requesting the filename.
  • Step 9: Now press the Control-X so that you will be able to exit the Editor. Once, you successfully exit the window you need to follow the below step.
  • Step 10: Finally, restart your Mac. It has been done so that the changes or modifications that have been done is successfully saved and applied to the computer setting.

When the system gets started, attempt to update or restore the Device.

If you are on Windows PC:
  • Step 1: The very first thing is to swipe in from the right side of the screen and then select or click the Search option.
  • Step 2: Type Run and open the Run command. If you are using a mouse, you can simply point to the upper right corner of the computer screen and then click Search>type run and click the Run icon.
  • Step 3: Type %WinDir%\System32\Drivers\Etc in the Open box. Then, spigot or mouse clicks OK. After such, you will encounter the new folder. Just follow the next steps to understand the method in a hassle-free
  • Step 4: The folder will be opened, just double-click on the Hosts file to edit it. This is an option where the user is being able to edit the issues that have been altering the proper functioning of the device.

If you are on Windows PC

  • Step 5: If you are discovering any entries related to the gs.apple.com, then remove it and save the Host file.

If you are on Windows PC

Finally, restart your system. It has been done so that the changes or modifications that have been done is successfully saved and applied to the computer setting.

Solution 4: Turn ON Discover my Phone –

Sign into the iCloud site or open the “Discover My iPhone” application on another gadget. On the off-chance that you can’t get the refresh procedure to work even in the wake of changing your host’s record, you can attempt remotely deleting your IOS gadget utilizing iCloud.

The gadget you’re attempting to should have web access and “Discover My iPhone” empowered. You’ll have the capacity to re-establish the gadget from any iCloud or iTunes reinforcement subsequent to deleting it.

  • You can get to your iCloud account from any PC by visiting icloud.com. Sign in with the Apple ID related with your IOS gadget.
  • Open the Find My iPhone benefit in iCloud. This will open a guide with your enrolled IOS gadgets. This is the best option through which you will able to find the list of icons through which the selection has to be made.
  • Select your IOS gadget from the best menu. Tap the “All Devices” menu and select the IOS gadget you need to re-establish.

Turn ON Discover my Phone

  • Tap the “Eradicate” catch in the IOS gadget’s card. In the wake of affirming, the IOS gadget will start naturally resetting to processing plant settings. This may require a significant stretch of time to finish.
  • Setup your IOS gadget and re-establish your reinforcement. Begin the IOS gadget setup process as though it were another telephone. You’ll be given the decision to pick a reinforcement from iCloud or iTunes, or you can continue with a new introduction.

With such methods, you will be able to find the easy way through which the error has been resolved, and you will be able to update the driver with ease.

Solution 5: Disable TCP/IP Filtering, Firewall, or Security Software –

IF there is no such entry in the host file regarding the “gs.apple.com” and you continue to encounter Error 3194, it has been recommended to you to disable the anti-virus software of firewall available on the computer. There are some of the things that have to be taken into consideration for understanding the things more effectively and are given below:

Disable TCP/IP Filtering, Firewall, or Security Software

  • It might be securing the iTunes from associating to the servers of Apple. You have to temporarily uninstall the software of the security or can contact the internet service provider for more assistance.
  • You must attempt for bypassing the router of the Internet. It has been seen that some of the routers seem to block iTunes from accessing the update server. Now disconnect it from the wireless or wired router and attempt to employ the Ethernet cable for connecting the computer system directly to the modem
  • Finally, restart your system. It has been done so that the changes or modifications that have been done is successfully saved and applied to the computer setting. After employing such steps, you will be able to find the best way to fix the error.


Therefore, these are some of the methods through which you will be able to fix the issues. The article highlights some of the prominent solutions through which the user is able to fix the Error 3194. We hope that the above-detailed information is of great assistance and importance. If you have any query or suggestion related to the issue, please drop us the comment in the box given below.

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