Error 22 (This device is disabled) is generated at the instance when the hardware device seems to be disabled in the Device Manager. It has been in most cases, that Error Code 22 indicates the fact that the device has been manually disabled, but there is a need to see the Code 22 error if the Window has been forced to disable the device due to the unavailability of the system resource. This tends to be the type of error concerning the Device Manager Error code. This has been reported to the driver that causes the Error Code 22 issues. This has been indicating the fact that the device seems to be disabled in the Device Manager.

This sort of error code has been displayed in the format given below,

Code 22

This device is disabled. (Error Code 22)

This look to be a very simple concern to enable the device from the device manager interface, however, in the instance of the device failing to load then there could be additional underlying issues with the drivers.

  • The driver would be allowing the hardware devices to communicate with the hardware device along with the OS.
  • It makes use of the instruction and operating procedures regarding the device. Without the implementation of the driver, the hardware device will not be able to function well and instance that it might not even show up in the Device Manager.

How to fix error 22

Causes of Error Code 22 Issue:

There have been several causes due to which the error code 22 Linux has been showing up. Here is the list of some common reason that leads to error code 22 website.

How to fix error 22 Causes

  • The device you’re trying to use is disabled in the device manager.
  • If your device seems to be outdated or corrupt.
  • There are chances when the device missing or not connected which leads to this Error Code 22 Fortnite problem.
  • You have failed to update the driver, or the update was not installed correctly.
  • If the device is externally or internally damaged.
  • It has not been configured as the default device for your connection.

This depicts the fact that however the Error Code 22 WordPress typically depicts that the device showing the error seems to be disabled; however, the other reasons can also be linked to the error occurrence.

(Steps) How to Fix The Device is Disabled Error Code 22 Issue

Here are some of the effective and easy methods that can be attempted to fix or resolve the Graphics Device Driver Error Code 22 on the PC. Just follow the step below to repair this curl Error 22 issue.

1. Enabling the Device which is Disabled –

If the Error code 22 rust has been triggered with the reason for the disabled device, then all you require to resolve the Error Code 22 WordPress issue is to enable that device. To enable the device that has been disabled, you need to follow these steps.

  • You need to simply go to the Start Menu and type Device Manager in the Search Bar. There has been the needing to click on the Device Manager and need to make a selection by clicking on the Action button.

Code 22

  • After you click the Actions, you need to double-click on the option named Enable Device. The wizard will pop up.

Code 22

  • You have to follow the entire prompt through the Enable Device Wizard. This will hopefully be able to solve this issue.

2. Reinstalling the Driver –

If you’re still facing some Error Code 22 Windows 10 problems with the error and the previous method did not fix your Error Code 22 issue. Then it might be a fact that Error Code 22 224003 issue is much more complex than being considered. The Sims 4 Error Code 22 problem seems to be triggered by the missing, outdated or corrupted driver to report the Error Code 22.

  • In such circumstances, it has been advisable to reinstall the driver for the device. At the very first, you need to uninstall the driver for the device that has been reporting the Graphics Device Driver Error Code 22 and further install the driver.
  • For such instances, you need to simply click the Start Menu, go to the control panel and then click Performance and Maintenance and further System.
  • Then you will have to reinstall the driver for the device.
  • To do this first uninstall the driver for the device reporting Sims 4 error code 22 then reinstall the driver.

Reinstalling the Driver

  • Now click on the device whose driver you are going to uninstall
  • Now make the selection on the properties window with the marked tab driver.
  • You need to click on the driver you will be looking to uninstall.
  • In the newly opened window, you will be able to view the tab, i.e., Hardware and Device Manager.
  • Now after it is uninstalled, you will have to follow the same steps instead of clicking Uninstall. Click on update drivers.

Update Driver Software

  • This will automatically install the drivers in your system
  • For activating the changes, you will have to restart the system.

3. Using a System Cleaning Software –

Using a System Cleaning Software

It has been seen that sometimes it has been damaged due to the registry issue. In such an instance, there is a need to install Total System care. This has been considered a PC fixer that deploys with the registry cleaner. It wipes the obsolete and unwanted file that seems to damage the registry and repairs in some minutes.


So, that was it, and these were all the required fixes and solutions for all of those hefty situations when users face the device being disabled Error Code 22. By, following all these steps you can quickly go through the error and pretty much fix the Error Code 22 issue yourself. But if, the error code 22 still pertains you can comment on those issues you’re facing down below. And we will try to help you even further. So, these are some of the methods through which you will be able to fix scanner Error 22.

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